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Silencing the Christians

This little missive landed in my inbox today:

Second episode of “Speechless…Silencing the Christians” to air Saturday night.

Dear ,

The second episode of “Speechless…Silencing the Christians” will be shown Saturday night. You can watch the program on the INSP cable network. Or you can watch it on-line at silencingchristians.com

You can view the second episode on the web for free, but you must register to view the program. With traffic being heavy on silencingchristians.com, your computer may be slow. If so, we advise you to come back later and view it. The program will be up all week.

Be sure to forward your friends this alert and invite them to watch.

See if INSP is available on your cable system.

That’s right, I actually agree with the AFA here. I want to see the Christians shut the fuck up once and for all. They haven’t actually offered a new message in well over 600 or so years. So why don’t they shut up for a while and let us discuss the ridiculousness of their belief in a sky fairy.

Yes, I am a double threat to the likes of the AFA and other fundamentalist asshole groups out there. Why? Because I’m gay and an atheist. I don’t want to hear about their religion, or their alleged persecution. It is my feeling that religion in general isn’t persecuted enough. Religion deserves no respect from me and I’m laying the cards on the table now. I don’t care if your practice Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other organized religion. I just wish that you’d keep it to your god damned self. I’m beyond ever being ‘saved’ by a vindictive god.