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I’ve stirred up the “Christians”

I enclosed Christians in quotes because these people are anything but real Christians. They’re people whose worldview is stuck circa 2000BCE because all their arguments come from the Old Testament and they completely disregard the message of love and brotherhood found int he New Testament.

Apparently they’re praying for my non-existent soul and telling me I’ll find out when I die. I tell them we get one life to live, and you don’t get do-overs so make this one count. I call them deranged fools, idiots, morons, bigots, etc.

One had the nerve to say that someday I’ll find God/Holy Spirit/Jeebus. Yawn! 12 years of Catholic schools, a lifetime in which I’ve buried several loved ones, and 44 years of age and I haven’t found shit yet. But then I’m not looking. There is no need to look for something that doesn’t exist.

There is no God, no Holy Spirit, and Jesus wasn’t the son of any God. I’m an atheist. Keyron seems to think there’s a trace of the spiritual in me, but that’s just me being a generally decent person.

I love goading the Christians. It gives me a special joy, a joie de la vie. Here’s a comment one of those so called Christians posted on one of my innocuous youtube videos:

Very Christian!
Very Christian!

Needless to say, I removed the comment from the video but I did a screen cap just for posterity sake. I’ve dealt with the Christian bigots on this blog too. I promise, I’ll fight tooth and nail to squelch the bigots. I have no problem telling these dipshits to shut the fuck up.

This is one atheist you can’t push around.

But they’ll still try:

A Christian Resonds
A "Christian" Resonds

And my response though I may send more which I’ll detail after this:

A special place in hell
A special place in hell

I want to tell him that even though I’m an atheist I still work to promote the welfare of the people. I do that through political work for the most part but I’ve volunteered for soup kitchens in the past, and now I volunteer for political campaigns.

When I worked for the Attorney Generals office I went out on their project to reach into the inner city neighborhoods to help people out.

What do you believe, or not believe as the case may be

Check this out, got it off Onanites blog.

The questions are rather simple and I knew what my result would be even before I started taking the test. I’ve been a long time atheist. I delight in opening peoples eyes to the reality that there isn’t any sky fairy, or devil, or any of the creations of the human mind.

I like that part about passive non-believer or a rabid atheist activist. I think you could call me a rabid atheist activist. I have no respect for the religious, I even say I’d like society to move from religious to spiritual, that religion had so much time to dominate that perhaps it’s better for something else to take its place. I also like pointing out that morality is not a function of religion. One can develop their own moral code based upon what they have learned. You don’t need a god creature to formulate a moral code that is beneficial to society.

You Are An Atheist

God? No thanks. You’re not buying into any religion.
They’re all bunk to you. You rather focus on what you know is true.
You may be a passive non-believer or a rabid atheist activist.
But one thing is for sure… no one’s going to make you go to church!

The North vs. The South

I took a walk to the library today to drop off some books that were due. On my way there I noticed a number of cars with what I’d class as atheistic bumper stickers on them.

The one that made me chuckle said “Religions are just cults with more members.”

Here in the northeast our dominant institutions are most definitely education and entertainment. Providence is the 2nd largest city in New England with a land mass of roughly 18 square miles.Yet we have Brown University, RISD, Johnson & Wales, Providence College, Rhode Island College (Providence and North Providence), URI, CCRI, and Roger Williams right in the city. For entertainment we’ve got something for everyone, from strip clubs, night clubs, 400+ bars, theaters, movie multiplexes, and fantastic libraries.

I think those items tend to displace religion, as evidenced by the rising number of atheists in this area. There’s no room for a god that cannot be proven in our lives.

That is the reality of living in the northeast.

Now we’ll contrast this with the south, namely my recent visit to North Carolina. As I said before we spent time in Pasquotank (Elizabeth City), Perquimans (Hertford) , Chowan (Edenton) and Tyrrel (Gum Neck) counties. It’s so spread out that you literally spend a lot of time driving.

And what you see while driving is a number of churches of varying protestant denominations. This is funny to someone who grew up in a Catholic dominated state. But the thing that really grabbed me were the open proclamations of faith.

Many vehicles sport what I term “Praise Jeebus!” type bumper stickers. In addition those “I’m in the Book – God” billboards are as ubiquitous as the NC Tourism billboards telling you that “Just around the corner feels like a million miles away.” Indeed, I felt like I was in another world

The big thing down there is to go to the sad little Southgate mall in Elizabeth City on a Friday night. Then of course on Sundays you go to church. Keyron and I were at a Golden Corral in Edenton and I’ve never seen so many people dressed to the nines for church! And Golden Corral isn’t all that.

There is a decided lack of culture where we were in North Carolina. The other thing I noticed is that here in the northeast you’ll get a Happy Holidays greeting, while in the south you’ll get a “Merry Christmas” from everyone. It took time for the northeast to lose it’s religion, hopefully the south will lose theirs soon enough.