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A song to test audio gear

Ok, I may not agree with everything 2 Live Crew did, but damnation Megamix III is a phenomenal tune for testing bass response in audio gear. Be it amps, speaker, headphones, the test is as follows:

Set your volume to 25%.

Play this song:

First time I ever heard this was around 1990/91 – it was on a road trip to Florida in a rented Lincoln Continental and of course the car had the premium sound system.

The bass in this song is phenomenal. And it’s been my go-to for audio testing since then.

I just tested out the new Subjekt headphones – that bass response is there at the 25% level. Best $30 bucks I’ve spent in awhile.

On Headphones

I’m a headphone freak. I have them on a lot. I like to be able to listen to music, watch movies etc. without the outside noise filtering in.

I had been using the Subjekt headphones – they were plastic and suffered from wear to the point where the swivel head on them would break.


Subjekt has since updated the design – the phones no longer swivel and rotate. But the phones do have flexibility so they seal to the ear.

New Subjekt On Ear headphones

They sound pretty damned good. I think these might work for some time. Total cost was $30.

I had been using these:

cheapie headphones

Those cheap headphones sucked and not in the good way. Granted for < $10 they did the trick but the SERIOUSLY attenuated the signal. Put it this way, listening to music on these I’d have to crank the volume to almost 50%. With the new Subjekts it’s around 15% and perfectly audible.

Since my track record with the destruction of headphones is pretty consistent I cannot justify spending more than $50 on any given set.

I class them as wear items – as in they wear out. Just like keyboards, sneakers, shoes, and clothing.