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Breakfast: When you only have two eggs

Well that wasn’t all I had. There was also Trader Joe’s Black Forest Bacon, and some Russet Potatoes.

So what I did was microwave three potatoes for about 5 minutes. In essence it’s just before the potato is completely baked. Then cut them up, season with salt, pepper, cayenne and smoked paprika, then into a pan at med-low heat with 2tbsp butter. Takes about 15 minutes to get perfect home fries out of that.

Then I fried the bacon – I love using the electric griddle to fry bacon as I can fit near the whole package across the thing.

Once the potatoes were cooked I transferred them to a stainless steel bowl, wiped the non-stick frying pan out, this time adding 2 tbps unsalted butter and fried the two eggs. Used the Searz-All tool to make sure I had nice jammy yolks – not runny but not hardened either. Seasoned with salt and pepper.

So there it was Fried Egg, with 4 slices of bacon and some home fries. It’s getting to the point where I can make it as well or better than what we get in the restaurants nearby.

Breakfast this morning – omelets stuffed with bacon, leeks and thyme

Now let it be known I used this combo in the Quiche Lorraine made last week and it was divine.

So this weekend I bought a bunch of leeks, and we still had fresh thyme as well as the rest of the bacon leftover from making the quiche.

Cut up the leeks and washed them thoroughly.

Then in a regular pan without a non-stick coating and cut the bacon into pieces and fried that for about 5 or 6 minutes. Then in went the leeks and the thyme until the leeks softened up a little bit, about 5 minutes there. Bacon left a nice fond in the pan so used a bit of water to de-glaze the pan. Took the contents and put it into a container.

Took the time to shred a bit of Gruyere cheese – that is cheese that Swiss Cheese wishes it could be. Awesome.

Then I took the nonstick pan, melted some butter over medium-low heat. Blended 3 eggs up with my power whisk. Then into the melted butter. Use a spatula to push the edges loose, letting the liquid egg run out and form layers. When most of the liquid is solidified in the center place half the bacon, leek and thyme mixture, with a handful of the shredded Gruyere in the lower third of the omelet.

Grab the handle, and slide the omelet onto a plate et voila! Someone even commented that I’ve become a much better cook over the years. This one was a savory feast in an omelet. A keeper if you will.

Bacon: 1 slice subtracts 9 minutes of life – false!

I’m sure you’ve all run across this. So lets do a little math:

Let’s say I have bacon once every two weeks, four slices.

So that’s 26 times a year times 4 = 104 total slices per year.

104 slices times 9 minutes gives us 936 minutes. Or a total of 15.6 hours off my lifespan. Even if I were to eat twice that it’s only 31.2 HOURS!

Let’s take it to the ridiculous though – 4 slices of bacon every day for a year. 365 times 4 = 1,460 slices times 9 minutes is 13,140 minutes or 219 hours, or 9.125 days.

Now consider average lifespan for a human male is 72 or so years. 9 days aren’t going to make any difference.

So in essence it’s all bunk. Just thought you might want to know that and eat as much bacon as you want.