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My Obama Fundraising Page

You can visit it here. I really want to see Obama trounce McCain. After watching just 20 minutes of the debate I can honestly say that I’d much prefer Obama as president than John McCain.

Help me reach a $2,000 goal. I’m not giving anything away here but if Obama captures the presidency we’ll all have something to be proud of.

Obama illustrates the difference

When Barack Obama appeared in Salem, Oregon one of the people got up and asked him what she should tell friends that were fence sitters in order to get them to support his candidacy.

Here’s the video of the event. I think he was gracious about the answer, as well as very thoughtful. He openly admits that they’re very much the same but then goes on to illustrate the differences.

This is why he should be our president. Instead of someone like George W. Bush whose off the cuff remarks have cost the U.S. dearly, we need someone who is a thinker, someone who can help to repair the damage done by the neo-cons.

And in other encouraging news, it seems people are on to the Republican game. So we could see both the congress and White House flip to the Democrats in 2008. Oh I hope the hell so, a concession would have McCain as President and a solid Democratic majority in Congress.

Yes We Can

I know we’re only hours away from Super Tuesday, the day when the parties do the majority of the choosing of their candidate of choice. I’ve been an Obama supporter for the last few months. Why?

Because while some may say he has no experience his resume includes helping people more than corporations. Few people know that much about him because the media won’t go into his time at the Illinois state senate. But he’s always been there for the people.

But I think his key gift is his method of connecting us together for change. This video is a good reminder.