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The racist hate regarding the Zimmerman case is stunning

I love that more sites are using Disqus. I won’t use it here simply because WordPress’s commenting system works for me.

You have all sorts of people trying to paint Trayvon Martin as the aggressor. But I think I’ve explained enough that he was the one accosted by Zimmerman and his response was appropriate.

So I’ve been commenting on a Washington Times article – one of the things I really, really enjoy is calling out the homophobic and racist bigots. If you’re so brave go read the article and the comments. I post as Truthspew there so mine will be obvious.

You have the welfare queen arguments, even though welfare has been decimated since Ronald Reagan held office. Then you have the ‘fact’ that Black people reproduce faster than White people which is half truth, actually it’s the Latino population that is growing exponentially.

And then of course the Obama hate is showing in almost every comment. And they use derogatory spelling for the name, de riguer.

One guy called me a Kumquat so I told him I was offended by being called a Rutaceae, which is the family name for the fruit bearing trees. I bet he’s going to go off that I used a Latin name.

Like I said – and I used the old proverb more likely from Native American about walking a mile in a man’s shoes. I also seem to recall this being taught in my Catholic religious education over twelve years. And it’s a pretty good principle to live by, it shows empathy which a lot of people who post comments on the Washington Times article I linked seem not to have.

Bryan Fischer wants to fight

Forgive the beg and offer of the Military Bible Stick. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

Anyhow – his contention that he wants to fight regard the so called threat to religious liberty?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news for Bryan but his arguments and those of other bigots of his cloth, don’t hold up under questioning in a court of law.

And even legislators are now learning that denying gay rights is a political non-starter.

So fuck you Bryan Fischer. And I would fuck you with a rusty spike.

And of course Fischer wants to revive the tired meme that Hitler’s 3rd Reich was mostly homosexuals.

The bigots lose again

Apparently the Alliance Defending Freedom (That last word used to be Force) lost in their bid to have the hold maintained on Prop 8.

I could have told them that’s the case. They did not understand that even though the bigots were denied Section III Standing it is STILL a disposition of the case, effectively deferring back to the CA Supreme Court’s findings and judgement that Prop 8 was IN FACT unconstitutional.

The bigots draw from a fairly shallow pool there.

A rewind on NOM’s Gathering Storm

Maybe it’s just me had posted this. I’m stealing it in order to add a little snark.

The storm done blown over by now children. You can come out from under the shroud of bigotry you’ve been carrying for so long.

But I already see we’ve heard from both Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher that this is a dark day for the bigots.

Must suck to be them. From someone in the camp of the love that doth not speak it’s name I can say it’s about time their religious animus gets put down like the rabid dog that it is.



Heap scorn and deliver a ration of shit to these senators in Rhode Island

The following Senators voted against SB38 – the Marriage Equality bill in Rhode Island:

Sen. Frank A. Ciccone, III – (D) Providence/North Providence


Senator Marc A. Cote – (D) North Smithfield, Woonsocket


Senator Louis P. DiPalma – (D) Little Compton, Middletown, Newport, Tiverton


Senator Walter S. Felag, Jr. – (D) Bristol, Tiverton, Warren


Sen. Frank S. Lombardi – (D) Cranston


Sen. Michael J. McCaffrey – (D) Warwick


Sen. Harold Metts – (D) Providence – Special Note: Metts is known as a religious crank in the Senate.


Sen. Edward J. O’Neill – (D) North Providence, North Smithfield, Lincoln


Sen. Roger A. Picard – (D) Cumberland, Woonsocket


Sen. Dominick J. Ruggerio – (D) Providence, North Providence


Sen. William A. Walaska – (D) Warwick


And last but certainly not least is Senate President M. Teresa Paiva-Weed (D) Newport, Jamestown. She deserves a lesser ration of crap because she did allow the bill to come to a vote. But just the same – lay it on!


Looks like Chick-Fil-A isn’t having a good week

With the recent revelation and admission by CEO Cathy at Chick-Fil-A that they were ‘guilty as charged’ in giving money to anti-LGBT groups, the backlash has been pretty severe.

Two cities have now told Chick-Fil-A that they are Corporata Non Grata. Boston Mayor Menino has told the company he’ll block any new openings in the Boston area. And now in Chicago, Alderman Moreno has also moved to block Chick-Fil-A there.

And it is exploding all around facebook and the blogsphere. A lot of corporate America once had anti-gay attitudes, until such time the LGBT community and many of their hetero friends decided enough was enough.

Recall Target? Yeah – that was a turnaround. Even here in RI a local donut hawker backpedaled away from a NOM event.

Bigotry is not good business sense. The only thing you should be concerned with is if the money is at least partially green. Anything beyond that should not concern you.

And even if you are a bigot running a company, keep it to yourself. Else you’ll end up like Chick-Fil-A – a footnote in fast food.

In fact there are no Chick-Fil-A’s here in RI, and only one in Burlington, MA. So I guess they aren’t welcome here. We’re saturated with Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and Burger Kings anyhow. And even McDonald’s has a better chicken sandwich than Chick-Fil-A.

Now I’ve heard a lot of people jump to the defense of the franchisees. But the way Chick-Fil-A works is that it takes only $5,000 to buy a franchise and then you forward half the profit over to corporate.

I have no sympathy for the franchisees. If you can’t take the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen.

And here’s to hoping the ridiculously named Chick-Fil-A disappears sooner than later.

Minnesota Marriage Minute Debunk #28

That smug bitch Kalley Yanta starts by outlining what issues children would face if marriage is redefined.

First of all let me state, we are not seeking to redefine marriage. We are seeking to redefine the prerequisites. It simply changes the terms “man and woman” to “spouse and spouse”.

And I find it interesting that the ONLY examples the bigots can bring up are that of the Parkers an the Wirthlins, which is now over 7 years ago. You mean to tell me that they couldn’t find any more examples?

And yes Kalley – you are a bigot. Luckily there’s no legal requirement to call you that.

The bigots are guilty of emotivism – the personal, moral, cultural, or religious emotions the drive their bigotry.