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Gaming: From keyboard to game controller

It’s likely known, I love old school games and some current generation stuff. For example Bioschock 1 and 2 are installed on my PC and Fallout IV too. But then I run both VNES and Project64 they respectively run the Nintendo catalog from the NES and N64 games. But I didn’t want to wear my keyboard out constantly mashing the keys.

So I ordered an inexpensive NES controller with a USB plug on it. Easy to set up – but I find my play is impacted. Why? Because arrow keys and A,S,D,F,E,R are all that is necessary. The controller has the four way pad, which is the arrow keys, and then A, B, X, Y, Left Trigger, Right Trigger and select and start. Here’s how the keyboard maps:

Direction        Keyboard    Controller
Up:                   Up Arrow    Dpad Up
Down:             Down Arrow Dpad Down
Left: Left Arrow Dpad Left
Right: Right Arrow Dpad Right
A Button D A Button
B Button F B Button
Y Button E Y Button
X Button R X Button
Select A Select Button
Start S Start Button

Thing is, I know the keyboard map. The A, S, D, F, E, R, and arrow keys make sense to me on computer keyboard. But alas on the controller it takes some practice again. It’s a skill that I lost. But then when I had my NES console I used the joystick controller. That might explain it.

Another Drone

This is half the price of my Code Black drone. This one is a Daming 007-Spy. It’s Chinese – the manual what there is of it is in Chinglish. But I’m charging it now. As you can see in this pic the connectors they supplied didn’t match. So I had to hack the power connector. ANd notice the partial blade guards are standard on this one. And like I said half the price of my Code Black drone. But this one looks as thought it’ll have more capabilities.


Now I just have to figure out two things.

  1. How to let the computer control the flight of these things.
  2. How to weaponize the platform.

    Then I’ll have a drone with similar capabilities to the security drones in the game Bioshock. For a game set in the 1950’s they do have some rather advanced technology in it.

PC Gaming: Bioshock – how to defeat the first Big Daddy

So I had been told and many web based tutorials suggested you use gas cylinders and hacked automated machine guns to kill Big Daddies. Me, I roll a different way.

I simply used telekinesis first to hum shit at Big Daddy to lure him. Then I used fire and blasted at him several time. When I he got close in, all burning, I hammered at him with the wrench. Killed the fucker. Yeah I’m good at that. My favorite of the plasmid tools is the fire – I’ve roasted quite a number of critters in the game with that. Nitro Splicers – they don’t do too well with fire. And of course another trick with telekinesis is to catch Nitro Splicer bombs and hurl them back at said Nitro Splicer. Love it!

The game is awesome – it helps you out quite a bit. Points you in the general direction of your goals. And it works so much better with an Xbox 360 controller – they make one that a wireless dongle plugs into your computer (In my case a laptop) and connects to the controller. It’s pretty awesome – in effect my PC turns into an Xbox 360 with that controller and the Steam Application.

This is really fun.

PC Gaming

So my office mate turned me onto a product called Steam – runs on Windows, Mac, and I think Linux.

You can download games – prices are moderate. I’m downloading Bioshock right now for $19.99. I can see I’m gonna have to use the external drive to store game files. I texted the officemate “A pox upon you!”

I think I’ll enjoy the game.