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Want to get good and pissed off? Watch Crawford Online

So I just spent an hour and fifteen minutes of my life watching Crawford.

I’m not sure what bothers me more. Is it the fact that Bush brought the circus to Crawford, that he lied about the reasons going into Iraq, or that the people think that we should have gone into Iraq.

Of course there’s the obligatory references to Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and that bunch of miscreants he associates with.

Need I remind people that 17 of the 19 hijackers on 09/11/2001 were citizens of the House of Saud, yes that is correct, Saudi Arabian.

I’m so glad that in just 3 days our national nightmare comes to an end. Don’t get me wrong, I know it will take time to undo the damage done by the Bush administration but at the very least we can start.

And to the Obama team, yes we should investigate the activities of Bush & Co. because they need to be brought to justice.

Now they talk?!?

Apparently many of the background folks in the Bush administration are now coming out and saying in essence what a lousy president Bush has been.

I found this part to be particularly enlightening, knowing what I know about the Rovian strategy employed to get Bush elected not once, but twice.

On other topics, David Kuo, who served as deputy director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, disputed the idea that the Bush White House was dominated by religious conservatives and catered to the needs of a religious right voting bloc.

“The reality in the White House is — if you look at the most senior staff — you’re seeing people who aren’t personally religious and have no particular affection for people who are religious-right leaders,” Kuo said.

“In the political affairs shop in particular, you saw a lot of people who just rolled their eyes at … basically every religious-right leader that was out there, because they just found them annoying and insufferable. These guys were pains in the butt who had to be accommodated.”

Yes, the had to be accommodated in order to get their votes. Kuo asks that we read between the lines on this one. I can’t wait until the Vanity Fair article gets out in the wild. It should be an interesting read.

But it just reinforces what I’ve known for a very long time. Bush is nothing more than a puppet. In that he’s been wildly successful. Cheney himself must be jiggling with glee at the fact that they have collectively succeeded in looting the coffers of the federal government and more importantly the American people.

The Bush presidency was a great big “Fuck You” from the business world. Need I remind people of Enron, of Tyco, or how about National Grid and their 27% increase in electric rates.

Then there is the shadow bank implosion. That was a spectacular flame out. The shadow banks fly under the regulatory watch. And unmitigated greed always ends in disaster. The thing that was really interesting though is how the big commercial banks bought up those derivative debt packages like they were gold. That showed the flaws in the Federal Reserve system.

If anyone has studied the histor of the Federal Reserve you’ll find that it was conceived by bankers and tycoons as a way of controlling the money supply. It was legislation that stunk so badly that they snuck it through on a holiday vote. Technically speaking the amendment creating the bank was never truly ratified by the majority.

One of the promises of the Federal Reserve was to smooth out financial crisis and panic. Their first big failure was in the late 1920’s. Since then we’ve seen numerous recessions and I think we’re sliding headfirst into yet another depression right now.

Another interesting factor is Bush packing the federal judiciary with 300 Republican Ideologues. That ought to screw up justice for a very long time.

In all his presidential legacy has been one of draft and corruption from the outset. Did anyone really believe that a guy who drove a baseball team, and oil company and other ventures into the ground would be a good president?

A nice analysis of the Bush Economic Prowess

This is a very interesting analysis of how things have gone very badly under George W. Bush & Company.

When they started talking about bailing out what I refer to as the shadow banks, and now increasingly the regular consumer banks I was in WTF land. I mean, really, these banks made bad decisions and now we’re going to bail them out to the tune of $700 Billion?

Their CEO’s and board members should be locked up for the rest of their natural lives instead. Along with those CEO’s, I’d say Bush, Cheney & Company should be in that bunch too. Let them serve out the rest of their lives and think about how badly they’ve screwed we the people.

I insert the “& Company” to illustrate who really runs the show. It’s Halliburton, Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon-Mobil, et al. It’s General Dynamics, and AM General, and Boeing, MD, et al that are making absolutely obscene profits because they manipulate the government so well.

Knowing this, I think the Obama camp should do the following when they get into office. I cannot even fathom a McCain presidency, knowing that a ‘soccer mom’ is a literal heartbeat from the big chair. So this advice is to the Obama campaign.

So far Obama is saying the right things but he needs to do more. Tax the ever loving hell out of the big corporations, I mean New Deal type taxation here because it’s what we need. Those corporations, through their lobbyists got us into this, they can get us out of it.

Increase the taxes on that 1% who holds most of the wealth too, while at the same time decreasing the taxes for anyone who makes less than a quarter million a year. I like those numbers. And even if I made over that quarter million I’d still be willing to pay more if only to know that:

1) Our children and young adults and even our adults are well educated. That includes nearly free or totally free college educations. Maybe put a stipulation that after college everyone does a year of national service in some form or another.
2) That every single one of us has affordable health care. This includes the drugs too.
3) We invest in research and development of technologies to limit and eventually eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels.
4) Repair the crumbling infrastructure in this country from highways to power distribution grids.
5) Get us to Mars in a decade, not three decades.
6) And within three decades get us outside out solar system, preferably to Canis Major, only 42,000 light years away.

Parts 5 and 6 would obviously be last but mankind needs to keep on building on knowledge.

The thing is we could have most of what is in that last had George W. Bush not been given the presidency by the USSC the first time around and some major tampering with the election systems in the U.S. the second time around.

The Republican party commit suicide en mass. This sign pretty much sums up my feelings on the whole thing.

No Bank Bailouts!
No Bank Bailouts!

What I’m really hoping is that they get pushed back into the fringe for another 30 years, or at least until the day I die because after that I’m not going to care too much about it.

But here’s what I want everyone to think about.

Do you remember the concept of flash mobs? Imagine if we flash mobbed congress. Seriously, imagine how scared they’d be. That’s how I want out government to operate. I want them afraid of us and they should be.

Why do I say that? Because if there is one thing that is particular to the U.S it is the fact that we are the most well armed nation on the planet and it isn’t just our military.

But we needn’t bring out the guns too soon. I think just sending a clear message should be enough. The only exception I have to this is lobbyists. They should be shot on sight.

The Bush Apologist of the Day

I have to break this one apart in order to address each of the fallacies in it. This guy definitely can’t see the forest for the trees.

Edward Catallozzi: Bush keeps us safe

01:00 AM EDT on Sunday, August 24, 2008

To those who suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome, I offer a quick defense of President Bush and then a suggestion for more likely candidates for your vituperation.

It isn’t a derangement, it is an acute sensitivity to bullshit and the Bush administration has mastered the art of slinging bullshit.

First of all, you hate George Bush for getting us involved in a war with Iraq under the pretext that there were weapons of mass destruction. But Saddam Hussein did have WMDs. He killed tens of thousands of Iranians and Iraqis with them. President Bush believed what foreign and U.S. intelligence told him: that Saddam still had WMDs in his possession. Saddam overtly said he did not have WMDs but covertly intimidated his enemies with WMD threats.

Yes I do hate him for lying about the reasons we went to war. And SCUD missiles didn’t have the range to hit the U.S. They did have the range to hit Israel but that’s why there are Patriot missile batteries in Israel. Or did you forget Gulf War 1 under George H.W. Bush? And Hussein wasn’t using those missiles against Iraqis, he was using them against the Kurds. Everyone forgets about the Kurds because if we were to remember them we’d realize that Turkey has a large Kurdish population too that is pushing for their own home state. This is the same Turkey that has a rather lackadaisical attitude about its role in the Armenian genocide.

George Bush had the responsibility to protect America (even you liberals). If President Bush had not taken this action and we were hit with WMDs, would you not have called for his head on a platter for failing to protect you and your family? But President Bush has protected America for seven years.

In the last paragraph Catallozzi says that Husseins WMD were used on ‘Iraqi’ and Iranian targets. It has long been proven that the SCUD missile did not have the range to hit the United States. As I mentioned earlier they could hit Israel but don’t doubt Israel. She is armed to the teeth and if Hussein had decided to lob a bunch of SCUD’s at them Baghdad may very well have turned into a green glass bowl at Israels hand.

But they never, ever represented a threat to the United States.

Not bad for the bungling idiot you think he is.

I don’t necessarily consider him a bungling idiot. I do consider him a fratboy type which is more dangerous.

Most of all, you hate President Bush for the 4,000 lives that have been lost in Iraq. But you might want to spread some of your hatred around for other American presidents such as Woodrow Wilson. Under Wilson’s direction, we lost over 116,000 in World War I. Under President Franklin D. Roosevelt in World War II, we suffered more than 400,000 battle deaths. In the Korean War, under President Harry Truman, we lost nearly 37,000 servicemen. All three of these presidents were liberal Democrats. So, next time you think about hating President Bush, you might want to consider hating some of these other American presidents.

I don’t hate Bush alone, I hate his Repug cronies who got us into this debacle in Iraq AND Afghanistan. Remember Afghanistan? The one that kicked the ass of the Russians back in the day? Sure they did it with the help and training of the U.S. but they did it.

Catallozzi’s comparison of Bush to presidents Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman is a nice try but it doesn’t follow. In the cases of those three presidents, we had a solid target, we had a clear reason to enter the warfare. Of the three I’d say that Wilson is the only one who is even mildly like Bush from the perspective of the fact that we didn’t have to enter World War I, it was Wilson that pushed us into it.

And few people realize that one of the key results of the Treaty of Versailles is that it crippled the German economy which helped to propel Germany into World War II. Read Manchester’s “The Arms of Krupp 1587-1968”. It is an eye opener, it was the German military-industrial complex that pushed Hitler into warfare. And what do we have today in the U.S., but the military-industrial complex motivating Herr Bush.

Or, better yet, you might want to consider the notion that freedom isn’t free.

I’m well aware of that. But like it or not the U.S. is two things that I bet Catallozzi abhors, it’s an empire and it’s a socialist haven. Ha!

George Bush helped establish two new democracies in the Mideast, in Iraq and Afghanistan. That was no small accomplishment. Democracies stabilize the world. Contrary to liberal media and Democratic propaganda, George Bush stabilized the Mideast. In the history of the world, there has never been a case where one democracy has attacked or declared war upon another democracy.

The middle east is in no way, shape or form under any illusions of Democracy. Might I remind Catallozzi that:

a) The majority of the 9/11/2001 hijackers were of Saudi Arabian citizenship. Not Iranian nor Iraqi, but Saudi. If you like, watch the movie “The Kingdom”. It kind of explains what it is like under the House of Saud.

b) The events of 09/11/2001 unfolded under the watch of the Bush administration. People conveniently forget that fact because it is one that happened under the watch of Repug Bush. And we now know that a National Intelligence Estimate had told Bush over a month before that Bin Laden was “determined to strike the U.S. … using aircraft.” yet the administration did NOTHING to stop it. The fact that our air defense forces were on stand down that day is also suspicious. But I’m not going to go off of my 9/11/2001 conspiracy tangent, it’s just that far too many questions remain unanswered than were answered.

c) The best way to prevent warfare between nations is to link them economically, not by democracy. Democracy is the red herring argument used by those Bush supporters who don’t have the cognitive abilities to make the connections I’ve made in this post. Perhaps they do have them yet choose not to exercise their right to think. I don’t know what it is, but approving of George W. Bush when almost all the evidence says otherwise is the worst kind of delusion.

One last thought on President Bush. His approval rating is only 32 percent, but the Democrat-controlled Congress has an approval rating of only 9 percent. Maybe you should spread your hatred to Congress.

Better yet: You might want to learn to love and respect America and our president.



George W. Bush is one man, while congress is a body comprised of over 500 people. That 9 percent score is misleading because if you rated the congress people individually I’m sure they’d score higher than George W. Bush.

I do love and respect the United States of America, but a president is a man like me and to get my respect he has to earn my respect. I hold no reverence for priests or politicians. They are no better than me.

And blind servitude is the worst of sins. To support Bush’s failed international policy because you respect him smacks of insincerity.

Catallozi owns Worldwide Ferry Services and hides behind a post office box and a cell phone number. There is no detectable web presence and the company is not registered with the RI Secretary of State’s office. I wonder how beneficial the Bush war has been to Catallozzi?

A New Challenge

Moveon.org has morphed into quite the force for political change in the U.S. It was born of the hearings into Clintons affairs with that chubby intern, Monica Lewinsky. We all know that the hearings were a Republican witch hunt but that’s beside the point. But MoveOn.org was a kick to get things moving in a different direction.

Now they’ve got the Bush-McCain challenge. It’ll present a series of statements to you and ask you if it was Bush, McCain or both who said it.



Bush & McCain

Bush & McCain

It’s really quite amusing that there isn’t really any difference between Bush and McCain. They’re both neo-con Republicans and we’ve seen what they can do over the last eight years.

If anyone votes for a Republican in the general election they really should have their heads examined because they’re certifiably crazy, stupid, or both. I suppose when you’re awash in money neither of those conditions matters to you, but it matters to the rest of us.