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Avoid Campaigner.com if you’re using a public record email list

So I posted earlier how on Sunday I logged into campaigner to find they said they’d received too many complaints and suspended us. So their resolution side reached out asking me about or list – I told them that:

a) Can Spam does not apply to political entities 

b) The relevant section of RI Law that says voter info is public information

c) The fact that when you get the list from the state – you’re paying for the medium and the time necessary to burn the list to disc, not the actual information on the disc. 

But Campaigner is based in Canada. And their internal regs say no purchased lists. And they have a weak understanding of U.S. Federal Law and State Law. 

I did reach out to Constant Contact – I know they’re more expensive but I did ask them the question – what is their view of a disc with public info about voters, including email addresses which the RI Central Voter Registration Database does. I recall I specified that when the discussions were going on. I’m awaiting an answer – it’s going to be about $70 per month more expensive but if they get back to me in writing saying using that list is fine, then they get our business. 

But I’m really disappointed in Campaigner.com

Their treatment of this issue is callous and bovine. Perhaps I should have been deceptive in answering their questions but then that wouldn’t have made it any better. So instead I’ll advise anyone running a political campaign – stay far, far away from Campaigner. Our experience with them was fraught with asinine stupidity – our first email blast was held for, and I kid you not ‘compliance’ issues. They couldn’t tell us what it was but they cleared it after a delay of 24 hours.

And what kicked off this Odyssey of cancellation of our account was the complaints. Before we go locked out I had downloaded the email addresses and names of those who complained. I’ve got to run a query against the database – I’ll bet a lot of them are Republicans. Not only that – they use AOL or Yahoo for email. I mean I would publish the list here so we could shame them but that’s pointless now. But still – this demonstrated that AOL users are think skinned and don’t belong on the net at all.



Bulk Mail Services that are too touchy

I’m going to ding campaigner.com here. They were the least expensive for what we needed to do – that is get 20,000+ emails out there.

But first we go to send and we’re told the message is non-compliant. They couldn’t tell us WHAT exactly was non-compliant though I have my suspicions.

Now tonight I go and log in and a big message as follows:


I called and talked to Paul at Campaigner. I told him this is the second stumbling block we’ve had with Campaigner and that I’m really starting to reconsider using them. It’d probably be considerably cheaper to just get a business net connection, I’ll throw Qmail on one of the IBM eServer’s I’ve got and we’d be in the bulk mailing business.

I also explained to Paul that most of the complainants were in fact AOL users who as a general rule are the dregs of the net and also very thin skinned. But more interesting, there were a total of sixty six complaints, the vast majority of which came from AOL and a few from Yahoo. There’s a reason I’ve always hated AOL users and this just bears out my dislike of AOL in general.

Bulk emailing even if it is for a political campaign is a pain in the posterior.