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A New Site I’ve Stumbled Upon: A Litany of the Catholic Churches Misdeeds

Oh this is a good site. It details all the fun stuff about the Catholic church that I’ll bet they just want to keep quiet.

Details on the Borgia pope Alexander VI is familiar as I saw the series on I believe Netflix called Borgia – detailed about Cesare and the debauchery of the Pope, in fact I believe I’ve written about the Borgia pope before – and how in the series the Pope’s right hand man was in bed with a guy.

But the link above has much more. All the misdeeds of the Catholic Church laid out for all to peruse.

And I know two big laments the church has, first is the translation of the Bible into local vernacular, and the invention of the printing press. I just laugh. I mean come on they held onto those laments until the 1960’s. Thankfully John the 23rd knew the gig was up. Liberalized the church and then that mutt JP II fucked it all up. Oh well.


West Virginia files suit against Catholic Diocese

Well men, women, boys and girls – it’s getting interesting for the old Catholic church. Seems they can’t keep burying the fact that priests in nearly every diocese are abusing kids.

You may have remembered I posted about Cardinal George Pell – now here’s the thing about Cardinals they are the Princes of the church. Seriously. It’s one step from there to being the Pope.

So the Republican Attorney General in West Virginia has filed a civil suit against the local diocese there. 

I’m hoping the time is up for the Catholic church. You can see little by little the armor being dinged and instead of remaining resolute, it’s severely denting credibility and ability to attract adherents to the church. Good.

Now let me be clear, I left Catholicism some 30+ years ago. I know the gig was up just through studies. Plus I didn’t respect a clerical collar. I understood the purpose of the uniform and knew that it was for intimidation not to mark a holy man. And what did I go to well atheism. I don’t need to get up early on a Sunday morning and tithe 10 or 15 percent of my income to the men of the church.

The Bigots are Responding

I’ll start locally. Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin of course used language that was a euphemism for ‘intrinsically disordered.” It must really suck to be a Bishop when the church is losing members left and right but yet you still don’t understand that history has passed you by and there is no going back.

Then of course the National Organization for Marriage with their head puppet/pumpkin head Brian Brown is just saying they’ll fight on.

Then you’ve got Senator James Inhofe saying his gay friends agree with his opposition to marriage equality. What gay friends is he talking about? Ken Mehlman and Condoleza Rice?

I think it’s now turned the corner, the arguments are over and all we have to do is ridicule the bigots. And I do mean ridicule them.

If for example they trot out the Levitical statement, ask them to go a text or two before – and answer the question of where the other people came from. You know the others I speak of right? When Cain goes out of the land of Eden, east into the land of Nod, and there finds a wife and spawns humanity, or so they’d have us believe.

And if they talk about the abomination thing, explain that eating shellfish is also an abomination, and pork too.  And let’s not even talk about shaving, mixing of fabric, working on the Sabbath etc.

Then explain the concepts of  copy error, translation error and editorializing. Because that’s the Bible we have today, whether it’s the KJV, NIV, or the like. I like how family guy treats it, that the abilities of Jesus may have been a tad exaggerated.

But in the end, haters gonna hate. So all we’re left with ridicule – just call it their puny god.

The Bishop of Bling is really pissing off Catholics

To the point where parishioners all over New Jersey are decreasing the amount of their tithe. It’s all due to Archbishop John Myers spending some $500,000 dollars to add fireplaces, an indoor exercise pool and an elevator to his 4,500 square foot weekend home. He’s doing this so he can retire to the home.

Put it this way, if the SOB want’s a pool have him go to the local YMCA. And buy/build him a fire pit outdoors. That should do the trick and be much less expensive.

And then of course you have one priest parroting the line that a reduction in collection plate revenues will hurt the poor. Really – what exactly has the Catholic church done to help the poor? In my area they’ve done pretty much nothing.

But this whole debacle is  not playing well with Catholics. Good – I think they’re finally seeing the greed that is part and parcel of the Catholic church. And in this day and age there is no keeping projects like that being done by the Archbishop quiet.

Changes in the Catholic church

So today an interesting thought came to me.

I went through Catholic schools here in Providence from 1970 to 1982. This was in the period just after the finalization of the Vatican II accords. It was a very liberalizing set of things. Plain clothes for priests and nuns, liberalization of the theology, and civil action for the better on the part of religious orders. Even the communion changed – now the host would be laid in your hand and you could sip the wine. Prior it just used to be a wafer dipped in wine placed on your tongue. Confessions could now be done face to face – that was somewhat horrible for me. But the best part – is the Catholic schools started getting seriously subversive. I go by things we did in grades 1 through 8 and then high school and there’s a definite subversive thread that wends through all of it.

But I believe Pope Francis has invoked another Vatican council. So it’ll be interesting to see what comes of it. We could see another span of near 20 years of liberalization of the church again. Still not enough to ever get me to come back to what I see as a church based on complete fiction, as all of the churches are. And life is much better without having to drag myself to mass every Sunday to hear a priest drone on about something or the other.

But here’s the thing. What stuck with me is those very subversive principles. Love one another is a pretty good scheme for life, so too do right by your brother, etc. Just the whole god thing turns me off. That and dragging myself to church service even if they do start at 10AM now.

This is what terrifies the Religious Bigots

Go read this – where students at a Catholic school in Washington State walked out to protest the firing of vice principal that was gay and married to a man.

But as I read the article it hit me – this is what terrifies the religious bigots. Their arguments against the LGBT community, against marriage equality has only now begun failing to move people. It’s because it’s the same message ad infinitum, over and over again. We all know the verses in Leviticus, Romans etc. There’s been no movement in the message from the Catholic Church for years. Of course they still have what I call their little credibility problem, what with protecting priests who abused kids and then lying about it. That’s not good.

But I find it interesting that the Catholic church can cherry pick the way it has. I mean they cherry pick on slavery, polygamy, and a host of other things one will find in the biblical texts. Why can’t they pass on the whole LGBT thing. I recall something said to me in my youth, it’s rather coarse but you attract more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. The Catholic Church hierarchy could learn something from that.

So I’m delighted to see the kids at the Eastside Catholic School walking the walk. I would imagine the Bishop in Seattle must have his undergarments in a bunch over this. Good! I’m all for a good routing of the soul in their case. Their dogmatic evangelism didn’t work. And trying to repeal John XXIII’s Vatican II reforms will cost them dearly.



Does the Catholic church have any credibility left?

I mean their central doctrine can now pretty much be debunked. My favorite is to claim that there was a land beyond the Garden that wasn’t God’s Provence, and just whom did Cain marry in Nod?

Anyhow in the data dump from the Milwaukee priest sex abuse cases that came from the Catholic Archdiocese there’s a little memo in there on how Cardinal Dolan, while he was Archbishop of Milwaukee moved $56 million dollars to a cemetery trust fund to shield it from those who had been abused by priests.

So now that Dolan is the head honcho in New York how does he respond to these revelations?

First the fucker says

He reiterated in a statement Monday that these were “old and discredited attacks.”

Then he goes on to say:

Cardinal Dolan said on his blog in New York that it was “malarkey” and “groundless gossip.’

Really? Really? Groundless when the documentation for what you did is now available for all to see? Malarkey? Really? I think the real bovine effluent is flowing from Dolan’s mouth to be honest. All lies.

And think about it: If the Catholic church and it’s leaders are wrong on this, what else are they wrong about? I’ve often stated that the entirety of Catholicism and Christianity in general as based on so much ‘woo’, or in other more vulgar vernacular, it was pulled right from someones backside.

And I have to ask, the F. as Dolan’s middle initial, does it stand for fuckwad? Fucktard? Fuckface?

More on the Rev. Codega correspondence

So I sent the Rev. Codega and email that I was happy that marriage equality finally passed and how I guessed the anti-gay animus of the Catholic church didn’t hold.

He of course counters that there’s any animus including in what Bishop of Asshatedness Tobin had to say recently when he warned his flock of sheep that attending gay nuptials could endanger their faith.

Despite what Codega maintains – it’s animus.

The Destruction of the Catholic Church

So it has just been announced that the Roman Catholic Church spent $2 Million to suppress marriage equality in Maine, Maryland and Washington.

So one has to ask, I realize that in the general scheme of things $2 Million won’t go far. But you could give 2,000 families $1,000 each for a simple way of distribution.

Instead they chose to try to deny our rights to marry.

In total the Church, and the cavalcade of bigots spent $11.3 million in total. Now that is significant coin!

But as to the subject of this post, the Destruction of the Catholic Church I’ll tell you when it started.

It started with Pope John XXIII and the Vatican II accords. Vatican II tried to liberalize the church, I still remember it’s effects throughout my primary and secondary education in Catholic schools. Priests and nuns could go plain clothes, the confession and communion rituals changed – no more booth for confession, and communion was placed in the hand and not on the tongue. But it also liberalized the teaching.

But it started going really wrong when Pope John-Paul II got in. He was an evangelical mutt, and he liked stacking the hierarchy with conservative Bishops and Cardinals.

So the church will now go head first into the abyss. Because they’re losing adherents. I see it in the decreased attendance at churches near me, and in the fact that the Vatican has been running serious deficits for quite a few years now.

It’s all going to end in the church doing one or more things to to shore up failing coffers. Either they’re going to crank up the indulgence machine, or start selling bishop and cardinal seats to high bidder, or both!

If I had the cash I could dig a Cardinal position. It’d be fun since I know it’s all based on so much woo and not much else. I’d even get myself elected pope at some point. And when that happened all the artwork the Vatican holds is auctioned off and the seat of power moves to NYC.

A thorough debunk of the Regnerus ‘study’

I’ll let you read it. This needs to be shared far and wide – to everyone you know.

Because it is a classic debunking of NOM’s subterfuge. The bigots at NOM got caught with their pants down when the memo surface a while back. You know the memo that said drive a wedge between the LGBT and African-American communities, and to find people with professional credence to help propel their cause.

And what do you know, they found a University of Texas professor by the name of Mark Regnerus. I’m sorry but with such a sloppy sociological study why is Regnerus still employed by UT? He should be bounced out post haste.

But the truth comes out, Regnerus is of course a fucking Catholic. That seems to be the core of NOM’s existence, Catholicism.

Or more to the point fundamentalist Catholicism. I don’t know where these people got their training in Catholicism. But I can tell you as a product of twelve years of Catholic schools, I have a rather different view of the whole thing, enough so I can go head to head with most priests on matters of dogma.

Maybe it’s because I was in while the effects of Vatican II were still being felt, before that mutt Pope John Paul II decided to evangelize the church and scrap the progressive reforms of Vatican II.

But my point is, we now know our enemy, it is the Roman Catholic Church. So what are we going to do?