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Yeasted Belgian Waffles for breakfast today

So for today’s breakfast I made Yeasted Belgian Waffles. I like these – more flavorful because there’s only 5g of sugar in the recipe. Plus diastatic malt powder about 50g of that.

The recipe calls for 620g of whole milk. All I had was goats milk and some buttermilk. That totaled to 510g. But hey in a pinch you use what you’ve got.

Here’s the recipe in all it’s glory. You can let the yeast bloom for 15 minutes to 2 hours. I chose the shorter time period as it is instant yeast in 104F liquid.

And you may note – you’ll need a kitchen scale that does grams. Most can be had for the sub $20 range.

Yeasted Waffles

That little burnt spot – the Searzall fell off the torch – wasn’t horrible though. But the waffles. With scant sugar they were delicious. And the recipe makes about 4 Belgian waffles.

2nd run with the Joule Sous Vide stick

Took a second run with the Chef Steps Joule Sous Vide stick today. This time around I did center cut Filet Mignon.Here’s the stick heating the water up to 140F. The pinkish color is the reflection from my red  t-shirt. 30880791341_5623133378_k

And here the Filet Mignon is in the water bath. It holds it perfect at 140F – I checked. Fantastic. And I used the Montreal Steak seasoning on them. Yummy! And doing it this way you don’t end up producing what is effectively tear gas.


And once they’re done – I seared them in a bit of peanut oil and unsalted butter, 2 minutes per side over high heat. Aren’t they beautiful?


Doings of Today

So today I had a dental cleaning. Pretty easy this time around which is funny because the last was 9 years ago. They also shot a bunch of x-ray’s and they have newer x-ray machine. I helped them out diagnosing an issue with the machine – after extended use it becomes hard to re-orient the x-ray head. I explained that the x-ray tube generates heat in addition to x-rays and probably causes thermal expansion of the plastic housing. I know I’m such a geek that way.

Then headed down to Five Guys haven’t had a burger from there in a few months.

And we did a little shopping picking up some vegetables, etc. that we had forgotten this past weekend.

And when I got home a box was waiting for me. It was my Chef Steps Joule sous vide stick. I opened it up, I’ve got it in a pot of water now and have it all synchronized to my phone. I’m gonna do a poached egg. In fact it’s in the water right now. Now I understand how restaurants can do perfect steaks, hollandaise, and poached eggs – they just drop them into the water in a plastic bag and let it cook. The souse vide stick holds it at exactly the right temperature for hours on end. So basically I could throw stuff in before I leave in the morning, come home and just for example sear it and dinner is done. You can order one for $199 here.


Took the plunge

By plunge I’m talking about Sous Vide cooking. It’s a a way to keep water at a certain constant temperature.

I’ve been a subscriber to Chef Steps on YouTube for a long time now. I’ve tried their crispy waffle recipe and their Crispy Creme donut recipe. Both were big hits around here.

So they’ve been talking about their Joule Sous Vide cooker. It’s a stick that is controlled by a phone app.

This means that in addition the the $199 I spent on the sous vide cooker I’m going to have to spend another $169 to get a new phone with enough on board memory to install the app and another $60 for a vacuum sealer and $25 for some bags.

So the total to do sous vide will be $453. Add to that the $339 I paid for the KitchenAid Pro 600 mixer and we’re up to $792 just for necessary gear. And almost forgot the $10 for the Diastatic Malt Powder necessary for both the waffles and donuts and we’re at a grand total of $802.

So cooking in a new way is expensive. Well – not that much over time.