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Wherein the bigots make the biggest sin

It finally struck me today. I’m not religious but the first quarter or so of my life I was educated in the church, went to masses etc. but was just going through the motions because I’d learned much earlier that all of religion – right down to the foundation was based on fiction and nothing more.

But a lot of the knowledge of Catholicism stuck with me. Today is a perfect example. I finally after years of listening to bigots trying to deny me my rights, etc. in hearings and youtube and TV it’s finally occurred to me:

The bigots – be they the racists, homophobe, misogynists that all proclaim their belief in the Christian God, they’re also guilty of a grave sin. They violate one of the Ten Commandments – these are the biggies in the Old Testament. In essence, they constantly bear false witness against their neighbors. Brian Brown, Tony Perkins, and all the idiots of the AFA and the like – they violate this one regularly.

So if there were in fact a hell which I can assure you there isn’t, but if there were then the company we’d keep would be all the bigots. Isn’t that a lovely thought.

But it comes down to this – I can make these logical connections because I had the experience. Christians on the other hand are lead by the nose by charlatans trying to make a dollar. And those charlatans know that they can whip the followers into a frenzy or at least they used to be able to do so, over gay rights, women’s rights, equal rights, and so on.

In essence priests, pastors and their assorted ilk  are all in it for their own greater good. All based on bearing false witness.

No wonder the Christians are getting so strident

It’s because they know they’re losing the game. I mean we all know atheist like myself number about 1 out of 5 people, or a full 20% of the population.

But a new article says that if you include the un-churched, never churched and skeptics it’s more like 38% of the population. That’s why Christians in the U.S. are getting so strident. They realize we’re nearly at the tipping point for religious belief to go into the dustbin of history.

I think as a society we’re finally figuring out that we’ve essentially been sold a bill of goods that wasn’t true. And I think one of the best ways to break ones belief is to read the entirety of the texts within the Bible. You have a lot that openly contradict other texts, some that is plain fantasy, and some pure psychedelic stuff in there. It’s fiction, all of it.

Want to see early Christians look like assholes, watch this movie

It’s called Agora. It’s based on the sacking of the Library at Alexandria by early Christians. Keyron had recommended I watch it, and one of the speaker at Skepticon V had also suggested it. So I gave it a watch. The video from Skepticon V:

The opening scene shows an early Christian walking through fire and then throwing a pagan into the fire and asking why he wasn’t protected. Makes the Christians look REALLY bad, you know, sort of like today we have assholes like Pope Frankie saying we gay people are still morally bankrupt, etc.

The movie was never distributed in the U.S. because the distributors are all scared little pussies and they knew it would probably upset the Christian shit stains in this country.

But there’s hope – especially among what they like to call millenials now. A lot of them want nothing to do with religion.

On How Facebook triggers posts about religion

So a friend on Facebook posted the following:

I can say stupid things about Catholic people, but I’m not gonna do it. I could say all Irish people are drunks, or all Polish people are dumb, or all Italian people are in the mafia. Everyone has a different ethnic group or religion they belong to. Prejudice is stupid.

Now I chimed in that I thought it was ok to discriminate against Catholics, after all people CHOSE to be Catholic. Therefore we can make fun of their choice. I didn’t choose to be gay.

I also brought up the ‘other people’ in the Bible. It’s right there in Genesis right after Cain slays his brother. He’s cast out of the Garden of Eden and goes East of Eden into Nod where he finds a wife. So in essence there were all these OTHER people in Nod when God decided to do his little Garden experiment.

Pisses Christians off when you tell them that. Because it tells them their entire belief system is based on a falsehood. Produces massive amounts of cognitive dissonance.

If you don’t want to read the whole book like I once did I suggest you at least read the Pentateuch or the first five books of the Old Testament. Tells you everything you need to know about the current crop of Catholics and Christians.

And if you’re feeling adventurous – keep reading. And then come back to me and say that you still believe. Because when you get to the New Testament and start reading the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John about Jesus death and resurrection you see that each gets the story slightly differently. And even the first three books – the share a lot of commonalities but also a lot of contradictions between them. It’s quite fascinating to do a forensic walk through the Bible too.

As a society I think we’d all be better off if we cared more about our neighbor than about our church. Might actually make some progress if that were the case.

And more to the point, one can be highly moral without religion. So the argument that we need religion to form morality is patently false too!

You can now see – I’m no fan of organized religion.

Christianity is fighting a losing battle

Take a look at this (You may click to enlarge):

Yes indeed – Christianity is sliding down that slippery slope. A friend of mine says that what we are witnessing is the dying gasps of organize religion.

But granted, it’s going to take a long time for it to completely fade away.

Why else would the likes of the Pope, and leaders of the Southern Baptists, and evangelicals keep saying such ridiculous things? Because they know they’re losing the battle.

Part of it is a function that traces back to the invention of the printing press. Of course we’ve taken that to an extreme, I can publish this without anything more than a swype or press of keys on my phone or computer.

So it’s really a function of education, which is why you’re seeing attacks on things like evolution because the religious know they cannot legitimately argue against it. So they came up with creation ‘science’.

And of course there’s the deliberate dumbing down of our educational system in general. I was at the forum for potential school board candidates and I said, I want every student in the Providence school system to get the education I got, and mine wasn’t in public schools.

But even with those attacks we’re still making progress. It is because we have this thing that I alluded to earlier, the internet. A multitude of search engines, Web 2.0 sites, etc. It heterodynes the message that directly disputes the claims of the religious.

And we think Islam has a lock on Crazy

Caught this one from my news feeds. Apparently ultra-orthodox Jews are enforcing a morality code in Israel.

You’d think they’d stop for a moment and realize that they were as bad as the morality squads in Iran or Saudi Arabia. But they didn’t. They looked in the book and decided to live based on life a few millennium ago. That book is an agenda, more so than we gay people ever had an agenda.

Need I mention the antics of the fundamentalist Christians here in the U.S.? We’ve got the Phelps clan, and numerous churches who risk their tax exempt status every day by entering the political fray. And it goes without saying that our politicians and the tax collectors very rarely enforce that rule.

But here we were thinking the Jews didn’t have their nut jobs too. I’d have expected this behavior from Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia, or the Shi’a in Iran and Iraq, but the Jews, come on. It’s the progenitor of all the monotheistic/Abrahamic faiths. I think that maybe they’re starting to import that special kind of religious fanaticism and craziness from the Muslims or more likely it’s the misfit syndrome. But more likely it’s just the rigid interpretation of the verse.

If you’ve ever read the Bible and most importantly the Pentateuch you come to a conclusion very quickly. If we had to live by the rules and regulations in the Bible we’re all pretty much rise up in revolt. Yet there are people out there who believe the Bible is the inerrant word of a god. Again, my opinion but that’s one conflicted god they have there.

Thinking further upon it religions are pretty much founded on that special brand of craziness. You know the one, it demands the utmost respect from believers and non-believers. It has a high sense of self esteem always touting it’s superiority over other religions and the people that practice them. It started with Judaism but then the misfits there couldn’t deal with it and so today you have reform, orthodox, and Jews for Jesus sects.

That wasn’t enough and you had one Jew by the name of Yeshua ben Joseph aka Jesus Christ and doesn’t it ring like Osama bin Laden? Yep, Semites, the lot of them. Let us not also forget that the image of Christ we see is most definitely wrong since he was a Semitic Jew. Probably had a little bit of a perma-tan and a schnoz.

Even today the Christian sects are amazing. We’ve got the general category of Protestants and under that you have Anglicans, Southern Baptists, and then further divisions like Assemblies of God, Disciples of Christ, et al. Then you have the Orthodox churches and dare I say it the Catholic church. I was born and raised Catholic but I shucked that off at an early age and haven’t looked back.

It is the misfits. All religion is started by misfits. Even abortive religions like the Nazi party. Tell me that Hitler the one balled paper hanger wasn’t a misfit.

I keep thinking about the story of Rudolph and the Land of the Misfit toys. And the song “Why am I such a Misfit” keeps running through my head. Because that is the definition of the religious. People who don’t fit in, those who think that some mystical sky fairy will provide for them. To me it is the worst form of abdication of personal responsibility. It’s also the very definition of insanity, repeating the same actions over and over again and expecting a different result.

The old order wouldn’t do, oh no. So a movement starts only we’re not sure how to sell it to the people. Do we make it sweetness and light (Christians) and then have it perverted because we neglected to excise the Old Testament? Or do we insist on an absolutist program like some of the Jews and Muslims? So many choices.

I like the ‘religion’ of secular humanism. Much more grounded in reality and the only time I want to beat someone it’s for boorish behavior.

AFA has it’s nads in a lather over cartoon

Oh, I love getting the AFA alerts in my email because they give me an excuse to go off on them for being the asshats that they are.

Here’s the latest, snipped for brevity:

University of Virginia newspaper mocks Christ and Christians

Dear ,

Last week, the University of Virginia’s student paper, The Cavalier Daily, ran a cartoon depicting a naked man smoking a cigarette in bed. Standing beside the bed, a woman in her underwear buttons up her shirt and asks, “Come on God, be honest – Did you really get a vasectomy? I can’t let Joseph find out about this.” The man replies, “Well, Mary, you’re f***ed.”

The editors used the week before Holy Week to run this bigoted cartoon belittling Christ and Christians. Just a day earlier, the paper ran a cartoon portraying a crucified Jesus telling jokes onstage.

I never did get the email about when Family Guy depicted god going into a bar where he meets this blond chick and then does the old finger zap to light her cigarette. Then she’s all agog at it and he snaps his finger at her and she disintegrates leaving a pile of dust on the floor at which point you here god proclaim “Jesus Christ! Get the Escalade, we’re outta here.”

But I just know people that belong to the AFA don’t watch Family Guy since it’s a pretty irreverent and blasphemous show and I love Seth McFarlane for that. Here’s an example. They spliced together all the religiously irreverent clips into one monster but I direct your attention to 2:43 on.

A Homophobe Strikes

Recently I posted a short entry about the AFA’s insistence that good Christians keep their kids home from school on the National Day of Silence.

When I think about it, that’s exactly what the Christofascisti would prefer. Kids that are ignorant and obedient. Look at the Phelps clan as a microcosm of this type of society.

Recently it may have come to your attention that I approved a comment by a homophobe. I did this to expose the core of belief of the homophobes.

There should be no surprise it’s religion, after all Steve@centurytel.net did tell me that I was going to hell. What this particular homophobe doesn’t get is that I’m not going to back down. I’m going to call him what he is, a homophobe and religious hypocrite. Why hypocrite? In the first case it is not his to judge. From John 8:7 – Let he who is without sin shall cast the first stone.

I just bet he’s basing his hatred of gay people on Leviticus. But does he take one moment to read the rest of that book? Of course he didn’t because had he done so he would have found that eating shellfish, sleeping with ones wife while she is unclean, etc. are all abominations in the eyes of his alleged god.

It is my opinion that all the Semitic/Monotheistic religions exist to suppress the rights of people, be they women, gay men and women or the like. In order for the monotheistic religions to exist they must focus on the concept of the other. They must also hate this other, or at least try to convert the other.

This other won’t be converted. I started out as Christian, a Catholic no less. Yes, a papist bastard. However at a rather early age I realized it was all bullshit. I do give some props to the authors of the New Testament books though, with the exception of St. Thomas Aquinas, that homophobic asshole. The basic principle is one of love and harmony, about the many before the one. Over the past century or so the Christians have gotten this so wrong that it isn’t funny. They allowed a few pastors with agendas to infiltrate their ranks and this is what we have as a result.

I do realize that CenturyTel is smack dab in the middle of the bible belt, but won’t he be surprised when he dies and realizes that this is the only chance he gets. Except he won’t realize it. As I like to say, you die, you’re dead, that’s it. You get one chance to get it right, to love thy neighbor as thyself.

While you’re at it, keep your religion to yourself. I don’t want to hear it, nor do I see any value in it.

Yes, I’m one of those godless homosexuals who’d like to see religion driven back into the woodwork.