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The Holiday Shopping is done!

So for the past 3 to 5 years I’ve been using Amazon to do holiday shopping. I mean I abhor malls – hate going near them especially around the holiday season.

And I must say I exercised much restraint in the purchasing this year, exactly $506 spread among four people. On average $126.50 per person. But just one gift for one person was $366 so $506 minus $366 equals $140 which divided by the remaining three people comes out to $46.67 per person.

The MIL got a new TV to replace the old cathode ray tv that had a bad red electron gun so everything had a green tinge. That was the big ticket purchase.

Then the nephew got Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo Elf and Splinter. Plus a new winter coat and we had previously purchased a TMNT turtle backpack for him too.

The twin nieces got a Franklin Webster’s Spelling Corrector.

And the total time to spend all that money – less than 20 minutes. Most of that was spent looking for the things we wanted to get. All from the comfort of my easy chair aka recliner. Life doesn’t get any better.

The Annual Xmas Angst

It’s all because the only ones we really get presents for are the kids. Our nephew is easy – he’s a boy. Do a search on Amazon.com for “Boys toys” and you get all the fun science and weaponry toys. Search on “Girls toys” and you get all craft, makeup, etc.

This is what inspired me to write this post. I find the gendering of toys to be sort of odd. I bet there are a lot of little girls out there that would love the science and weaponry, and equal number of  boys who love the crafts and makeup. Why not encourage that?

Granted, I understand the craft part but to me the craft is electronics and putting circuits together. Not so easy to transmit that to a kid. I believe I have mentioned before I learned how to solder wires and components together when I was six years old. That plus encouragement from family cemented my love of things electronic, including computers.

And like I said, the nephew at five years old is easy. I can connect to my five year old self plus Keyron’s Mom knows EXACTLY what he wants too. So click, bing, boom and done.

The girls on the other hand – technically our nieces. We really only see them once in a while. Rarely talk to them. The nephew on the other hand – we talk to frequently and what falls out Keyron’s mom clues us in.

Yes indeed, it’s a lot easier to shop for boys when you’re a man. And I’m happy to say that the entirety of our purchases this year all come from Amazon. Every last bit. Spent $200 in total and got a pretty good haul. And everything will be there before the holiday. Nice!