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Code Black Drone First Flight

Well – got it to fly. Didn’t have much control but it’s cute with all it’s LED’s on. And it’s small but really powerful. If you hold it in your hand and apply full throttle it pulls with considerable force. Some things to point out. See those little clear bubbles near each fan? Those are RGB LED’s. Looks like they’re 3mm by the size of them. And that little dot on the front of the central body – that’s the camera.

Got to learn how to fly this little puppy. They make it look so easy in videos. And I suppose once I get the layout of the sticks on the remote in my head I’ll do better.

But all in all I’m pleased. It’s a buzzy little beast and the cat doesn’t know what to make of it.

New Charge Pack and other news

So I got a ZeroLemon charging pack. It has the same capacity as my Ankner 10,000mAh battery pack. Except there is one difference – it charges either via USB or via solar power.

It’s all part of my going off grid plan. This is just the beginning.

We have a nice window at work – I can charge it via that.

So there’s progress. In other news I donated $50 to the World’s Larges Skeptic & Atheist Community Center.  Just click the phrase and make your donation – for the $50 level you get a Get out of Hell Free card.

And more – my drone is all charge up. I just have to format the 64GB SD card and snap it in. I’ve even got batteries in the remote. Haven’t gotten first flight yet. It’s really a cute little drone, here’s what it looks like:

And yes, it has LED’s everywhere. It’s pretty small – maybe 6″ across. I refuse to have to register such a cute little drone.

Other news the boss is back at work. Both the office mate and I noticed the boss didn’t look as shell shocked as he usually does. It’s pretty funny.