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College Atheists place over 200 God Tombstones

This is fantastic.

So far in Georgia and Wisconsin we’ve now seen Graveyards of the Gods.

Think about this for a moment. There are hundreds of gods that have been relegated to history as mythos. So what’s so special about the current iteration or Abrahamic God?

I suspect that someday in the not too distant future we’ll see old Jehovah/Yahweh/God added to the mythos pile and we’ll move on from there. After all here in the U.S. at least 1/5th of us have moved on from the various Abrahamic sects. Although it is a bit tougher to get out if you practice Islam for the penalty for apostasy in regions under the thumb of Islam is death. And that death comes by stoning, hanging etc. But for Jews and Christians it’s a little bit easier. At least we escape with out lives.

But sure – it does cause some strife particularly if you have religious relatives or co-workers and even bosses. Thankfully the field I’m in has a much higher percentage of atheists than many other fields. It’s really odd when I think about it, why would I.T. people be more socially evolved?

But it isn’t just my chosen profession, but atheists are EVERYWHERE. So I am really happy to see college atheist groups doing things like the Graveyard of the Gods.