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Marriage Equality Advances

So congratulations to my brothers and sisters in Minnesota, Maine, Maryland and Washington! You’ve won back your rights to marry under the law or in the case of Minnesota beat back and amendment that would enshrine discrimination in Minnesota’s Constitution.
I think what happened is that people are finally starting to realize that the arguments put forth by the likes of NOM, the Catholic Bishops, et al are only so much bovine effluent.

And part of what moved those people to realize they were being sold a false bill is that both the President and Vice President of the United States came out last May to lend their support to the cause of marriage equality. That is true leadership right there.

I’m incredibly happy about the victories in those four states, Minnesota, Maine, Maryland and Washington. You all fought a hard battle but in the end you prevailed. And you’ve provided the tipping point.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the United States Supreme Court accepts both the Prop 8 appeal and the DOMA class. They don’t exist in a vacuum, they know that the wind of public opinion is starting to blow strongly in our favor. So they pretty much have to act.


I voted the 2012 ballot

It was a monster ballot this year. Five pages though compressed on front/back of 3 sheets.
Some things to note about this election in Rhode Island:
The Secretary Of State’s web site is down. Their main site and their RSS feeds are completely fubar at this point. Now this is interesting because when I worked there we never had an outage on Election days. Of course we hosted all our web services locally. But the State of Rhode Island decided all officers should host on THEIR side. So when you go to http://www.sos.ri.gov you get the little spinning icon and the page never loads because the geniuses in DoIT didn’t load balance the main page. Ooops!

Went to vote around 9:00AM – there was a line of about eight people in front of me, and all eighteen  voting booths were occupied. Took about ten minutes before I could get in a booth to vote.

I did note a few things though:
There seemed to be a fair bit of confusion over this ballot. Usually it’s a single sheet, sometimes duplex, but this time out there were three separate ballot sheets.

The other issue was language – and not foul language. I get kind of peeved that they have to describe the questions in both Spanish and English. The reason I get peeved isn’t because the Spanish is there but because we seem to be catering exclusively to those who speak either Spanish or English.  It is the 21st century after all. It’d be a fairly simple matter to have a printer at the poll that could print the ballot in ANY language.  The text doesn’t matter so long as the Approve/Reject fields are there.  You could have a primary language field in the Central Voter Registry, and based upon that your ballot would come out in YOUR preferred language, even Klingon if you so prefer. Printers have gotten pretty fast and cheap over the years so it wouldn’t be a big stretch to do this.

The above would do two things. First it would eliminate 90% of the language problems. Second – it would mean in most cases you could vote the entire election on just one double sided ballot. And the serendipitous benefit, less paper!

They didn’t ask for ID – I just handed it to them and watched the slow search through the poll book. Here’s a suggestion to local canvassers, put indexing tabs on the pages. You know, Aa to Ab, Ac to Ae, etc. That way you can just look at the index tab, pull it open and find the name based on the first two characters of the last name.

Signed the slip, got my ballot and waited about a minute before an empty booth opened up. Now I had already researched the ballot before I went in so it was just complete the line, and so on. Took about 3 minutes to vote.

Did something I haven’t done in a long time though. When it came to the President, VP, state reps and senator, etc. I just ticked the Democrat box.  Reason being the only office with any competition was for President. And of the seven candidates the most logical at this juncture was President Obama, and how the state reps had no opposition on this ballot, why waste the time ticking off each office.




Some soothsaying on national politics

I’ve been following the news stories regarding Newt Gingrich (Hence soothsaying), Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry with some interest.

Because I think all of them have flaws that if the DNC and the President run with them doom any chances of their ever being President.

Gingrich for example has proposed putting kids to work as janitors in schools. That’s pretty egregious for a country that loves it’s kids.

Then of course we have Rick Perry and his anti-gay screed. That just doesn’t play like it used to back in 2004 Ricky Boy. And not for anything, Rick Perry is, to put it succinctly, an idiot. Those ‘jobs’ in Texas? Mostly low paying temporary positions. And Perry’s associates are highly disturbing, from whack job Pastors to big oil.

Now Romney – we were discussing him at work the other day. First of all there’s that suspicion that he’s more loyal to the Mormon church than he would be to we the people. And then there’s that magic underwear bit.

Plus Romney has the baggage of acting rather liberal in the overhaul of health care in Massachusetts while he was governor. It appears he can’t decide if he is liberal or conservative, he flip-flops with a regularity accurate enough to act as something to which to synchronize a clock.

In essence Romney is always after being something, be it Governor, President, all for the greater glory of himself and his church. Need we forget Romney’s claim to fame was doing leveraged buyouts of companies and flushing out the workers.

With this in mind I suspect that President Obama has a pretty good chance of getting a second term.

I also see the bloom coming off the rose with regard to the Tea Baggers. Yes, I will never stop calling them that. It is a summary of the bat shit insanity of the group.

You have Elizabeth Warren opening up a very strong lead against Scott Brown in Massachusetts, and we’re seeing some good challenges to the Tea Baggers elsewhere too.

I think we’ve all had quite enough of the obstructionism of the Republican/Tea Bagger alliance.

So check back in a year and see if I was right.