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A book in my Amazon Recommendations

So my recommendations on Amazon.com are interesting. A lot of gay fiction, a lot of techie stuff so when this one popped up I had to buy it, it was less than $5:

John R. Pierce “An Introduction to Information Theory: Symbols, Signals and Noise”.

Pierce is yet another Bell Labs legend among the likes of Claude Shannon, Nyquist et al who are kind of integral to my I.T. career and to my interest in communication networks, from the wired to wireless.

He is one of the fathers of satellite telecommunications. Should be an interesting read.

God Damn it Apple! Make sure it works before you push it out!

Dear Apple,

I’ve run into this problem with different pieces of Apple hardware. For example, I had a G3 Powerbook that had the version before Snow Leopard. The damned thing would NOT connect to an 802.11g router.

Now it’s my iPod Touch running v3.1.2 of the iPhoneOS software. I have a few nits to pick.

When you pushed the latest update to 3.1.2 you broke the genius functionality. Pressing genius simply blows you back to the home screen. Nice going, did you even bother to test this before you shipped it?

And lets not even get into the failure of bluetooth support for Motorola S9 earphones. I can use the play/pause and volume controls but the damned Touch doesn’t support the track select either, or even the phone button. I do run Fring on my Touch and would love to be able to use the S9’s with it. It would be nice if you fucking geniuses (And I’m talking to you Mr. Jobs) would build functionality in instead of crippling it and then charging for a feature enhancement that has been inherent in the devices (Bluetooth ring a bell?)

And another gripe, the shit ass headphone jack on the 2nd gen Touch. It sucks. Fails after about a year of plugging/unplugging. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to shell $45 to Apple to just put the same damned thing back in. I’ll hack it to extract audio from the dock pins thank you very much.

And do I have to mention the Flash debacle? You’re pretty much the only mobile device that DOESN’T support Flash. You’ve hemmed and hawwed about resources, etc. I don’t give a fuck about your cries, send it out and let us decide if we want to use it or not. I find it interesting that you can play flash based YouTube videos just fine, so what gives?

And DRM, walk away from it. Seriously, walk away. Your iPad is dead on arrival due to two factors. Number one is that the biggest group that uses touch screens is the medical profession. And the DRM restrictions on the iPad, I suspect you’ll be shoveling this little lovely into landfills (Apple Lisa anyone?) before long. It’s been proven time and again that DRM laden devices meet with consumer resistance. We don’t want to be told HOW and WHEN we can play music or read books.

If it weren’t for the fact that I consider the iPod the best music player out there I’d he hard pressed not to buy another one in a few years. But you need to listen to your technically savvy users and do the right thing.