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Movies: Lincoln

Ok before I launch just go out and see the latest movie “Lincoln”

Outstanding performances by Daniel Day Lewis as President Lincoln, Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln and even Tommy Lee Jones as Rep. Thaddeus Stevens.

Movie spoiler – it picks up in 1865, the forth year of the U.S. Civil War. By this point in time the north is taking the lead and a peace is eminent and reconstruction can begin.

It focuses on the life, as gleaned through historical record, of the decision to push the 13th Amendment and to negotiate a peace with the Confederacy.

The political push-pull is extremely interesting. Not only that back in the mid 19th century the Republicans were actually the progressive party. Imagine that. Now of course it’s the complete opposite.

The focus on one Representative, Thaddeus Stevens a supporter of ending slavery for the past 30 years of his career in the House, we find out WHY he supported it near the very end of the movie.

One other thing, the political environment back then was almost a contact sport. I love it!

We thought we’d catch the 7:05PM show on Friday evening. By the time we arrived it had been sold out. There was a 9:45PM and 10:15PM showing but even the 9:45PM was sold out. So we got in on the 10:15PM showing. It’s a fairly long movie, some 150 minutes (2 and a half hours) but well worth watching.

And it I’ve heard folks say the timing of this was delayed to counter the fact that the Republicans were actually the good guys back in the mid to later 19th century. But I think it’s perfect timing what with the threats to secede by the likes of Texas and a handful of other states. Even here in RI we got 4,550 signatures to secede and I bet I know where they all came from, the towns of East Greenwich and part of North Kingstown. They think their shit doesn’t stink.

TMI Thursday Again: Let’s Go to the Movies


First attributions: Via Patently Queer who got it from Just a Jeep Guy

Do you still go to the movies? Why or Why not.

I’m at the age where I’m old enough that I saw the original and have no desire to see the re-make. It’s either that or the overdoing on the following themes: vampires, zombies (Well, they haven’t really done it yet), fantasy expanded which is superhumans, etc. Sorry – I read the comic books. I really don’t need to see the botch job on screen.

Would you go by yourself?

Nope. Well, most of my movie watching now is by myself because of Netflix.

What was the last movie you saw? Recent recommendation?

I honestly can’t think of one that we’ve seen in a theater. Read above and you’ll see why. But the most recent movie I saw, The Omen. Yes, from the 1970’s. Was at a friends place and we were surfing Netflix on his Wii and The Omen popped up. So we watched it. Evil little bastards and 70’s horror are my faves.

Snacks: Buy, Bring or Boycott?

Where in the United States can you bring your own? Oh sure, some of the 2nd and 3rd tier theaters might encourage it, particularly booze. But otherwise I wouldn’t pay for that overprice crap.

Teenagers used to go to the movies to make out. Have you ever and if so, when was the last time?

{sigh} Guilty! I was in my mid 20’s when I did it. But the trick back then was that if you were going to be doing such a thing you sat in the very back row. That way you didn’t really disturb anyone.

Have you ever gone to an adult movie theater? Did you pull a Pee Wee Herman?

Does being snuck in at the Rustic Drive-In as a kid count? Of course in the 70’s vintage cars you could fit about 6 people in the trunk very comfortably.

But otherwise no. Providence did have a gay porn cinema for the longest time though. It was called the Paris Theater and sat on the hill at the intersection of Empire St. and Weybosset St.

Check the middle column bottom for the ad:

By the time I was old enough – it had closed down and they tore it down. Video pretty much killed the Paris.

Bonus Question

Which all-time favorite movie would you pay to see on the big screen again? Of course cell phones, babies, and assholes are banned.

A movie I’d love to see on the big screen, had it been recorded in glorious stereo would have been Colossus: The Forbin Project. I love movies like that – you know, give a computer complete and utter control and then watch in horror when it decides to become god. It is precisely why in any project I approach that might even be mildly AI like I always suggest a large, red power off switch.

Two jobs ago when I was responsible for the design of the computer room I made sure to specify said big red power switch. In our case it was because of the fire suppression system – you had to cut power because it was water based.

Atwells Ave in Providence is becoming a Nightclub zone

This is too funny. I’ve been saying it for some time because I too have noticed the changes on Providence’s center of Federal Hill, Atwells Avenue.

If you read the article the true problem is in about the fifth paragraph. I’ll parse it out just so you can see:

Traditionalists on the Hill complain that some nightspots offering entertainment are doing a rough trade that bothers their customers and nearby apartment- and condo-dwellers and that challenges law enforcement. There has been minor violence, too-loud music and a tendency to put out too many tables and chairs, clogging the sidewalks.

Note I bolded the term ‘condo-dwellers’. Yes, they have been working diligently to turn all the apartments that were once on Atwells Ave. into condos. And when people pay a fairly high price to live in the center of it all, they don’t want to contend with any bullshit.

I’ve seen the same thing happen on Fountain St. in Providence. They took a disused office building and turned it all into condos. On the ground flour a pub/deli opened up. And across the street in one direction is The Roxy/Lupo’s, and entertainment venue.

And of course the condo owners complained to no effect. Both businesses are still going strong.

And you know what, the cops will probably crack down on the late night scene on Atwells. The one I hope they really clamp is the tables and chairs on the sidewalks. You can do that in wide open plazas, but not on city sidewalks. It’s to the point if you want to walk down that section of Atwells you have to dodge patrons and chairs. And not for anything, DePasqaule Plaza used to be a nice little plaza with a fountain. Now it’s all gated off with tables and chairs inside the fences. The fountain is still there but the plaza has lost its charm.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens. Another part of the article mentions that Providence is no longer majority Italian-American and that Latino and Southeast Asians are now a large contingent. They did miss one group, a fair number of those nightclubs on Atwells are owned by Lebanese and Moroccans.

And I can completely understand why you’d want to open a nightclub on Atwells Ave. The rents are fairly inexpensive, and running a club/bar is one of the lower overhead enterprises. If all you sell are booze and snacks, you’re looking at a markup percentage in the 200% to 300% range.

And eight years ago the City Council voted to rescind the cap on liquor licenses. How’d that work out?

But there does have to be some compromise to restore at least part of the character of the district. I’m glad to see that the entertainment licensees are being forced to pay for the police detail. It’s going to get to the point where it will become so expensive to open a nightclub on Atwells that it’ll fade. You can see it coming.