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Part of the problem with Weather Sleuths on Facebook

Is that they take each new update as gospel. Here in Providence the initial forecasts were 2 to 4 inches. Then it got bumped up to 6 to 8 inches, then 8 to 10 inches and finally 10 to 14 inches.

But here’s the thing – for all the storms we’ve had in the past five years – most have been WAY off target for total accumulation amounts. I think there was that one MAJOR storm we got last year, the one where our power was out for four days where they correctly predicted the snowfall amounts.

But past few storms the chicken little, the sky is falling, and the White Death from The Sky folks have been predicting snowmageddon to the point of nausea. And I keep telling them – you have to look at the overall pattern instead of the individual elements in the set. Because if you look at the pattern – the forecasters have been WRONG more often than RIGHT.

I did note that WX1BOX The Taunton Skywarn group (Amateur Radio related!) on Facebook didn’t post jack shit. It’s probably because I’ve called them out on the sky is falling nature of their posts in the past.

Uncovering racism in the oddest of places

Perhaps not so odd in that it was a Facebook discussion thread that got it started. It all started over favorite New York System locations. I had only been aware of the two here in Providence, the one on Smith Hill, the other in Olneyville which is actually closer to me.

Well this friend said yes there are now NYS’s in North Providence and in Cranston, RI. But then he went on to say he doesn’t like either the Smith St. or Olneyville locations. He said, and I quote “…it reminded him of Compton in Los Angeles”.

So I prodded and he spouted all the shit I’ve heard from people about my home city being dangerous. It isn’t by any stretch of the imagination or I should say, the areas of concern in this fairly small city are misplaced. He replied it was because of the gang activity, etc. Now I can tell you I’ve been ALL OVER the city of Providence and I’ve never had ANY trouble. None whatsoever. This friend then went on to say his favorite areas are Blackstone and Thayer St.

So I had to break his mistaken notion. But knowing that gang activity is code word for brown people, well, that just took the cake. I posted the breakdown of the police districts within the city and then the statistics from those districts. Every week each district is REQUIRED to publish it’s stats. It only took a REALLY simple Google search to find the data.

And I told him traditionally the east side of the city which includes Blackstone and Thayer Street has the worst property crime rates (vandalism, stolen property) as well as assaults, robbery, etc.

So my message is this – you can try to hide it but your racism, no matter how deep gets exposed when you make idiotic statements about the alleged criminal activity in the city.

This was a first – denigration of amateurs with Extra class licenses

So over on Facebook I’m in the Amateur Radio groups. In one this guy makes the statement that the Extra class operators with code are some of the biggest rogue operators.

Code being morse code, as in proficiency at 20WPM. Since I got my extra 20 years ago when the code was required I have rights to gripe here.

At the very least I can operate in the CW only portions of the band. CW = Continuous Wave aka code aka Morse Code.

Most of what comes with having an Extra class license is the ability to become a Volunteer Examiner. I’m accredited with both the ARRL and with the W5YI VEC’s (Volunteer Exam Coordinators). I’ve done four sessions in twenty years and I’m thinking I really should do a few more.

But the anti-code snobbery is really interesting. Because I went the extra length I’m now cast in the group of poor operating procedure? Really? Wow.

Web Site Outages

So yesterday morning I tried accessing the United States Postal Service’s web site only to have it time out.

Today it’s Facebook.

I suspect there are denial of service attacks going on. It’s not Cox’s name resolution as an nslookup brings back the IP address which if I look it up is registered to:

inetnum: -
netname:        IE-FACEBOOK-20110418
descr:          Facebook Ireland Ltd
country:        IE
org:            ORG-FIL7-RIPE
admin-c:        RD4299-RIPE
tech-c:         RD4299-RIPE
status:         ALLOCATED PA
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-lower:      fb-neteng
mnt-routes:     fb-neteng
source:         RIPE #Filtered

Facebook Ireland? Really? That seems to me that the U.S. data center is experiencing some problems. 
And I tried it on my cell phone - get the same issue. I've got DNS lookup on the phone and it too points
to the same netblock.

Things to which I pay no attention

Any awards show – be it the Tony’s, Emmy”s, Oscars, and the like. There’s nothing worse in my opinion than fawning over celebrity. And all of the above listed fall into that category, the fawning over actors and actresses. I couldn’t give a flying fuck.

Sports also fall into the no attention category. It’s like watching paint dry.

And of course my Facebook feed is full of posts about the Tony Awards. It’s making me seriously consider pruning my friends list. And I really don’t care that Neil Patrick Harris hosted it again, I couldn’t watch the clip on YouTube for more than a few second without wanting to hurl.

Facbook Android App Saga and other news

So I noticed this past weekend that the Facebook app for Android was clunky. As in the news feed wouldn’t load. I’d get notifications but clicking got the little spinning icon and no update.

So I did what I normally do with tech that doesn’t work.  I bitched – I googled the issue and found a forum for Facebook. I told them that they didn’t UAT their latest Android app or that they were having problems because I could access via web browser but not their app. For those unfamiliar with SDLC and PM (Ok – UAT == User Acceptance Testing, SDLC = Software Development Life Cycle, and PM = Project Management) it’s a big no-no in project management or PM not to build in an acceptance phase.

So today I fired up the app and wonder of wonders, it worked. I’m know I wasn’t the only one having the issue, as the Google search had yielded a ton of people complaining about it.

And in other news – I hear Google has just released a new maps update that will work on IOS-6. Now all Apple has to do is fix the cluster fuck in IOS 6 that lets it work with other peripheral docks.

When people don’t know they are racist

So this morning I saw a post by my aunt that piqued my interest. I’m paraphrasing here but she essentially said “How dare Obama expose a donor to the Republican campaign.”

I pointed out that records of donations, voter rolls etc. are in fact PUBLIC record meaning that ANYONE can obtain the data. So I see nothing wrong with what was done. If you remember history, Presidents from FDR on down have had enemy lists that they shared with various parties. Most recently we saw the outing of a CIA officer under President Bush’s terms, so I don’t find the release of this information by a sitting President to be all that much worth arguing about.

That is, I don’t feel like arguing that point. What I do wish to do is argue about the inherent racism in all the false accusations leveled at President Obama.

One habit I have when people make irritating claims is that I ask for verification, usually in the form of citation but with the caveat that they cannot use Fox News. Fairly simple thing to do, a google search will net your ‘facts’ and I know enough about sites out there that I can tell you who owns the site, and what their motivation might be in that case.

That’s when they start resorting to ad hominem attack against me. They call me a liberal, Obama supporter which I won’t deny it, I’m both. But they try to use it as a weapon.

The fact that they cannot produce ANY credible and verifiable information leads me to a sad fact. It is more likely than not their biggest problem with President Obama is that he’s a black, well, only half black if you want to be technical. But it’s back to that old one drop rule, but if people knew our ancestry, all of us, traces back to Africa.

So the sad fact that racism is alive and well in the United States. It may not be blatant, but it certainly comes out into the light of day when an anti-Obama idiot is trying to make a ‘point’.

One more interesting bit. When confronted with requests for citation and data, the racist pricks will first resort to calling you names. Then they’ll block you on Facebook because the truth is just too uncomfortable for them.

Hopefully I rocked a certain guys world with my persistent demands for, to quote Johnny 5, ‘More data!’ but I suspect I just hurt his little feelings by asking him to support his position. Awww – see that’s proper ad hominem.

Yet Another Former Queer Action Member Contacts Me

The story gets more interesting as the days go by. At first I thought it was just myself and one other party who caught the misplaced wrath of Heather Curley but yet another situation has now presented itself. The author of the email has given me full permission to post his non-redacted message and image so I’ll do so without haste.

I read you current blog concerning Heather Curley of the former Queer Action of RI. I am currently on of the members who was ousted by Ms. Curley after I discovered a sign she had made which contained anti-gay rhetoric. When I confronted her, she ousted me from the group and publicly slandered my name. She then has emailed various members of the gay community and other individuals telling them that “Queer Action had to part ways because (I) am a convicted felon with a long rap sheet.” I was arrested once, over a year ago and the case dismissed, because the police department made up evidence and arrested me because I was one of the few openly gay police officer’s in my area.

With that said, I have attached a photo of Mr. Curley emailing members of the community and concerning my personal life. She has gone far and above, even commenting member’s parent’s.

I attached the picture of a screen shot of her email. I redacted last name’s and identifying names. I don’t know if this interests you, but I saw your youtube video concerning Ms. Curley and your recent blog post.

Yes that’s right, the individual in question is a former police officer. Curley keeps dancing around people who could cause her some serious harm to her reputation . I know her field of work and that field interacts with police on occasion. It wouldn’t be cute if the local ORI’s in the state knew about what she was doing.

Here’s his image capture from Curley’s FB statements:

Curley Facebook Post
Curley Facebook Post

Her M.O. appears to be character assassination. Isn’t that special. I hope she knows she can get in trouble for the things she’s posting, both on facebook and posting around the area.

Keep watching because I have a feeling I’m going to get an avalanche of former Queer Action participants who have stories about Ms. Curley.