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Anthony Gemma’s Voter ‘Investigation’

So over on Facebook I see that candidate for the first Congressional District of RI, Anthony Gemma had himself a press conference. A friend of mine on Facebook posted salient examples:

One was for Janette Santos – now I have a copy of the voter database and cannot find Ms. Santos in there. In addition they have one for a Ms. Chavez. They list their addresses as 583 Cranston St, and 310 Cranston St.

Now those addresses are interesting in that both are business addresses.

I should mention that I keep a copy of the RI Central Voter Registration Database on my computer. It’s sort of a relic of when I worked at the RI Sec of State’s office.

But I asked for DOB’s for one of them and managed to locate Ms. Santos – when I searched those people out I found that they were on Hartford Ave, and 340 Cranston St.

Now I’ve been posting all my findings on the Facebook post. And one comment made by someone else sums it up nicely:

“Russ Gelfuso Now, now, Tony; you’re trying to let ACTUAL facts get in the way of Gemma facts, and that’s not FAIR.”

That’s right – ACTUAL facts. They are what the real world runs on. And the Gemma campaign seems to forget that.

I also commented on WPRI’s post about it telling them they should contact me as I can handily debunk a good percentage of Gemma’s little scorched earth tactic.

You know if I didn’t know otherwise I’d say that Gemma was a Republican.

And one lesson, never raise the ire of a database professional. We can make it rather uncomfortable for you.