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What I hate about winter

Is that from one hour to the next the weather can change dramatically. For example when I left the house at 6AM this morning it was 40F. But get to work and the temperature drops to 36F, then 25F and finally 20F during the course of the day. So you have to guess what coat to wear as weather forecasting is not yet at the point where they can accurately gauge temperature.

I also hate that when it goes above freezing the snow pack starts to melt onto previously cleared sidewalks and then freezes into a thin layer of very slippery ice. And people are too stupid to throw sand, salt, or de-ice on the ground. A nice slippery run.

And I had anticipated that – and ordered a pair of Stableicers from LL Bean. I should have had them two days ago but UPS aka Shit Wrapped in Chiffon cited “AN EMERGENCY SITUATION OR SEVERE WEATHER CONDITION HAS DELAYED DELIVERY.” for two days in a row. But here is what I find interesting: UPS had their emergency or severe weather thing, but the United States Postal Service had no such problem.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – UPS is shit. Even the trucks are shit brown with gold accent. They do say it’s out for delivery today but I got home just before 6PM and no package yet and checking status still says “out for delivery”. I dont’ know why I have the sneaking suspicion I’m going to have to go down to their facility to get my package. And I’m gonna raise a stink again.

But back to my rant on winter – people still don’t properly clear their sidewalks. But at least the city is starting to issue citations for it. That’s progress. And the property owners who receive said citations are in for a rude awakening if they simply discard and refuse to pay. The fines are now progressive and as last resort the CITY will clear the sidewalks and bill the property owner. If they still refuse to pay a lien will be placed against the property. Good luck selling with a lien in place.