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Tech: Firefox 13 and Flash Player Issues

If you’ve upgraded to Firefox 13 and gotten the most recent Adobe Flash Player software you may have noted that any flash based video player (YouTube, MSNBC, Hulu) click, pop, skip, echo, on the audio but the video plays fine.

Overall I’ve been very happy with Firefox 13. But Adobe – really, you should thoroughly TEST your fucking software.

The solution is pretty simple, un-install Flash Player 11.3.300.262 in the Add/Remove programs control panel. It’s slightly different depending on your OS (XP, Vista, Win7).

Then download the zip file for version

Close Firefox – if you must bring up the task manager and make sure it’s closed.

Then expand the zip file. You want to change into the folder and choose flashplayer10_3r183_20_win.exe file and run it. Then start Firefox 13 and you can now enjoy videos without the annoying audio issues.