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Pondering the Rose Bowl and Providence, RI Gay Pride parades

So I’ve ruminated on this before. Look at the Rose Bowl parade – the floats in particular. Or the Disney Main Street Electrical Parade since RI’s Gay Pride parade is held at night.

I learned long ago how to put together a float. Lots of chicken wire, tissue and spray paint and you can create some pretty cool shit. And with what I know of LED’s, EL wire etc. lighting shit up isn’t a problem with judiciously place Cree LED’s.

I know, I know. I should get involved. But been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I think enforced viewing of the above parades should be the precursor for any parade. And maybe just maybe I should get involved with RI Pride – but like I said done it and got the t-shirt. Now I can sit on the sidelines and bitch.

And more – the corporate side. I know Northwestern Mutual has a float that is bedecked with flowers and shooting fireworks. Meanwhile in RI at Gay Pride, CVS, Blue Cross, and other corporate sponsors send a bunch of people in t-shirts with company logos and a banner out front. Come the fuck on – a little imagination if you will. It’s not like the corporate side doesn’t have the dough necessary to build a kick ass float. They just lack the motivation and the imagination to make kick ass floats.