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Holiday Chocolate Bark

Saw this recipe on Food Wishes on YouTube.

Here’s mine – I like a bit more on the walnuts and pistachios


Gotta say, they are tasty. And I went with a 72% Dark Chocolate. When the percentage gets that high you get a more fruity flavor from the chocolate that I really like.

Correct Bedding for a Turkey

So I’ve tried different things over time to roast the Thanksgiving turkey. Cut celery, carrot into logs, layer onion and garlic.

But I saw a Food Wishes video on classic turkey preparation.

It called for roasting the bird over this, only I use a lot more of the stuff. I like the vegetable broth it produces.

This expresses the most flavor from the carrot, celery and garlic. Also threw a bit of parsley and thyme in the mix too. Plus the turkey neck and giblets.

And the herb butter, i use a whole stick and a couple packs of herbs. Creates a really fragrant turkey when it’s roasting. Plus it make the skin nice and brown and crispy.

That’s how you use ALL of the turkey or at least what’s in the package.

The bird itself was 15lbs. And having done a turkey like this on Thursday I can say this will be phenomenal.