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Governor Pence on ABC News

I note Governor Pence of Indiana practices deflection to any question posed. George Stephanopoulos asks the governor yes/no questions like “Should it be legal to discriminate against LGBT people? Pence then goes into hemming and hawing but never actually gives a yes or no answer.

It makes Governor Pence look like a complete horses ass. And it makes the Governor and the Legislature of Indiana look like asshatted bigots.

I mean if you want to get down to brass tacks this is an endorsement of religion is precisely what this law in Indiana is, a tip to Christians.

But if you read your U.S. First Amendment – there’s that pesky little section “Congress shall make no law establishing religion nor prevent the free exercise of religion.”

And virtually EVERY state in the nation has a constitution that includes similar language. But the phrase is pesky but it’s clear – the STATE cannot make law or endorse any religion, but individuals have free exercise of their religion. It’s just the the free exercise has been fairly appalling as of late.

This is going to end up in the courts at some point in the near future. I can see it coming. And Governor Pence – you’re an asshole.