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Denying water 50 80,000 people is in fact an act of genocide

So once again on facebook a friend has posted this link. I had posted how it’s funny the Israeli’s are doing to the Palestinians exactly what the Germans did to the Jews almost a century ago. 

Put it this way – there’s this little thing called the rule of threes. Three days without water, three weeks without food, etc. Go without and you die.

And let us revisit the actions of the Israeli Defense Force – the atrocities they have committed against the Palestinian people. 

But  Jewish friend of mine called it offensive that I’d compare the actions of the Israelis to the Germans. 

That’s one thing that always bothered me – people who were once persecuted failing to acknowledge when their own people are persecuting someone else. And not for anything, my ancestry among many other things includes Ashkenazi. But in my ledger of misdeed I first posit that human life once we’re born is precious. That what the Israeli people are doing is nearly identical to what the Germans did. The Germans were killing Jews throughout the span from the 1930’s until the defeat in the mid 1940’s. They ghettoized the Jews – and what are the Israelis doing to the Palestinians? They employed starvation, etc. And what are the Israelis doing? 

I’m not sure they won’t resort to gas chambers to be honest. It’s clear that Israel has no interest in a two state solution. It’s also clear there is a desire to exterminate the Palestinians. So who knows where it’ll stop. And to those of my friends who are Jewish, stop already. Admit that what Israel is doing is WRONG. 

Religious wing-nuttery over marriage equality

So I was reading this post on Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters and this paragraph grabbed my attention:

He went on to maintain that same-sex unions are a “narcissistic parody” of opposite-sex relationships as “homosexual relationships do not represent an authentic intimacy, but rather involve mutual exploitation for the sake of satisfying an unnatural lust” and lead to suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, violence along with other “destructive consequences.” “Homosexuals themselves, who are the greatest victims of the ‘gay lifestyle,’ and are in desperate need of the truth,” he writes.

Let’s break this down, shall we?

“Do not represent authentic intimacy” – the definition:

Of undisputed origin; genuine: “authentic 14th-century furniture”.
Made or done in the traditional or original way: “authentic Italian meals”.

So they’re trying to say because they dispute it our relationships aren’t authentic? Try again! He’s trying to make the wrong-parts argument and failing miserably because we all know better.

…but rather involve mutual exploitation for the sake of satisfying an unnatural lust…

But lust in itself is an immoral thing. Or so says the church. The unnatural part comes from nature being a code word for God. The thing is, in the Bible the prohibitions of a man lying with a man aren’t the word of God per se, but part of the Levitical code of conduct. In other words, written by primitive tribal societies who saw non-reproduction as un-natural.

…lead to suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, violence along with other “destructive consequences.”

Funny, I can only speak from my perspective here. First of all I’ve never contemplated suicide, only drink moderate amounts of alcohol, never abused drugs, and never suffered any violence. Then of course the writer completely gives a pass with “destructive consequences”. This is code speak for “The wages of sin are death.”

This is not to say that alot of gay and bisexual people and even straight people haven’t succumbed to diseases like HIV/AIDS, Herpes, etc. But that’s just it, Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, of the three names doesn’t understand the nature of disease, it’s not so much due to actions per se, but because of bacteria and viruses. Modern science has figured that part out for at least a century now.

And the only reason I’m the ‘greatest victim’ of my ‘gay lifestyle’ is only because religious bigots like Hoffman keep railing on, all up in the Kool Aid, and don’t know the flavor.

Christianity is fighting a losing battle

Take a look at this (You may click to enlarge):

Yes indeed – Christianity is sliding down that slippery slope. A friend of mine says that what we are witnessing is the dying gasps of organize religion.

But granted, it’s going to take a long time for it to completely fade away.

Why else would the likes of the Pope, and leaders of the Southern Baptists, and evangelicals keep saying such ridiculous things? Because they know they’re losing the battle.

Part of it is a function that traces back to the invention of the printing press. Of course we’ve taken that to an extreme, I can publish this without anything more than a swype or press of keys on my phone or computer.

So it’s really a function of education, which is why you’re seeing attacks on things like evolution because the religious know they cannot legitimately argue against it. So they came up with creation ‘science’.

And of course there’s the deliberate dumbing down of our educational system in general. I was at the forum for potential school board candidates and I said, I want every student in the Providence school system to get the education I got, and mine wasn’t in public schools.

But even with those attacks we’re still making progress. It is because we have this thing that I alluded to earlier, the internet. A multitude of search engines, Web 2.0 sites, etc. It heterodynes the message that directly disputes the claims of the religious.

TMI Thursday: Complete this sentence


First attributions: Via Patently Queer who got it from Just a Jeep Guy

Dogs are…
Awesome mimics of human behaviors. I love dogs for that but two things prevent me from ever having one, the first of which is that dogs are a very big commitment. The second and not least important is that I am horribly allergic to dogs.

My husband is…
The absolute love of my life, smart, funny, talented.

I love…
Goading the bigots. I guess the problem is I know their texts as well or better than they do. So I absolutely LOVE getting under their skin and driving them nuts.

I hate…
The fact that we’re now 12 years into the 21st century and still dealing with religious bigotry from Catholics, Baptists and fundamentalists of all stripes.

I need…
To know things are secure even though I know that isn’t ever possible in this world.

I am…
A warrior, seriously. I don’t give a rats posterior who it is, poet, priest or politician. I’m going to call them out when they make ludicrous statements.

Bonus Question

Sex is…
Not such a mystery per se. And can be lots of fun!


And since I might be doing this regularly again, I’ve created a template for it.

When Christians and Muslims take offense to what is taught in public schools

This is ridiculous.

Apparently it’s taking place in Canada. But still, I want to remind them of one thing. If you don’t want your kids learning about homosexuality, the environment etc. then don’t send them to public schools and expect them to cater to your religious whims.

Instead send them to private schools, or Catholic schools, or even Muslim schools. Home school them. But keep them out of the public system if you’re so afraid they might learn something that challenges your religious beliefs.

One warning though – be careful on the Catholic schools. I’m the product of 12 years of Catholic schools. As such, they helped my hone my bullshit detector which ultimately lead to my rejecting organized religion, in fact any religion. This was much to the consternation of my father the God Botherer II. I call him that because my grandfather, we called him Saint Anthony.

And that finely tuned bovine effluent detector, I imagine my aunt isn’t liking it much either, as evidenced by my last post.

The thing is I know how to research things. I don’t have a B.Sc. in Information Science for nothing you know.

I imagine I’d be a nightmare for the likes of the parents in Canada. Someone who went through all that religious dogma and came out as an atheist. Because it is precisely what these parents who want to be notified fear, they fear their kids will learn too much and challenge religious belief.

Good, religious belief needs to be challenged. It’s all based on writings from well over a thousand years ago. And when the source texts suffer from both copy error and translation error, you’re really not getting the WHOLE story.