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A Very Stable Genius

I’m now 200 pages into the tome and I have to say the read I get of the Trump administration is that it’s an absolute and utter shit show. Date wise I’m up to the year 2017 and that was a banner year that proved the general ignorance of our President.

The Democrats would do well to read this book. It has enough ammo in it to completely derail a trump 2020 campaign. Because when you have a man who THINKS he knows better it’s a very dangerous thing. Just because you think it doesn’t make it true. And the gaps in his knowledge of European history and even Asian history are astounding.

I just read the part where Rex Tillerson called Trump a fucking moron. I think that’s the most concise summary of the President. The man is a moron. How he got elected I’ll never know well I do sort of know because those who voted for him are also morons. Hillary Clinton was wrong to call them the deplorables  instead they are simply too stupid, too moronic and will always vote against their own self interest. It’s actually astounding.

It’s like the man cannot admit the simple phrase “I don’t know, could you please elaborate.” Instead he speaks off the cuff and does so much damage to our reputation as a country that it’s actually sad.

I recall a video I’ve seen of Trump in his more lucid days. He said in the video that if he were ever to run for office he’d run as a Republican because the Republicans were the more easily hoodwinked voters. That’s when he actually had some brains. But as he’s gotten older and more set in certain ways he’s doing an incredible amount of damage to this country. The only advice I could give him is it’s ok to occasionally admit you can’t know everything. It’s why you build a team around you that can help smooth out the bumps. But when the team is just lurching from crisis to crisis it cannot work.

I’m waiting to get to the part where Jared Kushner and Ivanka’s security clearance was just blanket waived as one of the dumbest moves ever.

In essence the authors of the book are simply hanging the President with his own words and deeds. I love it.

The bigots don’t stop just like a certain battery bunny

So this time it’s in Kansas where they’re trying to say the the LGBT community is a religion so that they can discriminate against the LGBT community.

First let me say I have to lookup that Bill and pick it apart here. But I knew that the religious bigots would never stop. Oh the more overt bigots have faded into the woodwork but they won’t stop. If the Bill passes it’s sure to be brought up on challenge before the courts. Thereby costing the State of Kansas money to defend bigotry. Interesting when you think of it like that.

This little whereas clause grabbed my attention:

WHEREAS, All religion amounts to is a set of unproven answers to the
greater questions like “Why are we here?” and “What should we be doing
as humans?

I can answer the first and second – why are we here? Simple it started just after the event called the big bang, you know when the whole universe was a hot, dense soup. Then anti-matter and matter started forming. Eventually some of those gases gathered together, compressed and ignited forming stars. And those ancient stars spewed their guts providing carbon, oxygen, hyrdrogen etc. to spawn new stars and the leftover matter that didn’t ignite becomes rocky planets, and gas that didn’t have enough mass the gas giant planets. You’re getting the idea here right? We’re here just because. Isn’t that enough?

As to what we should be doing as humans – that’s a good one – we should be caring for our brothers and sisters, should be sponsoring legislation that isn’t hateful or disgusting, and shouldn’t be posting bills like the above. In fact if you want to get technical, what was Jebus all about? Love one another – that was the key message that you missed when you got stuck in the Old Testament when God was an asshole. How do you like it?

WHEREAS, The sworn testimonies of ex-gays, medical experts,
persecuted Christians and licensed ministers demonstrate that there is no
real proof that a gay gene exists, that the idea that sexual orientation is
predicated on immutability is not proven and that sexual orientation is a
mythology, dogma, doctrine or orthodoxy that is inseparably linked to the
religion of secular humanism; and
WHEREAS, The United States supreme court found that secular
humanism is a religion for the purpose of the establishment clause of the
1st amendment of the constitution of the United States in Torcaso v.
Watkins, 367 U.S. 488 (1961), stating “among religions in this country
which do not teach what would generally be considered a belief in the
existence of God are Buddhism, Taoism, Ethical Culture, Secular
Humanism and others”; and


See that little block of text tips their hand. They’re trying to conflate being gay with secular humanism aka agnostics, or atheists like me.

Know what I say about the Bible – the KJV by the way if you didn’t learn that and you learned it through some other version you’re doing it wrong. :) And I have it on good authority that King James was a fellow homosexual. Interesting.

The whole bill spends a good portion of the WHEREAS clauses trying to tie the LGBT community to Secular Humanism but has no fucking clue what Secular Humanism is. It’s laughable. Go read the whole thing here and you’ll see what I mean.

In a nutshell as I alluded to earlier – this Bill doesn’t stand a chance. I’m assuming cooler heads in the legislature of Kansas will quash it sooner than later – or tie it up in some committee in perpetuity. And with a Democratic governor it’s sure to be vetoed which I believe requires a 2/3 majority in most state constitutions to override. But if by chance they do succeed in the override, be ready for court challenges out the wazoo. Seriously.

The bigots will be dragged kicking and screaming into the future.

RI Representative wants to Eliminate Mandatory HPV Vaccinations

So I had to look this woman up.

Rep. Sherry Roberts

Sherry Roberts has served the residents of District 29 (West Greenwich, Coventry) since first being elected in November 2014. She serves on the House Committee on Health Education and Welfare, the House Committee on Judiciary, and the House Committee on Rules.

Born July 29, 1968, she has attended the Community College of Rhode Island and University of Rhode Island. She is retired after having been employed for 16 years with the State of Rhode Island’s Department of Children, Youth and Families.

In her capacity as a Representative, Rep. Roberts serves on the House Corporations Committee, Small Business Committee and is a member of the Solitary Confinement Commission.

Rep. Roberts led the initiative to create the “School to Jobs” program by partnering Coventry High School with Electric Boat- creating a current model for statewide implementation.

Her bio is just vaguely suspect. It says she attended CCRI and URI but doesn’t’ say she graduated from either. That’s interesting.

She represents Coventry and West Greenwich RI. I’ve know that as swamp yankee territory for some time and Rep. Roberts definitely fits the bill.

She said decided to introduce the bill upon the request from citizens who say they were injured by the vaccines.

But it gets so much more interesting.

“It is widely believed that the benefits of receiving the vaccine do not outweigh the medical risks involved, and this decision is best left to parents,” Roberts said. “This legislation will achieve exactly that, to put the vaccine discretion back into the hands of the parents, where it belongs.”

Benefits do not outweigh the medical risks? Really.

Here’s the side effects:

  • Pain, redness, or swelling in the arm where the shot was given(/li>
  • Fever
  • Headache or feeling tired
  • Nausea
  • Muscle or joint pain

In essence side effects that are pretty much common to all vaccines let alone the HPV vaccine.

And where it’s contra-indicated is:

    • Anyone who has ever had a life-threatening allergic reaction to any component of HPV vaccine, or to a previous dose of HPV vaccine, should not get the vaccine.
    • Anyone with severe allergies, including an allergy to yeast, should talk to their doctor before getting the vaccine.
    • HPV vaccine is not recommended for pregnant women. However, receiving HPV vaccine when pregnant is not cause for alarm.
    • Women who are breastfeeding may get the vaccine.
    • People who are mildly ill (low-grade fever of less than 101 degrees, a cold, runny nose, or cough) when a dose of HPV vaccine is planned can still be vaccinated. People with a moderate or severe illness should wait until they are better.

Again par for the course with most vaccines being produced either in chicken egg or with yeasts.

So in essence, Rep. Roberts is blowing smoke up peoples asses here. Her motivation isn’t the harms that she would claim. But I think I know what it is, since HPV is a sexually transmitted disease I have a distinct impression that Rep. Roberts doesn’t want kids , what’s the term de riguere – bumping uglies.

And here’s the other thing, I believe I’ve posted this before. The only thing you can discriminate about regarding people is their education. I claim that Rep. Roberts is a maleducated fool.

Trump and his Tariffs

So President Trump wants to put a tariff on cars and good from Europe. Well the E.U. has responded by saying they’d put a tax of 25% on goods from the United States.  Even Speaker Ryan says we shouldn’t do this.

Trump is out of control – neigh, he can’t be controlled. So that’s why we’re hearing about tariffs is simply trying to deflect from the other heinous acts being committed by the Trump Administration.

But here’s something interesting to ponder. Let’s take Volkswagen as an example – they have an auto plant in Chattanooga, TN – what will it do to them when the cars are here and in Mexico and all over the world. Would their corporate leadership suffer from a tariff – sure they would. But the effects in the U.S. would be awful.

Because think for a moment – particularly with the TN plant of Volkswagen – they depend on local suppliers too – hundreds of jobs too. So let’s say the VW plant has 5000 employees. When you extend this out to all the suppliers like tire companies, oil companies, parts like bulbs, wire, etc. All those people. Conservatively I’d say it would impact 20,000 or more just for that one auto plant. Imagine 20,000 pissed off people. It won’t be pretty.

RI Does it Again

So the state once tried out it’s Cooler and Warmer campaign which bombed because some of the footage of the state was actually shot in Iceland. Apparently someone in the production company didn’t know Island is different from Iceland.

And now – they’ve come up with another ‘genius’ idea. Let’s call Rhode Island “Fun-Size”. Now I know of two definitions for this term, neither of which should be used to refer to a state. The first is a small girl/boy, the other is well used sardonically by bigger folks.

It’s sort of how the Tea Baggers didn’t know the negative connotations of that term and when they did changed it to Tea Party.

And Lara Salamano the Chief Marketing Officer of the RI Commerce Corporation – the seven second attention span – yeah for the field of sheep out there it might work. For people like me the more data the better.

In the ProJo article she says:

‘Fun-Sized “means that you can do everything you want that’s really fun on a vacation in a short period of time,” she said. “In the morning, you can be on Narragansett Bay sailing, and in the afternoon you can be at a James Beard-nominated restaurant.”’

Now I remember when RI had the marketing slogan The Biggest Little State in the Union.  That was years ago but the height of the state.

And let me tell you something, I’ve had lots of experience dealing with marketing people. I can tell you there’s usually not the sharpest crayon in the box, some are nice people too, but nice only gets you so far. I’ve also noted a tendency among marketing types to like shiny, flashy things.

The quote from the Providence Journal sums it up:

Now NOM is pissed at Republicans

Check this one out – apparently they’re still trying to beat the hate drum. What the hell is with the powers at NOM? I’d love to see their current budget as I just bet they’re seeing a drop in contributions. But now they’re getting nervous about the cake war. I think they’re going to lose to be honest. I mean really – as a business owner isn’t your FIRST responsibility to make as much money as you can?

And as always I’ve stripped their links and put donates to pro-gay sites.

TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2017

The entire Republican Party owes their electoral success to people of faith, individuals like us who turned out in droves to oppose the leftist agenda of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton. The Democrats demand complete loyalty to their extreme agenda – same-sex ‘marriage,’ abortion on demand, transgender ideology, virtual elimination of religious liberty, etc. In rejecting the extreme agenda of the left and Democratic leaders, people of faith put their trust in Republicans who said they would deliver on their promises and defend American values.

From Donald J. Trump, to the members of the US Senate, to the members of the House of Representatives, Republican elected officials owe their majority to people of faith, the bedrock base of the Republican Party.

But so far, outside of Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, the Republicans have precious little to show in terms of delivering on their promises.

Worse, late last week, some 23 GOP members of the US House of Representatives opposed an amendment to the defense spending authorization bill to prevent the use of taxpayer funds to pay for sex-change surgeries from transgendered soldiers.

Are these 23 Republicans clueless or, worse, are they traitors to the conservative cause?

First off, the science is clear that there is absolutely no evidence to show that someone can be “trapped in the wrong body.” Those who think they are “transgender” actually suffer from a psychological disorder known as gender dysphoria.

Moreover, why in the world should US taxpayers be given the bill because a gender-confused individual joins the military and then demands a sex-change operation? It’s insane!

And what’s really problematic is that the GOP leadership in the House, including Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, did absolutely nothing to prevent this travesty and betrayal of trust.

If the Republican leadership in Washington does not get their act together soon and begin delivering on their promises to restore American values like marriage and life, they are going to be in for a rude awakening come the 2018 midterm elections. Why would people of faith turn out to vote for incumbent Republicans who do nothing, or worse, betray us?

NOM intends to hold the Republican majority in the House and the Senate accountable for their actions, and the Trump administration as well. We have a detailed plan to do so, but we need your help to be successful.

Will you stand with us and help us with a financial contribution so we have the resources to hold the GOP accountable and fight for the rights of all marriage supporters?


  1. Conduct a strong public education campaign supporting NOM’s legal team as we prepare to file amicus briefs with the US Supreme Court in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, which holds the potential of achieving a sweeping Court ruling preventing government from targeting people for punishment because they hold fast to the natural, biblical understanding of marriage as one man and one woman…
  2. Hold the Republicans in Congress accountable, including demanding they introduce and move forward with the First Amendment Defense Act to provide protections for people of faith, and demand that GOP members feel the heat when they abandon us to vote for “transgender surgeries” and other policies that violate our values and defy common-sense. (See our petition below.)
  3. Organize tens of thousands of Americans to contact Attorney General Jeff Sessions to demand that the Trump administration move forward with a long-promised Executive Order to protect individuals, pastors, churches and nonprofit groups who believe in traditional marriage from punitive actions against them by the government.
  4. Highlight the utter hate that many on the left have for people who remain firm in their belief that marriage is as God created it – one man and one woman. This includes formally launching our First Freedom Initiative which, among other things, will highlight the animus and dangerous tactics of groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the grossly-misnamed Human Rights Campaign.

Combined, these four priorities form the backbone of NOM’s work this summer to protect marriage supporters. But to be successful on any one of these undertakings, let alone our full agenda, we need the strong support of every NOM supporter. Will you be with us?

Avoid Campaigner.com if you’re using a public record email list

So I posted earlier how on Sunday I logged into campaigner to find they said they’d received too many complaints and suspended us. So their resolution side reached out asking me about or list – I told them that:

a) Can Spam does not apply to political entities 

b) The relevant section of RI Law that says voter info is public information

c) The fact that when you get the list from the state – you’re paying for the medium and the time necessary to burn the list to disc, not the actual information on the disc. 

But Campaigner is based in Canada. And their internal regs say no purchased lists. And they have a weak understanding of U.S. Federal Law and State Law. 

I did reach out to Constant Contact – I know they’re more expensive but I did ask them the question – what is their view of a disc with public info about voters, including email addresses which the RI Central Voter Registration Database does. I recall I specified that when the discussions were going on. I’m awaiting an answer – it’s going to be about $70 per month more expensive but if they get back to me in writing saying using that list is fine, then they get our business. 

But I’m really disappointed in Campaigner.com

Their treatment of this issue is callous and bovine. Perhaps I should have been deceptive in answering their questions but then that wouldn’t have made it any better. So instead I’ll advise anyone running a political campaign – stay far, far away from Campaigner. Our experience with them was fraught with asinine stupidity – our first email blast was held for, and I kid you not ‘compliance’ issues. They couldn’t tell us what it was but they cleared it after a delay of 24 hours.

And what kicked off this Odyssey of cancellation of our account was the complaints. Before we go locked out I had downloaded the email addresses and names of those who complained. I’ve got to run a query against the database – I’ll bet a lot of them are Republicans. Not only that – they use AOL or Yahoo for email. I mean I would publish the list here so we could shame them but that’s pointless now. But still – this demonstrated that AOL users are think skinned and don’t belong on the net at all.



Pat Robertson goes off the deep end again

So most recently perennial crank Pat Robertson said:

Let me add my two cents if I may.

I’ve watched tons of horror in my lifetime. From SciFi horror to woo type horror and loved it all. Come on, who couldn’t enjoy the 80’s remake of The Fly, or maybe go back to the 1970’s with The Exorcist, all The Omen movies, Carrie, etc. My favorite of course is a tie between The Exorcist with sweet little Regan pulling mamas head toward her crotch comes out with “Lick me!” Plus the projectile vomiting and bed levitation was pretty impressive. And how that demon got killed was pretty cool too – a priest who’d lost his faith – well you have to watch to find out. The other tie is the Omen movies – watching little Damien the Devil grow up.

After all that  I can assure you I am not possessed by demons. I do have a wicked sense of humor though. I mean the real horror is Robertson and his ilk.

Shitty roads in Providence, RI

So today I did something I haven’t done in a long time, buzzed around the city of Providence proper from Federal Hill over to Cranston, and then from Cranston back to Charles St. in Providence and then North Main St. 

I notice something. The roads throughout this part of Providence are rutted and cratered. They need desperately to be repaved. 

But then I noted something, Charles St. is smooth as glass, so too North Main. What the bloody hell? Did it not snow there or has Federal Hill been mostly neglected for many years? I’d go with the latter. Oh sure, Broadway from Olneyville to the intercept with I-95 is all repaved. But all the secondary and side streets – it’s like a fucking lunar landscape. 

Now the street I live on, it was scheduled for repaving. Over a year ago. They went so far as to spray mark all the utilities underground and to put 2×4 protective rings around the trees that border the street. And then winter got here, all sorts of snow, no repave. 

I did see where someplace in Pennsylvania they leased a half dozen pot hole filling trucks for about $300K. Thing is the trucks are highly automated – they can patch a pothole in 30 seconds versus 30 minutes for the manual method. Well worth the $300K per year if you ask me. Find the money! 

And let’s do some math – say it takes 30 seconds to fill a pothole then a minute to drive to the next. So 1.5 minutes per pothole. 8 hour day has 480 minutes, divided by 1.5 is 320 potholes filled per day. This versus 30 minutes + a minute to get to next pothole, comes out to only 15.5 potholes filled. You see where I’m going here. With the automated rig you’d fill approximately 20 times more potholes per truck. A half dozen trucks would fill 1,920 potholes in a day. Even if you only use them for a month and it’s $300K it’s worth it. 

LOL – The NHTSA Finds Speeding an Issue on U.S. Roads

Now this is sort of funny to me. I’ll explain why:

First the speed limits on highways and secondary roadways are set ARTIFICIALLY LOW. Yes you hear me. Let’s address the highways first. Those highways were designed to accommodate speeds in excess of 70MPH.

And down at the very bottom of the article, the group most likely to speed is 16-20 year old, and I just bet they’re mostly male.

Here’s the thing – I’ve been licensed for 32 years. I’m told by friends that I am a very confident driver. And I do like speed. And I dare you to drive I-95 south once you get past the City of Providence – if you’re not doing at least 70MPH you’re going to have people on your bumper or worse.

And let’s face it – the 55PMH and 65MPH limits found in most states are stupid. I love how on Route 64 in North Carolina the speed limit is 70MPH now. So some states are bucking the assholery of the NHTSA and the like. Because artificially low speed limits are only revenue enhancers and nothing more.

And for that 16 to 20 age group – make them take more drivers ed hours. And just ask the military – they have simulators for everything. Maybe every state, every school has simulators that a student must log say 100 or 200 hours on before they’re granted a license.