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The Drunken Uncle Bryan Fischer is at it again

Homo Akbar indeed. Akbar if you’re interested was a Mughal Emperor. What Akbar  has to do with homosexuality I don’t know.

But the Drunken Uncle who has to keep saying more outrageous things in order to be heard at a party; and that is Bryan Fischer, had this to say:

Notice how the prick Fischer says that homosexual activists shut down the bakery. Again, no we did not. However Aaron Klein decided that he couldn’t stand the heat of being a bigot and shut the shop down voluntarily. The heat in this case was a state investigation because bigotry of the nature practiced by Klein is prohibited under law in Oregon.

It is interesting thought that Fischer seems to go off on increasingly incoherent rants, note above the reference to Homo Akbar, and then trying to paint the Klein’s as victims when the reality was that it was their own lack of understand of a public business and their idiotic religious beliefs that led to their ultimate demise.

And the whole god bothering to which Fischer subscribes, it’s all based on so much bovine effluent. I’ll give my standard retort here, go read Genesis Chapter 4. Then come back and explain to me where the people of Nod came from.


An interesting observation on telecom

Yesterday I had an interview and during it we got into an interesting discussion. We were talking about telecom and networking and were discussing the pitfalls of dealing with both Cox Communications and Verizon.

Ultimately I arrived at the conclusion that to get what you want out of both companies you have to actively MANAGE them.

Of course another story emerged and explains why Verizon services are so expensive. For one job Verizon had sent out five, count them five engineers. One of the engineers only responsibility was to determine the location of the jacks and terminations for the service. The others were for cabling, true engineering, etc.

Of course we also started talking about at&t/Lucent/Avaya (a/L/A) systems like the System 75, Definity and Prologix. I had mentioned that one of the techs from the above companies had given me the Craft Access password for the Avaya systems. The guy I was speaking to told me that because of a/l/A’s weak security policies they had over $300K in toll fraud on their system. They actually filed suit against a/L/A and lost. You just know that a/L/A had language in their contracts that protected them, right?

But a central premise came out – those a/L/A systems – they lasted forever. They’re still in use in the state of RI and will be for some time.

What the hell is going on in Florida

The reason I write this is because not only have these incidents been making the rounds on the web, but I have relatives in Florida. Perhaps they had better get active with putting the clamps on the pigs.

First we have a 14 year old holding a puppy being accosted and being put on the ground and in a choke hold by Miami-Dade police. The cops say they did it because the young man was giving them dehumanizing stares. I believe that’s scumbag cop speak for he looked at them the wrong way in their ever so sensitive view.

Then we have the two twelve year old kids whose school administrator is a brain dead dolt. The administrator called the cops on the kids. The cops of course determined there was nothing wrong and told the administrator so. But if I were the commissioner of police I’d make sure to bill the school for the wasted time. But the link I provided is from a law firm – I can imagine the civil suit against the school is going to smart.

And last but certainly not least is the trial of George Zimmerman, the man who MURDERED Trayvon Martin in cold blood. His attorneys are trying to portray Martin as a thug, not realizing of course that their client MURDERED an unarmed teenager.


Then w

The FCC wonders why cell 911 service borked in Boston

Doh! I was perusing some wordpress blogs and came across this:


In his final meeting at the Commission, the agency’s top regulator said the FCC would press forward with an examination of why wireless phones failed to operate in the wake of the bombing. Such a result is unacceptable, he said, given how essential it is for the public to access 911 during an emergency. “We will not let up as long as there is more to do to harness the technology,” he said.


This is why I say, it’s time to stop putting the lawyers in charge of the FCC and put the engineers and technical people in charge.

I can tell you why – it’s simple. A cell site can only handle so many calls at a time. A lot of them use variants of TDMA and CDMA which both have contention issues. TDMA because the number of time slots is fixed by physical realities, CDMA by the amount of bandwidth.

Even the ‘wired’ telephone network which more and more is becoming VoIP has contention issues. In a real emergency the switch fabric can only handle so many calls at once. When everyone picks up the phone it ties up the switch. Of course some people would get through, modern phone systems have these things called Class of Service(COS)  and Class of Restriction (COR). Entities with high COS and low COR get priority.

And ‘fixing’ this problem is likely to cost billions or trillions of dollars. You see, the limitations were a design choice in telecom switching, not a problem per se.

So really – maybe we should pass a law where half of the sitting commissioners are not attorneys but engineers and technical people. You wouldn’t need to have hearings to figure this crap out.


Help Cluck!

Go to their Indiegogo page and contribute. $1, $10, $1000 whatever you can to help.

What they got was what I consider a raw deal. Two abutting properties say they were never notified. But I call foul, I think they were and they just lied and said they weren’t. Whatever the case – we need to lean heavily on those who would try to stop it from opening.
I mean really – is this so harmful?

Or maybe this:



And I’m happy to report that the turnout today was impressive. I estimate at least 200 people, four police cruisers, Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, 13th Ward Councilman Bryan Principe, and 8th District Representative John J. Lombardi too.

And my favorite sign from the rally today:


If only because of the ST:TNG reference. LOL!

The height of injustice and stupidity in my neighborhood

So I hadn’t written much about it here. It started playing out on Facebook and I’ve been hearing about it from a friend and others on my daily commute.

There’s a new urban farm/garden store called Cluck! that was supposed to be opening. It’s fully stocked as you can see from my pictures over on the right side. I posted them to both flickr and Facebook with the tags “Injustice”, “Idiocy”, “What the Cluck!” and “Just Cluckin’ Around!”. I want them shared far and wide.

It’s ridiculous. The real story emerged however and my initial suspicion that the church had a bigger part was confirmed. They want to drive down the price of the property so they can use it to build an Amernian Heritage museum.

Kind of a dumb place to build one if you ask me. But alas, that’s the core.

The other parties involved are the same (Forgive me William Safire) nattering nabobs of negativity that halt progress everywhere.

As you can see from my flickr photos – it’s a gardening store. No livestock, only chicken feed. I suspect the name of the place, Cluck! got a lot of peoples feathers ruffled. There’s sort of a strong anti-chicken vibe in the city. But I’m told my city councilor Bryan Principe, State Rep. John J. Lombardi, and Senator Paul V. Jabour are supportive – if they’re really supportive their butts better be there tomorrow morning.

Anyhow there’s a demonstration going on there tomorrow morning at 9AM. I’ve baited all my friend on Facebook to be there. Get your ass there if you’re local. It’s on Broadway in Providence and you can’t miss it. It’s a bright green former gas station. And there will be a whole bunch of people there.


Autonomous Vehicles: Why do we keep playing the game

By game, I mean the fact that elements of autonomous vehicles are filtering into production vehicles right now. From parking assist to lane follow, collision avoidance, etc.

I know I’ve written about this before. But I’ve been watching a Misfits marathon on Hulu and the Ford commercials show off all sorts of nifty little adaptations from the full pallet of autonomous elements.

Then I’ve heard the asinine statements of Cadillac’s chief designer saying how Cadillac is pursuing all sorts of features, but that they want to leave control in the hands of the driver.

It’s ludicrous – more autonomous cars on the road would mean:

1) Fewer car accidents if not an absolute elimination of them as we reach 100% penetration of autonomous vehicles

2) Driving while impaired becomes a non-issue since the car itself cant’ get drunk.

3) Higher highway speeds since you can maintain closer follow distances under automated control than a human could ever possibly hope to achieve.

4) Other features of a fully autonomous vehicle. You could whistle up your car to come and get you. This would be useful in mall parking lots, etc.

5) Here’s a far fetched one but you could send the car out on errands. I can see whole new industries springing up around dry cleaning, take out food, etc.

It just makes sense to go whole hog. I know I’ve seen photos of laser scanners etc. integrated into vehicles. So why not just jump right in?

NOM: THe Big Mo

This is priceless. The folks at NOM step in it all the time, last time it was including the M4M phrase in a domain address. But now we have (warning, links directly to NOM):

I’m curious why Brian Brown would publish such a thing? But once again, NOM does we LGBT folks  a little solid.