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Support for Gay Marriage rises in black churches

This is very interesting.

‘The sharpest change has occurred among black Protestants, only 32% of whom favored same-sex marriage in our aggregated 2013 polling,’ Pew Research notes.

‘A survey we conducted last month found that figure has now risen to 43%,’ the organization continues.

The study also points to an uptick ‘among white mainline Protestants (from 55% in 2013 to 62% this year).’

I think it’s likely because they now suffer from cognitive dissonance. For the longest time pastors have been condemning gay people. But then the people in those churches see that close to half the U.S. now has marriage equality and the sky hasn’t fallen as predicted.

And the same is true in the white mainline Protestant sects.

In fact people in general are starting to wake up to the fact that religious leaders have used fear and hatred to try to propagate their agenda, but that agenda doesn’t necessarily jibe with the alleged teachings of the church, and people KNOW that.

I also see it as a function of the fact that we’re becoming a pretty literal society. That by itself is enough to demolish the religious pseudo-arguments.