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The Problem with U.S. Business Culture

So I was reading this article about Time Inc. It’s a fascinating romp through the history of the company and its magazines.

But once again it struck me – all the changes that happened since the 1960’s. The Internet is a big one, so too the rise of the MBA and Vulture capitalism. And certain other changes in society – we’ve become maleducated, less willing to peek behind the curtain of government and big business.

What really happened as a society we decided to accept that greed was good and that has resulted in corporate culture becoming stingier over time.

We lost our believe in the fact that our employers owe use more. I mean in my career I worked for one accounting firm that used to fly us out to Chicago, Dallas, etc. And maybe Bagel Friday. But really a trip to Hawaii would be so nice. Even when I worked for a certain InfoSec company I would hear tales that the when it was Verisign – a cash cow if there ever was one – one year the bonuses were so significant it allowed many people to pay off student loans, buy cars, etc.

When I think about it I’ve been on the edge of corporate largess for a decent part of my career. But it all changed. Now you barely get two or three weeks vacation. Sure they might have coffee pods or packets or free coca-cola, etc. Or even margueritas on Friday. But the culture of off the wall largess that’s gone.

In fact someone and I were talking – if we ever got the point where we get large and corporate – would we treat employees well. I can see me planning lavish parties and such just because – no particular holiday need apply.

And we need to counter the notion that “Greed is good”. Greed should be anathema to us. We should shame the 1% with vigor. Boo and hiss at them. Carry the pitchforks and torches to their door. Because if we fail to do that – it’s only going to get more insane, worse and we the working people are going to bear the brunt of that.

Cox incoming email down

So last night I noted Thunderbird kept telling me it couldn’t connect to Cox’s email server. Now I run a spam filter so I telneted to the spam filter and it responded. But then I tried initiating a POP3 session from the command line to Cox’s smtp.east.cox.net.  That failed spectacularly.

So now I know Cox proxies all web connection because I occasionally get a web pop-up stating they know about the issue and are working to resolve it.

I can give them a hint, ditch InterMail and go with Qmail.

This week in ludicrous land: Iran to cut off the internet

This does not bode well for the ‘government’ of Iran. I put the word government in quotes because a theocracy isn’t a government. Instead it is an affront to the citizens of Iran.

A bit more information from the linked article make it appear as though the ‘government’ of Iran is trying to protect its citizens by blocking sites like Google, Hotmail, and other mail provider services.

But then they forget, there is such a thing as satellite internet. Sure, the dish gives you away but if you have the cash you’ll do it. Besides, it looks like a DTV dish.

Information will still flow into Iran. And people there will find out what freedom really looks like, and the ‘government’ of Iran will see another Green Revolution.

You’d think perhaps the geniuses in the Iranian ‘government’ would have figured out that their tenuous grip on power gets ever thinner when they make moves like this.

To the people of Iran I wish you the freedom to pilot your own destiny not the joke you have as a ‘government’.