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Frontline: Bitter Rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia

So if you haven’t been hiding under a rock you have some awareness of two things.

First – Islam is split among two main lines – the Sunni and the Shia. And the kicker if you will is what the true difference is between those two groups. It’s the order of succession after the prophet back in the 7th century. Yeah – 14 centuries and they still can’t settle that difference.

And PBS Frontline is doing a nice job – showing that Iran and Saudi Arabia are fighting proxy wars in Syria, Yemen and of course the U.S. was in Iraq, Afghanistan. You get the idea.

I think I know why all this is happening. You see it wasn’t until pretty much modern times that sectarian violence erupted in the Middle East and Persia. I think the U.S. does in fact have blood on its hands as we’re the ones who supply Saudi Arabia with advanced weaponry and the House Of Saud has been beating the hell out of Yemen  – why – because there’s a Shia group there who poses a threat to access to the rest of the world should push come to shove.

But I think the ultimate battle whether they’re prepared or not will be Saudi Arabia vs. Iran. Why do I see that? Because the destruction and deaths will be such that OPEC would be shattered, that there won’t be any resistance throughout the Middle East, Persia et al. Just look at Syria and Yemen for crying out loud, they’ve essentially been bombed back into the stone age.

And what is the long view on this – so the U.S. and it’s pal the UK can send our corporations in there to run roughshod over what remains to extract the last bits of oil. That’s what is pushing sectarian violence ahead.

And if I can to my Muslim brothers and sisters – hash out the difference and learn to live with it. Because if you don’t you’re going to find yourselves pounding sand.

Bryan Fischer on the Iran Accord

This is interesting.

Fischer says that his puny god will bless those who defend Israel and curse those that don’t.

But I don’t think he gets it. Part of those very accords with Iran made by the U.S. and other countries is that Iran dismantle a lot of it’s nuclear program. So if anything this is a blessing to Israel because who do you think one of the first targets would be for Iranian weaponry if allowed to continue the Iranian nuclear program? Yes, Israel. So this definitely falls in the blessing category. It’s just the Bryan Fischer is too stupid, too hoodwinked to be able to see that.

This week in ludicrous land: Iran to cut off the internet

This does not bode well for the ‘government’ of Iran. I put the word government in quotes because a theocracy isn’t a government. Instead it is an affront to the citizens of Iran.

A bit more information from the linked article make it appear as though the ‘government’ of Iran is trying to protect its citizens by blocking sites like Google, Hotmail, and other mail provider services.

But then they forget, there is such a thing as satellite internet. Sure, the dish gives you away but if you have the cash you’ll do it. Besides, it looks like a DTV dish.

Information will still flow into Iran. And people there will find out what freedom really looks like, and the ‘government’ of Iran will see another Green Revolution.

You’d think perhaps the geniuses in the Iranian ‘government’ would have figured out that their tenuous grip on power gets ever thinner when they make moves like this.

To the people of Iran I wish you the freedom to pilot your own destiny not the joke you have as a ‘government’.

The folly of Usable Nukes

This is something everyone should watch. You can see that Bush administration has been steadily beating the Iran drum for several months now.

The only problem is that we don’t have the manpower to take Iran. So instead they’ll attempt to use small yield nuclear weapons. Former U.N. Inspector Scott Ritter asks you to choose which American city you want to see wiped out, because he says that if we go into Iran we’re just asking for it to happen.

We’re down to six more months of Bush & Co. Now more than ever we need to stop this despot from completely destroying the United States.

I ask again, why hasn’t he been impeached? Why? I’ve theorized on the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney which would make house speaker Nancy Pelosi president. I’ve also explained why I think she won’t do so.

But something has to be done. Congress has to grow a set and put the clamps on Bush.

Unbelievable! Even Iran is somewhat more enlightened than the U.S.

Found this when I signed into my Yahoo buzz account, Iran is vending condoms and syringes in Tehran.

This utterly shocks me. Here in the U.S. condoms are fairly easy to come by, they’ll be giving out a ton of them during Pride season for we gay people. But the thing that stunned me is the syringe vending.

You’ll never see that here in the United States. We are a country run by those in a small minority who wish us to suffer the consequences of our actions. We need to rise up and speak with one voice against such foolishness that the religious push forward.

You cannot for a moment tell me that we couldn’t put a serious dent in HIV infections in the U.S. if we openly offered syringes and condoms. But in the U.S. that phrase “The wages of sin are death.” rings forth from every Christian whack-job out there.

The costs would be minimal. It’s interesting that prophylactic measures are always less expensive than allowing disease to spread unchecked and then having to foot the bill to treat chronic diseases.

And we really don’t do the chronic so well in this country either. The pharmaceutical companies see to it that life saving drugs don’t come cheap.

It’s like something else I learned about. Did you know that if you suspect you might have been recently (Within a day or so) infected with HIV you could do a treatment called PEP. In essence it’s a high dosage anti-viral cocktail that if taken within 72 hours of exposure will pretty much stop HIV from taking hold in the human body. But not many people are made aware of this. Plus you know we now have HIV tests that take only 20 minutes, so there’s absolutely no reason why this epidemic should still be with us. I recall a comic who was HIV positive and one of his skits had something like “Oh AIDS, glad I got rid of that.” We’re on the doorstep here.

The side effects of PEP are nothing to take lightly, but if it means not being infected most people would probably opt to do it. It’s been used in the medical community for many years to treat accidental needle sticks etc. where the HIV status is either known or unknown.

But the pharmaceutical giants and the HMO’s would never really want this information to slip out.

Again, a prophylactic treatment would be less expensive than treating a chronic disease. Can’t argue the logic in that.

But in the end, Iran leads the way yet you’ve got George W. Bush rattling sabers against Iran. For all the bluster of their Imams and Ayatolahs, I have to give them credit for realizing the cost effectiveness of making condoms and syringes widely available.