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Frontline: Bitter Rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia

So if you haven’t been hiding under a rock you have some awareness of two things.

First – Islam is split among two main lines – the Sunni and the Shia. And the kicker if you will is what the true difference is between those two groups. It’s the order of succession after the prophet back in the 7th century. Yeah – 14 centuries and they still can’t settle that difference.

And PBS Frontline is doing a nice job – showing that Iran and Saudi Arabia are fighting proxy wars in Syria, Yemen and of course the U.S. was in Iraq, Afghanistan. You get the idea.

I think I know why all this is happening. You see it wasn’t until pretty much modern times that sectarian violence erupted in the Middle East and Persia. I think the U.S. does in fact have blood on its hands as we’re the ones who supply Saudi Arabia with advanced weaponry and the House Of Saud has been beating the hell out of Yemen  – why – because there’s a Shia group there who poses a threat to access to the rest of the world should push come to shove.

But I think the ultimate battle whether they’re prepared or not will be Saudi Arabia vs. Iran. Why do I see that? Because the destruction and deaths will be such that OPEC would be shattered, that there won’t be any resistance throughout the Middle East, Persia et al. Just look at Syria and Yemen for crying out loud, they’ve essentially been bombed back into the stone age.

And what is the long view on this – so the U.S. and it’s pal the UK can send our corporations in there to run roughshod over what remains to extract the last bits of oil. That’s what is pushing sectarian violence ahead.

And if I can to my Muslim brothers and sisters – hash out the difference and learn to live with it. Because if you don’t you’re going to find yourselves pounding sand.

And we think Islam has a lock on Crazy

Caught this one from my news feeds. Apparently ultra-orthodox Jews are enforcing a morality code in Israel.

You’d think they’d stop for a moment and realize that they were as bad as the morality squads in Iran or Saudi Arabia. But they didn’t. They looked in the book and decided to live based on life a few millennium ago. That book is an agenda, more so than we gay people ever had an agenda.

Need I mention the antics of the fundamentalist Christians here in the U.S.? We’ve got the Phelps clan, and numerous churches who risk their tax exempt status every day by entering the political fray. And it goes without saying that our politicians and the tax collectors very rarely enforce that rule.

But here we were thinking the Jews didn’t have their nut jobs too. I’d have expected this behavior from Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia, or the Shi’a in Iran and Iraq, but the Jews, come on. It’s the progenitor of all the monotheistic/Abrahamic faiths. I think that maybe they’re starting to import that special kind of religious fanaticism and craziness from the Muslims or more likely it’s the misfit syndrome. But more likely it’s just the rigid interpretation of the verse.

If you’ve ever read the Bible and most importantly the Pentateuch you come to a conclusion very quickly. If we had to live by the rules and regulations in the Bible we’re all pretty much rise up in revolt. Yet there are people out there who believe the Bible is the inerrant word of a god. Again, my opinion but that’s one conflicted god they have there.

Thinking further upon it religions are pretty much founded on that special brand of craziness. You know the one, it demands the utmost respect from believers and non-believers. It has a high sense of self esteem always touting it’s superiority over other religions and the people that practice them. It started with Judaism but then the misfits there couldn’t deal with it and so today you have reform, orthodox, and Jews for Jesus sects.

That wasn’t enough and you had one Jew by the name of Yeshua ben Joseph aka Jesus Christ and doesn’t it ring like Osama bin Laden? Yep, Semites, the lot of them. Let us not also forget that the image of Christ we see is most definitely wrong since he was a Semitic Jew. Probably had a little bit of a perma-tan and a schnoz.

Even today the Christian sects are amazing. We’ve got the general category of Protestants and under that you have Anglicans, Southern Baptists, and then further divisions like Assemblies of God, Disciples of Christ, et al. Then you have the Orthodox churches and dare I say it the Catholic church. I was born and raised Catholic but I shucked that off at an early age and haven’t looked back.

It is the misfits. All religion is started by misfits. Even abortive religions like the Nazi party. Tell me that Hitler the one balled paper hanger wasn’t a misfit.

I keep thinking about the story of Rudolph and the Land of the Misfit toys. And the song “Why am I such a Misfit” keeps running through my head. Because that is the definition of the religious. People who don’t fit in, those who think that some mystical sky fairy will provide for them. To me it is the worst form of abdication of personal responsibility. It’s also the very definition of insanity, repeating the same actions over and over again and expecting a different result.

The old order wouldn’t do, oh no. So a movement starts only we’re not sure how to sell it to the people. Do we make it sweetness and light (Christians) and then have it perverted because we neglected to excise the Old Testament? Or do we insist on an absolutist program like some of the Jews and Muslims? So many choices.

I like the ‘religion’ of secular humanism. Much more grounded in reality and the only time I want to beat someone it’s for boorish behavior.