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No Easter Celebration in this Atheist House

Instead I’ll just honor the pagans who the Christians stole and called Easter. In fact the Easter Bunny, the spring chickens, the egg hunts etc. are all stolen directly from pagan celebrations.

I’ll be doing lemon chicken a la America’s Test Kitchen. Interestingly they’re in the Seaport district of Boston – I know where it is. I worked two buildings down from them.

It’s just chicken parts, salt, pepper, flour on the chicken and then for the sauce some chicken stock, lemon juice, and lemon zest. Normal recipe calls for 2 cups of lemon juice, this on only calls for 1/4 cup plus a tablespoon of lemon zest.¬† I do love lemon chicken too. Add some capers and call it chicken picata.

In this episode they also did Chicken Marsala  Рnow I would need to go back to the supermarket to get the gelatin, the porcini mushsrooms, the brown mushrooms and the Marsala wine.

But I’ll do the lemon chicken first – got all the ingredients for the one. And it’s special in it’s own way. It comes from Rao’s Restaurant in NYC. And it’s adapted for the common kitchen. Nice job to the folks at America’s Test Kitchen.