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An exciting Sunday

So we had a nice breakfast – some nice Apple smoked bacon form Trader Joe’s, my special scrambled eggs, and some grill toasted french bread.

Then a realization was made, we don’t have any toilet paper or paper towels. That’s a crisis.

Booked a car for a couple hours and got to the car and realized I’d locked us out of the house. Hence the excitement.

But I’m the confident one – even at work they remark that I’m the most confident person leading I.T. they’ve ever had. And it carries into regular life. I’m pretty damned sure of myself. I’d have made a really good con artist but too much integrity for that. But Someone was getting nervous and I tried to re-assure him that we’d be in the house. If you’re reading this you can be certain we got into the house.

One of his worries is what if someone called the police. I had my ID on me that shows the same address. And knowing what I know the local  gendaremerie would have likely had assisted.

But you see I learned a few things way back when I worked at the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General vis a vis how to break into a home among MANY MANY other things.

And of course my lock pick kit was on the other side of the locked door. I suppose I should start carrying a rake and a torsion wrench with me at all times, and maybe a shallow pick. Never know when I might have to practice the art. But I digress.

What I learned was you can do all you want to secure a space, but there are always vulnerabilities. In my case the south facing dining room window – it was unlocked. And the screen window latches – all you had to do was push in the carrier rod and lift the screen, then the window. Had to swing the gate over, then boost myself up on that, through the window, after handing out the plants that reside in said window. Walked to the door grabbed my keys and then opened said door.

I did mention had that not worked, we’d have had to break some glass. Alas it didn’t come to that though.


Making the world a less safe place

Person by person. So at work today a representative for a company called Sherpaa was in. Nice guy – answered what questions I had. Stuff like is it secure, is there an Android app yet etc.

But I gave he and one of the HR people from the parent company some good advice. Told them I was waiting to be recruited by a three letter agency what with my computer, network, telecom, database and lock picking skills.

Well – the guy from Sherpaa was all over that. Went straight on Amazon and ordered a Goso 24 piece lock picking kit and practice lock.

It’s always nice to spread the ability to circumvent security.

Lock Picking Has Begun

So after doing the shopping today I had a small package waiting for me at the house. I opened it up and it was my Brockhage CLP10 clear practice padlock.


So I unpacked it, broke out the picking tools and picked the lock several times. Just used the small torsion wrench and the rake to do it. A light pressure and rake back and forth like so and POP! The lock opens. Wasn’t even really looking at the pin action – just focused on popping the lock and it opened.

So I’ll keep practicing until I can consistently pop the lock open without the keys. Next I want to dry a door lock as in those used on a house. I’ll attack one of the back door locks. Always good to know how to pick a lock. Never know when one might leave the keys in the house.

Then I’ll have to try car door locks. The big security issue in all locks of the most common type used on padlocks, lockers, houses, cars etc. is that there’s just enough slop on the lock mechanism so that you can exploit it and have the lock open in no time.