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Congratulations Minnesota!

Now the Senate has approved equality and it’s on to the Governor’s desk for signing into law. Marriage equality that is. The State of Minnesota becomes the 12th state in the nation, behind Rhode Island and Delaware in granting full equality to all it’s citizens in matters concerning marriage.

It’s a fascinating time. For example, I never thought we’d see equality come to Rhode Island but it did. And then Delaware and now Minnesota! Three states in ten days. How’s that for something that will leave the bigots smarting. And as well they should all have a major case of the sadz! I want to see Brian Brown with tears in his eyes because his bigoted view of the world is rapidly become archaic.


Congratulations Delaware

I see you now have marriage equality too. Isn’t it grand! The bigots tried to derail it and failed miserably.

So now you join #10 Rhode Island. Isn’t it fantastic being #11? Only 39 to go now.


Heap scorn and deliver a ration of shit to these senators in Rhode Island

The following Senators voted against SB38 – the Marriage Equality bill in Rhode Island:

Sen. Frank A. Ciccone, III – (D) Providence/North Providence


Senator Marc A. Cote – (D) North Smithfield, Woonsocket


Senator Louis P. DiPalma – (D) Little Compton, Middletown, Newport, Tiverton


Senator Walter S. Felag, Jr. – (D) Bristol, Tiverton, Warren


Sen. Frank S. Lombardi – (D) Cranston


Sen. Michael J. McCaffrey – (D) Warwick


Sen. Harold Metts – (D) Providence – Special Note: Metts is known as a religious crank in the Senate.


Sen. Edward J. O’Neill – (D) North Providence, North Smithfield, Lincoln


Sen. Roger A. Picard – (D) Cumberland, Woonsocket


Sen. Dominick J. Ruggerio – (D) Providence, North Providence


Sen. William A. Walaska – (D) Warwick


And last but certainly not least is Senate President M. Teresa Paiva-Weed (D) Newport, Jamestown. She deserves a lesser ration of crap because she did allow the bill to come to a vote. But just the same – lay it on!


With the RI Senate passage of Marriage Equality I wonder what the bigots think now

For instance, I did email my condolences to Christopher Plante, the head of the RI NOM. I was very nice about it, if maybe a little passive-aggressive but I couldn’t help myself.

And to Bishop Thomas Tobin – must suck to be him right now. His Catholic dogma doesn’t hold sway any longer.

And to his lackeys Rev. Bernard Healey and Rev. John Codega – they must be smarting a bit right now too. Good,

And to the various and sundry retards who testified AGAINST marriage equality, a great big FUCK YOU to all of them. It’s been a long ride and a lot of people deserve the utmost derision.

And Senate President M. Terese Paiva-Weed – she actually allowed the bill to come to a vote. Interesting, I wonder what House Speaker Gordon Fox held over her head in order for her to even let it come to a vote? I’ve long advocated he play hardball with her until she came correct. But alas, even though she allowed the vote she still voted against it so deserves a proper ration of shit for that.

All in all, it took longer than I expected but RI will have true equality in marriage. And the bigots can’t say a damned thing about it now, except to cry over their breakfast toast. I’m waiting to see the photo of NOM’s Brian Brown with tears in his eyes.

RI Senate votes yes on Marriage Equality

About damned time! The vote was 26-12.  We won, the bigots can suck it! I hope Christopher Plante doesn’t cry in his corn flakes. And I cannot wait to see Brian Brown in tears again.

It’s the juggernaut now. RI makes ten states – last in New England of course but recall, RI was the last to ratify the Federal Constitution too.

I’m very happy about this. At last. At long last.

Marrige Equality Passes RI Senate Judiciary Committee 7-4

Definitely closer than I’d have expected but there are some well known bigots on that committee. Now let’s see if the body is allowed to vote on it.

It sort of surprises me – because based on all past evidence we had some really obstinate fuckers in the Senate. But several of their tunes have changed in the past year. I think a lot of it has to do with the environment on the national level. The President and Vice President coming out in support didn’t hurt the cause any and I’d heard that a lot of legislators were finally tired of the fight and that they’d heard from so many constituents in support that they changed their mind and voted it.

I know, my state Senator Paul V. Jabour delivered a rather interesting anti-equality screed at a WBNA Meet the Candidates night. But during his speech he said that if his constituents wanted it, he’d vote in favor. And lo and behold – I made sure his constituents called him – posted his contact info everywhere and that video everywhere.

63% in favor, 36% opposed.

If we just look at it from the committee level – and try to extrapolate we have more then 50% in the senate as a whole. So if Senate President M. Therese Paiva-Weed lets this come to a vote we’re green light all the way as Governor Lincoln Chafee is on board too!


What is Rhode Islanders United for Marriage doing?

So I get email updates from them. Always good to know what they’re up to.

At this point in the game they’re doing everything you’d do if you were running for office including phone banking and canvassing.

But I’m going to make the point that it’s all for naught. That they’re doing it WRONG. At this juncture we already had 72% of the membership of the house vote in the affirmative for marriage equality.

But we have a reluctant and I would say openly hostile Senate. It’s mostly the key membership blocking this, perhaps a half dozen people.

They’ve grown deaf to the calls, emails etc. from their constituents regarding this issue. No amount of close personal contact is going to change it.

Instead we need to now move into a activist phase. Picket the places of business of those Senators, picket their homes if necessary. Let them know we’re going to hold their feet to the fire. Then you’ll get marriage equality in Rhode Island.

But alas, I suspect the way we’ll get it is via the Prop 8 case. We’re one of the eight states

How I think RI will get marriage equality

I see that the RI Senate committee may take this up on the 11th. But I suspect as they have done over time, is to table the bill.

I’m following the Prop 8 trial and one thing floated about is the so called 8 State solution. In essence the states that allow civil unions and domestic partnerships.

And guess what state is in that group. Yes, Rhode Island. So our Senate here in RI will do the chickenshit thing and just table it.

I’ve long said it would be via judiciary relief and not by act of our legislators. Most of them with the house now firmly excluded, so I’m looking at the senate, are still religious fundamentalists who are at the beck and call of the Bishop.

President Obama says Heightened Scrutiny should be used

In addition to a lot more.

This an historic moment, one I never thought I’d see. But recall President Obama on the campaign trail in 2008 saying and I quote that he would be out ‘fierce advocate’. And I’ll be damned if he hasn’t lived up to it.

Even in the video he makes the case that if they strike down Prop 8 and DOMA – then none of the other bans and amendments should no longer be able to withstand that heightened scrutiny.

It’s remarkable. The Supreme Court despite what they say does not live in a news vacuum. And the Obama Administration has been on our side with this through DOJ, Solicitor General, etc. It’s going to be an interesting spring and I suspect that the gay pride celebrations this year just might be the barn burners if in fact the court rules as I believe they might.