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President Obama to have lunch with Mitt Romney

This popped up on Huffington Post today.

On the one hand, I find this to be very gracious on the part of the President to even give Mitt Romney a hearing.

Do you really think Willard Mitt Romney can add anything to the political reality in the United States? I don’t. Romney offered no new ideas to move us forward as a nation. So the reality of course is that this is purely symbolic.

Though I would like to be a fly on the wall for this lunch meeting. There won’t be any press allowed which I find really interesting. Perhaps Mitt Romney will me marched out in cuffs and sent to Guantanamo? Nah, that’s just fantasy on my part.

Romey’s M^3 Problem

M^3 expands to Mormonism, Money, and Massachusetts.

His Mormon faith is a liability for several reasons. The first of which is that evangelical Christians don’t trust Mormons at all. In fact many will probably sit the election out just because they know Mormon theology is a false religion. The other liability is the Mormon faith itself. It’s bat-shit crazy.

The money thing is something else entirely. Romney or Rmoney as we shall call him from here on in is a rich man who is out of touch with the remaining middle class who are smart enough to know that if Rmoney gets the Presidency there isn’t going to be a middle class anymore.

I mean – Rmoney is a guy who spends $70,000 on his horse for what is called a horse prom. That’s a one shot expenditure – when the average wage in the U.S. hovers under $50,000 a year. Anyone who has the money to put up that much to send a horse to what is essentially a prom does not deserve the office.

And then there is Massachusetts, otherwise known as the blueprint for the Affordable Care Act also known by the Tea Bagger complement as Obamacare. Yep – the individual mandate was in Massachusetts first – something that happened under Rmoney’s tenure as Governor of Massachusetts.

He’s got some serious electoral problems. And think about it, we’re now exactly three months out give or take. I doubt he’ll get any mojo from this point on as the Obama campaign is just hammering him as an out of touch elitist. And that is precisely what Rmoney is, an elitist.

Some soothsaying on national politics

I’ve been following the news stories regarding Newt Gingrich (Hence soothsaying), Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry with some interest.

Because I think all of them have flaws that if the DNC and the President run with them doom any chances of their ever being President.

Gingrich for example has proposed putting kids to work as janitors in schools. That’s pretty egregious for a country that loves it’s kids.

Then of course we have Rick Perry and his anti-gay screed. That just doesn’t play like it used to back in 2004 Ricky Boy. And not for anything, Rick Perry is, to put it succinctly, an idiot. Those ‘jobs’ in Texas? Mostly low paying temporary positions. And Perry’s associates are highly disturbing, from whack job Pastors to big oil.

Now Romney – we were discussing him at work the other day. First of all there’s that suspicion that he’s more loyal to the Mormon church than he would be to we the people. And then there’s that magic underwear bit.

Plus Romney has the baggage of acting rather liberal in the overhaul of health care in Massachusetts while he was governor. It appears he can’t decide if he is liberal or conservative, he flip-flops with a regularity accurate enough to act as something to which to synchronize a clock.

In essence Romney is always after being something, be it Governor, President, all for the greater glory of himself and his church. Need we forget Romney’s claim to fame was doing leveraged buyouts of companies and flushing out the workers.

With this in mind I suspect that President Obama has a pretty good chance of getting a second term.

I also see the bloom coming off the rose with regard to the Tea Baggers. Yes, I will never stop calling them that. It is a summary of the bat shit insanity of the group.

You have Elizabeth Warren opening up a very strong lead against Scott Brown in Massachusetts, and we’re seeing some good challenges to the Tea Baggers elsewhere too.

I think we’ve all had quite enough of the obstructionism of the Republican/Tea Bagger alliance.

So check back in a year and see if I was right.