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Movie Review: Second Skin

Let me first say it isn’t a bad movie, and Jeebus love the Europeans for not thinking male nudity is something for which one should be ashamed.

That said, I found it a little formulaic. E.g. married guy starts an affair with another guy. Wife finds tantalizing clues but doesn’t make connection that her man is having an affair with another hombre.

Then her man forgets his cellphone at home one day. She starts going through voice mails only to discover her mans male lover has left a message. I have one question, what idiot doesn’t password protect his cellphone voicemail? Wait, wait. I know some carriers that use the Caller ID (CLID)to authenticate. It’s how my friend was able to check up on her man because she was able to spoof the CLID (With my help of course!)

Wife confronts husband. Husband confronts lover. On again, off again, on again.

Love btw is a surgeon which tips the plot about 20 or so minutes into the movie.

We see the scene where people have moved on. Hubbie separates from Wifey, tries to glom onto loverboy. Loverboy isn’t having it so hubby being his juvenile self (I know that feeling well!) speeds off on motorcycle, sans helmet. Next you hear a crash and there’s loverboy mouth agape. Then the obligatory hospital scene, and finally the funeral.

Sorry if I spoiled it for you. But it follows the typical gay movie plan. The protagonist dies at the end.