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Food Porn Time Again

So I follow The Joy of Baking on YouTube. A while back she’d posted this recipe. I made it and they came out well though the potato didn’t brown as well as in the video below. Might be the Trader Joe’s potatoes.

So now I made them again – this time a bit more butter in the potatoes and they brown beautifully. And this time around I used a mushroom/onion/garlic/sausage stuffing instead of peppers, onions, ham. And I didn’t use grated cheese – instead I used cheddar.

They look like this from the side. Pure deliciousness. I’m serious – make them for yourself and let me know how you like them.


I love how you can see the cracked salt and pepper in the photo. Plus that golden ring and the lightly browned potatoes. And the yolk mixed into the stuffing plus the yolks being left a bit on the runny side when the eggs set on top. Oh it’s delicious.