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Getting ready to laugh at the chicken littles

By Chicken Littles I mean the people who think that when the current Mayan Epoch ends on Dec. 21, 2012 that the world will also end.

I’ve written before about end times prophesy and how it’s always been wrong. Sure, some day it’ll be right because even a stopped clock is right twice a day, assuming you have an analog clock left in your home.

So come Dec. 22, 2012 when the Earth is still going about it’s business of spinning around on it’s axis, and gradually precessing so that we in the northern hemisphere enter Winter, while those in the southern hemisphere enter Summer! I want to make enough money so that I can constantly follow summer. Yes, that is how much I hate winter.  And the Earth will still be going about it’s cycle around the sun, much to the dismay of the Catholic Hierarchy back around the 16th Century.

And there will be a whole bunch of people with the proverbial egg on their face! And I shall preemptively laugh at them. Suckers!

The Frankenstorm so far

So it’s coming up on 18:00 hours – for you 24 hour challenged types that’s 6:00PM.

In Providence the wind is picking up – with brief gusts that make it hard to walk but not too bad.

I do know a few things from venturing out on foot though.

RIPTA stopped running at noontime. Way to strand people!

I don’t see ANY police cruisers on the road. In fact there’s very little traffic.

The Woonasquatucket River is rising – but it’s got about four feet or so to go before it overflows it’s banks. And we’re seriously UPHILL from that river so I don’t worry too much.

The power is still on. I doubt it’ll go out – because we never lose power due to weather events, instead we lose power due to National Grid’s little fuck ups.

The only flooding is due to the storm drains being plugged with leaves. I note that after last year I had commented to my city councilor that they should wait until all the leaves fall before they muck out the drains. I think that got the attention of a few people. Good – wait until it all falls down.

And the flooding I speak of is mostly puddles.