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The Republican Fiscal Conservative Myth

I’d first direct your attention to this graph which shows spending under the various presidents. One clear trend is that under George W. Bush we see profligate spending that dwarfs even that of Ronald Reagan which is saying something.

Spending Graph

In that spending is the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan. And tell me, why are we still in Afghanistan if we can’t find Osama Bin Laden? I’d lay odds that Bin Laden is living the good life somewhere. His only requirement is to release an audio tape of his threats to keep things lively.

If you’ve read this blog you know what I’d like to do. Just take $100 Billion of the military budget and put it into energy research. That’s all.

But we’ve had seven plus years of the neocon agenda and it should be pretty clear to everyone that it wasn’t in our best interest. Sure there are those thick headed individuals like the letter to the editor writer who insists that Bush is doing a good job. I keep wondering how long he’s had his own head up his ass because it’s impossible not to have heard anything about how badly the Iraq war is going.

But in the end, we do better with Democratic leadership than we do with Republican.