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They aren’t just doing this because of their faith

This might seem explosive to some but it doesn’t surprise me. It fits with the Modus Operandi of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). They have been phenomenal at extracting dollars for the purposes of bribes, political campaigns and the like, even if it is from a small core of donors.

Bishop Harry Jackson has profited from his affiliation with NOM to the tune of 20 large aka $20,000.

I think this just exposes the hypocrisy of these so called pastors, preachers and bishops. They aren’t in it to save souls, they’re in it to enrich themselves. There’s no question of that.

I say it’s time we go after NOM’s donors – the big ones at least. Hit them where it hurts most, in their treasuries.

A thorough debunk of the Regnerus ‘study’

I’ll let you read it. This needs to be shared far and wide – to everyone you know.

Because it is a classic debunking of NOM’s subterfuge. The bigots at NOM got caught with their pants down when the memo surface a while back. You know the memo that said drive a wedge between the LGBT and African-American communities, and to find people with professional credence to help propel their cause.

And what do you know, they found a University of Texas professor by the name of Mark Regnerus. I’m sorry but with such a sloppy sociological study why is Regnerus still employed by UT? He should be bounced out post haste.

But the truth comes out, Regnerus is of course a fucking Catholic. That seems to be the core of NOM’s existence, Catholicism.

Or more to the point fundamentalist Catholicism. I don’t know where these people got their training in Catholicism. But I can tell you as a product of twelve years of Catholic schools, I have a rather different view of the whole thing, enough so I can go head to head with most priests on matters of dogma.

Maybe it’s because I was in while the effects of Vatican II were still being felt, before that mutt Pope John Paul II decided to evangelize the church and scrap the progressive reforms of Vatican II.

But my point is, we now know our enemy, it is the Roman Catholic Church. So what are we going to do?

NOM: THe Big Mo

This is priceless. The folks at NOM step in it all the time, last time it was including the M4M phrase in a domain address. But now we have (warning, links directly to NOM):

I’m curious why Brian Brown would publish such a thing? But once again, NOM does we LGBT folksĀ  a little solid.


NOM is in trouble

So I’ve been surfing around this morning and it seems even Brian S. Brown’s twitter account has been compromised.

I’ll tell you something I know about account authentication.

Human nature abhors trying to remember a bunch of different passwords. So what people do is either:

a) Use the same password everywhere
b) Use a munged version of the password by substitution.
c) Or use something so obscure, so impossible to remember normally. But points a & b are used.
d) Password retention policies are weak in most organizations.
e) Even in organizations that enforce password policies, they have to really enforce complete randomization else people will simply change one element of the password and use that as their new password.

What this tells me is that not only were NOM’s social media sites hacked, but that the person or group is running wild inside NOM’s infrastructure.

At this point in the game I’m doubtful that there will be any stunning revelations from NOM’s documentation. We’ve already seen their donors, seen their stunning strategy documents. But expect a dump of private emails, and other sundry of that nature.

And NOM can change all the passwords they want to change, but if the hackers who did this are worth their salt, there are backdoors installed on NOM’s systems.

I knew this would eventually happen. There are a hell of a lot of I.T. type folks who also happen to be LGBT and NOM’s actions get them plenty pissed off about things, pissed off enough to do something about it. And clearly someone or a group has had enough of NOM.

NOM is losing and they know it

I’m always interested to see how far down the path the National Organization for Marriage is going. There is the obvious oxymoron; if they were for marriage would they be saying such patently false, hurtful and ludicrous things to repress and dismantle LGBT marriage rights.

And now NOM is showing their true colors. Their President, Brian Brown (I left out Pumpkin Face for the moment) is now linking homosexuality to pedophilia. I hate to link to their site and if you want to read the whole stinking mess follow this link.

Here’s his attempt to link the acceptance of gay marriage to the acceptance of pedophilia. He’s using the slippery slope argument here:


When you knock over a core pillar of society like marriage, and then try to redefine Biblical views of marriage as bigotry, there will be consequences. Will one of the consequences be a serious push to normalize pedophilia?

The Daily Caller raised the question by pointing us all to a high-level academic conference in Baltimore this week, “Pedophilia: Minor-Attracted Persons and the DSM: Issues and Controversies.”

The DSM is the diagnostic manual that defines mental illness. You probably recall that a key moment in the gay rights campaign was the 1973 decision by the American Psychiatric Association, the organization that produces the DSM, to remove homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses.

How do I explain this, we’re not asking to knock down a core pillar of society, but trying to enhance and improve it, to make it stronger not weaken it by creating a second class of citizens.

Brown tips his hand when he mentions the Biblical views. Hate to tell him but marriage even pre-dates the Bible, and I’m talking the Old Testament or Pentateuch. What of the Babylonians before them, or the Pagans? As usual, Brown commits the sin of omission when he says things like this.

Interesting that he now enumerates one of the feared ‘consequences’ of marriage equality as being an increased acceptance for other stigmatized practices that society frowns upon. But greater society is coming to the realization that they an no longer frown upon the LGBT community.

The words of Brian Brown only serve one purpose, to fan the flames of anti LGBT sentiments. Hate to break it to you Pumpkin Face, but somewhere out there is a mentally unbalanced moron who will hear your words and act upon them, either seriously wounding a member of the LGBT community, or killing them all because they read your disgusting twaddle on your ‘blog’.

The point is, the bigotry of NOM is becoming plainly evident as time progresses and they realize that they are on the losing side of history. So they’ll start showing their true motivation. If for example Mr. Brown wants us to adhere to Biblical standards, I say he should read the damned book first.

Because like it or not, NOM is losing.

NOM’s RI Ad: Dead wrong as usual

Watch the ad and then I’ll pick it apart.

I note NOM has blocked me from commenting on their YouTube videos. A pity so now I’ll just call them out on the blog, and email them to Maggie Gallagher.

Ok, here’s the pick-apart:

NOM is playing apples to oranges here. Not only are they comparing the gubernatorial race to the lieutenant gubernatorial race, but they completely discount one little fact when they say Governor Chafee doesn’t have a mandate.

There were SEVEN candidates for governor. So NOM had more than enough opportunity to field candidates, I don’t know why they are crying about this now. And as to the Lieutenant Governor’s race, Elizabeth Roberts won re-election by 54.5%.

NOM is dead wrong. Even their assertion that 80% of RI’ers want this on the ballot. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I got the survey call on this performed by Quest Research. They’re a local polling company. It’s a company that still uses an @verizon.net email address, how much more fly-by-night could you get when it’s $5 to $6 a month to host your own domain. The owner is a man by the name of Victor Profughi. Mr. Profughi holds a Phd in political science.

Anyhow here’s some interesting reading about the studies (Multiples) conducted by Profughi and Quest Research:

It turns out that the polls in question were commissioned by NOM-RI, the group opposing same-sex marriage. Christopher C. Plante, the group’s executive director, said there were three surveys done by Quest Research, which is based in Rhode Island.

I joked that the 80 was a transposition error. But the questions are in fact loaded to the gills. A loaded question leads the respondent to answer in the way in which the pollster wants them to answer.

Most people are dumb-fuck ignorant about what it takes to get a question on the ballot here in RI. We don’t have citizen initiative here which I consider a blessing as we’ve seen the idiocy of the citizen initiative process in both California and New Hampshire.

But the smoking gun is who sponsored the surveys. It was Christopher Plante of NOM that did so. Now if Profughi and Co. had just gone out and surveyed for the hell of it, they’d probably do a sample size a little more than 400 people. But that’s all that answered the ‘survey’. I think they made some extrapolation errors too. I also believe that of the 400, about 399 came from NOM’s mailing list in the state.

So NOM is totally off base with this ad. But do contact the Governors office at 401-222-2080, the Speaker’s office at 401-222-2447 (He shares this line with Majority Leader Matiello.) and the Senate President’s office at 401-222-6655. You can also email the Speaker as rep-fox@rilin.state.ri.us and the Senate President at sen-paivaweed@rilin.state.ri.us

Let them know that as usual, NOM is full of shit.

NOM Blog calls the SPLC rating an “absurd distraction”

If one wants to talk about the absurd, perhaps we should talk about NOM a bit.

Here is the comment I posted on that NOM Blog. I wonder how long it’ll stay up but I’ve already replicated it across facebook and here on my blog:

It irks me that I have to state the obvious; but you are a HATE Group. SPLC is just giving you enough rope to hang yourself.

You just don’t understand that civil rights cut both ways. It allows you to spout your religious bovine effluent that influences your views, and it allows me to marry the person of my choice. Pretty simple in a civil society. The thing is, you want an unbalanced society where the rights of one group trump those of another.

But I’ve noted NOM’s central tenet is the children. All of you at NOM are fearful that if kids find out that there are in fact gay people around and that those gay people are really no different other than who they love, that we LGBT people will become more acceptable.

You abhor that fact so much that you’ll all make the most ridiculous statements concerning the consequences for the children but yet you won’t address Maggie Gallagher having a child out of wedlock, or better yet that you will not comment on childless couples be it age or other.

It shows your hypocrisy regarding marriage and children. In essence it boils to the fact that you HATE LGBT people. That’s right you hate us. You can put on your smarmy sweet smile and offer us drinks on a hot summer day, but at the base of it all, you’re all haters. Every last one of you.

And yes, I did call out Gallagher on her child out of wedlock. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Fuck you Brian Brown

I mean it, fuck you and your little dog Christopher Plante too. Saying that economic issues trump civil rights issues, really???

You can listen to Brown and Plante wax on about the children, and about how our rights aren’t an issue. I seem to recall hearing the same from openly gay Speaker of the House in RI, Gordon Fox that civil rights were trumped by the states economic crisis.

Civil rights should NEVER be put to a vote. Ever. If in fact we could we’d see things against gay people, immigrants etc.

I am tired of the shit put forth by NOM and other groups like the AFA and FRC. I want us to raise enough money so that we can shout down these bigots. I’d love for a group to have the money to dog NOM’s little bigot bus with own buses that put forth true equality.

As to changing RI’s constitution, good fucking luck! It’s a very elaborate process that makes it deliberately difficult to get a ballot measure up let alone a vote to repeal our rights.

As to the African American community overwhelmingly against gay marriage is bullshit. How do I know? Because my SO is black. His family accepts me as one of their own. Imagine that. In their eyes we are already married.

It’s the African American pastors like that idiot Bishop Harry Jackson in DC spouting on about it. To him I’d say don’t you have anything better to rail against when there is still rampant discrimination against people of color in this country.

And Chris Plante – if you didn’t use fear tactics in your campaigns against the LGBT community maybe your measures wouldn’t have so easily passed. And the margins with which you got your agenda forward, well lets just say it’s statistically very interesting.

Consider the confusion on Prop 8 in California. Same in Maine. It makes me so happy that putting up a ballot issue is incredibly difficult here in RI.

And another note, the callers in support of the NOM position were interesting. You could tell which side they were on when they opened their mouth for the first time. It’s amazing how easy it is to spot the bigots.

And while I’m on a tear, the name of the group NOM expands to the National Organization FOR Marriage. But yet they’re against giving the right of marriage to LGBT people. Completely oxymoronic.

Prop 8 Appeal to be Webcast: And Maggie Gallagher gets her panties in a bunch

gallagher in the crosshairs
gallagher in the crosshairs

Apparently Judge Vaughn has decided to webcast the proceedings of the Prop 8 appeal via the court’s YouTube channel.

Here’s the test of the system they’re using to switch off microphones or cameras if a witness doesn’t wish to be recorded:

And of course, Maggie “The Loathsome” Gallagher is already crying foul about it.

I’d like to pick apart a few things in Loathsome Gallagher’s article.

To deliberately and needlessly expose these people to a new wave of publicity and attacks by televising the trial is outrageous.

She need not worry. As evidenced in the above video, they can turn cameras and microphones on and off at will. So the bigots can remain under cover so to speak.

Prior to that quote above, Gallagher pulled this from the fun folks at the Heritage Foundation:

But this is no ordinary trial. This is a trial in a case where thousands of ordinary citizens have already faced a wave of hatred for participating in democracy. On Oct. 22, the Heritage Foundation released a report titled “The Price of Prop. 8,” which concluded that “supporters of Proposition 8 in California have been subjected to harassment, intimidation, vandalism, racial scapegoating, blacklisting, loss of employment, economic hardships, angry protests, violence, at least one death threat, and gross expressions of anti-religious bigotry.”

I must first make it clear, the people who supported such a discriminatory measure as Prop 8, or Question 1 in Maine, deserve my hatred, my ridicule and my scorn for they are bigots. It is one thing to personally dislike the fact that gay people can marry, it is entirely another when you sign your name to a petition, donate money, or allow usage of your visage in ads for the opposition.

Those who did the above acts need to understand then when one signs a petition or donates money, we all have the RIGHT to know that they did so. It’s all under the public records doctrine.

However I feel I must tell Loathsome Gallagher something: While your side suffers those slings and arrows, we gay people have experienced the exact same thing from bigots like you and your ilk. Regarding the death threat, I suspect that one is simply wishful thinking, a tempest in a teapot if you will, whereas we gay people have been murdered for even looking like we’re gay. When is the last time a religious bigot suffered that fate?

Maybe it’s because I surround myself with educated people. That’s right Maggie, educated. Your only claim to fame is that you’ve written as a family policy expert, I think Goebbels would be proud of you, repeat the same lie over and over again and it becomes the truth or at least so it is in your mind.

But so long as I’m around, I’m not going to let you get away with it.

Some nicknames for the marriage opponents

The latest is Maggie Gallagher crowing about the ‘victory’ in Maine. I hate to remind her that a 5.5% margin isn’t a mandate.

And in the above video we see The Loathesome One looking doughy while spouting insincere statements. What she and her ilk really want is to see gay people driven back into the closet. And for that I say it loud and clear:

Fuck you Maggie Gallagher. Fuck you until the cows come home. Fuck you until we have full marriage equality in the United States. Because to deny us equality is to violate our Constitutional rights on both the federal and state levels.

And with that in mind I unveil my nicknames for the NOM’ers that I know.

I hereby dub Maggie Gallagher as Maggie “The Loathesome” Gallagher.

I hereby dub Brian Brown as Brian “Pumpkin Face” Brown.

I hereby dub Christopher Plante of NOM RI as Christopher “The Whore Plante”

So from this point forward if you here me reference Her Loathesomeness I’m referring to Gallagher. If I say Punin’ Face it’s Brown, and the Whore is Plante. Got that?