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Why I believe North Korea is doomed

It can be summed up just in this image, it’s a nighttime shot of North and South Korea. North is obviously at the top of the frame. Notice it’s completely dark.


And note also that South Korea is  brightly lit.

And I’ll add more – despite the saber rattling coming from both the U.S. and North Korea, the latter is no closer to getting an ICBM to reach the United States. I’ll explain why. First it’s not in China’s best interest to have a nuclear North Korea. Second there has been what is referred to as a brain drain from North Korea into South Korea and into China over the past few decades. What’s left is a country of 25 million people, mostly impoverished. And then to it’s south is of course a population of 50 million. And it’s main perceived enemy the U.S is 330 million. You get the point here.

And it’s a twisted culture in North Korea. For example earlier today I saw a video of some North Korean defectors – and the story they tell is astounding.

First the indoctrination that the U.S. is in my words the great Satan starts in Kindergarten. Then at age 15 everyone is supposed to join the North Korean armed forces.

But then they mention they’ve seen western movies like Titanic, Die Hard, etc. And when UN aid has been sent into North Korea the bags of food all have U.S. Flags on them, and say U.S.A.

But they didn’t know what U.S.A. was – one kid mentioned he wore a t-shirt to school with U.S.A. on it, nobody knew what it stood for until an administrator forced him to take it off.

So basically North Korea is doomed. Couldn’t happen to a less likable dictatorship. And it also tells me we have nothing to worry about from North Korea and that prior the election of the Orange Goblin we were taking the right course – sending aid when needed.


The Interview – not too bad

So as you may be aware the movie The Interview is making it’s rounds on the web. You can watch it here for free or catch it on YouTube for $5.99.

I cannot understand why Sony didn’t just release the movie. It’s pretty funny. A bit heavy on the ass play but hey, it’s James Franco and Seth Rogen so you’d expect that kind of stuff.

The part where Skylark gets Kim Jong Un to cry and then shit his pants is priceless. And then when Skylark finally does Kim Jon Un in with a salvo from a tank – it’s priceless too.