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An Obama poll with a slant to it

I noticed this test for your compatibility with Obama’s plans from a OneNewsNow (They’re an AFA sponsored site) email. I get the emails because I think it’s always good to know what your enemies are up to.

For the most part I agree with the Obama plank. Where I diverge is in the areas of taxation, abortion and gun rights. But I notice the questions in those sections are quite literally loaded. There is one about abortion that really made me think.

Should a doctor save a fetus that survives an abortion procedure? If you know the procedures used I said sure, if you can but the likelyhood of that event happening with modern techniques is pretty much zero. And even if you did use heroic measures to save the fetus, the probability that the fetus would then survive for more than a certain period is remarkably decreased.

It isn’t worth it.

As far as the taxation, because I am an S-Chapter business owner I can actually say I don’t want to see the taxes go up on small business. Small business are the ones who can least afford the tax. Go after the big business and then we’re talking.

The gun questions were interesting too. One says Obama wants to increase the tax on ammunition over 500%. This is a bit misleading because they don’t elaborate on the current tax amount. Lets say the current tax is 5 cents per round, a 500% increase would boost it to 25 cents. So yes it’s 500% but it’s only a 20 cent increase.

And I’ll freely admit it. I’m a bit of a gun nut. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have 30 weapons but I have just enough and feel it is nobodies right to tell me how much is enough. Matter of fact I’m thinking of purchasing a Glock 34. It’s a 9mm but I also want to get a .45ACP. Not sure what vendor I’ll buy it from yet.

So the survey of course takes advantage of that fact. Even then I still agree with the Obama platform for about 90% of the items.

Take the test and post your thoughts in the comments. I’ll be interested to see where people land.

The whole Obama v. McCain thing

It’s getting into the ridiculous category now. McCain is just making a complete and utter ass of himself with his stupid attacks on Obama.

And I’m happy that Obama is firing it right back at McCain.

Interestingly I’ve read a number of screeds from people who say Obama is too serious. Damn it that is what I want in a president, someone who IS serious about the job before him/her. And someone who is more serious about helping people than lining the pockets of his donors, since McSame’s energy plan is to quote Obama “…an early Christmas for the oil and gas industry.” to the tune of $4 Billion, not a bad payoff for investing $20 Million in the McSame campaign.

I am nerdier than 99% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

And as to my Nerd Score, like this is a surprise? I’m one point from being a god. Imagine that.

McCain hates Bloggers

Wow, I’m surprised I didn’t come upon this earlier. McSame doesn’t like bloggers because we talk about the things he doesn’t want people to know about.

You know, things like his failure to pay the taxes on one of his California homes. Perhaps its the fact that he hasn’t pumped gas into a car in at least a century. Or maybe that he’s too damned old and ornery to be President of the United States of America.

The polls seem to have a widening gap between Obama and McBush. Lets hope that translates to a Democratic victory in November of this year. But as I’ve said before, even if McBush/McSame does get in, I think he’s going to have a strong Democratic majority in congress that will pretty much make him a lame duck.

But I hope it doesn’t have to happen that way. One thing that does concern me is Obama’s support for faith based initiatives. If there’s one thing that really worries me about letting those of faith administer our safety net programs its that along with the help, there’s that push to convert. I’m pretty resistant to it but it isn’t just the push. It’s the fact that if you don’t believe in their version of a god, they won’t help you.

Funny, I don’t recall it saying that in the Bible. You know what I’m talking about here, it makes no religious distinction about who you should help.

Obama does seem to be tacking right a bit, but I think he’s doing that to make the transition to the Democratic party easier for the southern bigotry.

Dobson accuses Obama of not knowing his Bible

This is absurd! I dare say that Dobson and Company have never read the whole Bible either. For if one does so something becomes abundantly clear.

That something is that the Bible contradicts itself on many, many occasions. I was fortunate to have spent twelve years in Catholic schools because if anything it equipped me to do battle with these idiots.

If you recall some time ago I posted the Know Your Bible quiz an I scored 70% even though I haven’t looked at the book in 20+ years. I predicted that if you had the fundies take that quiz they’d all score less than 50% and while I’ve not been able to verify that hypothesis I’m pretty sure of it based on the rants from the like of Dobson.

I cannot wait for Team Obama to debunk Dobson. That’ll be fun.

An update, Obama and several others have now answered Dobson. Not only that, check out this web site, where they say Dobson Doesn’t Speak for Them.

There are things I’ve noticed about the religious nutcakes. The majority of them are older, uglier and non-fuckable. No wonder they want to control who fucks who, who can abort, or many other things. I guess they figure most of all if they can control women they might get laid every now and then.

Obama on Clinton’s “Rocky” reference

Oh this is good. Of course there are comments that ask for more meat which they’ll get soon enough. It’s already obvious that Obama is a populist and a liberal and are we ever ready for that now.

He’s also the only candidate thus far who has reached to the grass roots and WE THE PEOPLE have funded the majority of his campaign. That is a very remarkable thing.

I also sense some party building going on whenever Obama speaks which is a good thing. The Democratic party has had years of defeats at the hands of the sleek Republican machine. But Howard Dean as DNC chair got out the vote and took the party back from people who are corporate whores. I count Hillary Clinton as one of those whores.

Hopefully the Democratic party will re-invent itself to become the party of the people once more. This is the first year I didn’t disaffiliate after I voted the Democrat primary. I finally see the party going in the right direction.

Anyhow, he is the Obama campaigns response to Hillary Clinton saying she’ll never quit, like Rocky Balboa who instead loses to a black oponent.

It is also fun to watch the Republican spin machine come to a screaming halt as people wake up and realize they’ve been had.

by Mike Dorning

PHILADELPHIA — Barack Obama mocked rival Hillary Clinton this morning for comparing herself to the movie character Rocky Balboa as he offered Pennsylvania labor leaders a speech laden with red-meat economic populism.


Clinton has made the theme song from the 1976 movie “Rocky,” which was set in Philadelphia, a part of the soundtrack of her Pennsylvania primary campaign. When she appeared before the same Pennsylvania AFL-CIO state convention a day earlier, she invoked the fictional working-class boxing hero to explain her determination to continue her campaign, declaring that, like Rocky, “I never quit.”

“There’s been some talk about Rocky Balboa over the last couple days. And you know we all love Rocky,” Obama told the labor leaders.

“But we got to remember Rocky was a movie,” Obama continued. “And so is the idea that someone can fight for working people and at the same time, embrace the broken system Washington, where corporate lobbyists use their clout to shape laws to their liking.”

Obama pounded away at corporate excesses and Republican economic policies.

“We’re ready to play offense for organized labor,” Obama said. “It’s time we had a President who didn’t choke saying the word “union.” A President who knows it’s the Department of Labor and not the Department of Management.

“Over the last seven years,” he said, “we’ve had an administration that serves the interests of the wealthy and the well-connected, no matter what the cost to working families, and to our economy.”

As he has elsewhere during his bus tour through Pennsylvania, Obama attacked $19 million in bonuses given to the two top executives of Countrywide Financial, a subprime mortgage lender that issues many loans now in foreclosure. The executives negotiated a sale of the company with losses to investors but the new owner, Banc of America Corp., recently revealed bonuses to the same executives.

“The system is broken – and over the weekend, we got a reminder of just how badly it’s broken,” Obama said, describing the bonuses. “That is an outrage. That’s not the America we believe in. It’s time to take on the special interests and level the playing field so that our economy works for working Americans.”

Obama pitched an economic agenda that includes middle-class tax cuts, a plan for universal access to health care, and stricter labor, environmental and safety provisions in trade agreements.

And he linked presumptive Republican nominee to the economic policies of the Bush Administration.

“John McCain said a few weeks ago that ‘the issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should’ – and that’s clear since all he’s offering is more of the same Bush policies that have put the American Dream out of reach for so many Americans,” Obama said.

Republican National Committee spokesman Alex Conant blasted Obama’s address as ““yet another example (of) an old-style, shifty political maneuver colliding with the empty rhetoric of his stump speech.”

Obama hits it out of the park

There is a very nice write-up about Obama’s latest speech regarding racism in the Huffington Post. I have been an Arianna Huffington fan since her book “How to Overthrow the Government”. It’s a fairly progressive site that I keep track of via regular email updates.

Ok, now it gets ugly. Those of my readers that are Hillary Clinton supporters might want to close this window or stop reading now.

I do not support Hillary Clinton for President. I know her record and to me, I want someone in there that is deliberative, balanced, and has a demonstrated record of helping people vs. helping their own career. In that case Hillary Clinton is now employing what I term a scorched earth policy that I fear will destroy the Democratic party. This whole kerfuffle about Minister Wright is taken out of context, that much is clear. And it sounds much like a smear job done by the hatchet masters on the Clinton campaign.

Now it’s become clear that she was in on the formation of NAFTA. Sure, loot the last manufacturing jobs from the U.S. and for the most part ship them to Mexico where labor is cheap, labor laws non-existent, and it’s basically a third world shithole with pollution run amok and poverty like we’ve never seen, or at least not yet.

Then of course she was a Wal-Mart director during the time that unions were trying to break into Wal-Mart and she didn’t say shit about employment rights.

She’s a bought a paid for politician. And if she continues on this course she will essentially hand the presidency to John McCain who at 71 wouldn’t be the best choice. Friends and I think he’ll last maybe a year or two before he suffers some debilitating disease or just up and dies.

But I don’t want to see another Republican in the White House for the rest of my life. Put it this way, Bush makes even Nixon and Reagan look like saints. But then one has to remember, Bush had something none of his predecessors had, lock-step control of two branches of government. And John McCain would just be a continuation though with any luck people won’t be stupid enough to cede control to the Republicans again.

Time will tell. But right now I’m starting to get a little sickof the sniping in the Democratic party. To Hillary Clinton I say step down NOW! I don’t want you as my president. And to Howard Dean and Barack Obama I say keep on, and win this thing in November.

The Lies that Liars Tell

I found this on Mike the Mad Biologists blog.

Here’s a few choice citations:

17) On Meet the Press in July 2007, David Brooks declared that 10,000 Iraqis a month would perish if the United States pulled out. Bob Woodward, also on the show, challenged him on this, asking for his source. Brooks admitted, “I just picked that 10,000 out of the air.”

18) Also in July 2007, an old clip of a C-SPAN interview with Vice President Cheney from 1994 surfaced, in which he defended the decision not to depose Saddam Hussein during Gulf War I: “Once you got to Iraq and took it over…then what are you going to put in its place?…It’s a quagmire if you go that far and try to take over Iraq.” He explained, “And the question for the president…was how many additional dead Americans is Saddam worth? Our judgment was, not very many, and I think we got it right.”

You can find the whole list at The Iraq Follies article at Mother Jones Journal.

Here are my thoughts on the two items that I block quoted.

Mr. Brooks is a New York Times columnist. But here’s the thing, opinion doesn’t need to be substantiated by tangible evidence. But Mr. Brooks should be tossed from the NYT for pulling such a ludicrous number of 10,000 straight out of his poop chute.

Here, I’ll pull a number out of my ass too. I’d say that his number is the inverse, that while the U.S. occupies Iraq there are probably 10,000 or more deaths or Iraqi citizens, both directly and indirectly.

As for Mr. Cheney, here we have him on the record saying what folly it would be to invade Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein just eight years before he became Vice President of the United States. Cheney btw has long ties to the Reagan administration, along with ties to Halliburton, big oil, and all the things that we the little people don’t have any say over.

How Bush ever got elected in the first places comes into question here. But then the media was complicit in the cover-ups. Only those of us who have web access and read media in other countries got to see what was really behind these lying sacks of shit.

And don’t get me started on election irregularities, or the scorched earth tactics being employed by Hillary Clinton. Put it this way, who do we think is financing the Clinton campaign? It’s large corporate interests. Curiously the Obama campaign is the inverse, most of their donors are < $100 donors.

What Mrs. Clinton doesn’t realize is that by pursuing such a scorched earth policy, she dooms us to a continuation of the neocon agenda.