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First use of dry powdered sour cream

So it’s easy to reconstitute – 5 parts of the sour cream powder to 3 parts water.

I used it to make 2 cups of sour cream today. Just have to stir it for a bit to get it smooth. Then into the shortbread biscuit ingredients and tasty cheddar biscuits later.

The nice part about the powdered sour cream is it’s shelf stable without refrigeration. That is a big plus. It means one big jar of the powdered stuff is easy to keep on hand.

I also tried another trick. I put a tablespoon of it in scrambled eggs. It was great.

This all started when I bought diastatic malt powder. And then there’s flour – I have All Purpose, Wheat, Bread and Pastry flour. Yeah – I’m definitely a foodie.

Then there are the oils – peanut, canola, olive, almond, cayenne, etc. Plus a bunch of balsamic vinegars like cherry, champagne, etc. All of it came from an little olive oil place not too far from here on Hope Street in Providence. It’s right near Not Just Snacks and Not Just Spices and is called Olive Del Mondo (Olive of the World). I think I’ve dropped $150 in there in the last couple months.

Put it this way – salad dressing with the cayenne olive oil – and a nice orange flavored at that. And I used the Champagne Balsamic. That with some chopped garlic, heavy grain mustard, some salt and pepper and fantastic salad dressing – and no sugar.