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Frontline: Bitter Rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia

So if you haven’t been hiding under a rock you have some awareness of two things.

First – Islam is split among two main lines – the Sunni and the Shia. And the kicker if you will is what the true difference is between those two groups. It’s the order of succession after the prophet back in the 7th century. Yeah – 14 centuries and they still can’t settle that difference.

And PBS Frontline is doing a nice job – showing that Iran and Saudi Arabia are fighting proxy wars in Syria, Yemen and of course the U.S. was in Iraq, Afghanistan. You get the idea.

I think I know why all this is happening. You see it wasn’t until pretty much modern times that sectarian violence erupted in the Middle East and Persia. I think the U.S. does in fact have blood on its hands as we’re the ones who supply Saudi Arabia with advanced weaponry and the House Of Saud has been beating the hell out of Yemen  – why – because there’s a Shia group there who poses a threat to access to the rest of the world should push come to shove.

But I think the ultimate battle whether they’re prepared or not will be Saudi Arabia vs. Iran. Why do I see that? Because the destruction and deaths will be such that OPEC would be shattered, that there won’t be any resistance throughout the Middle East, Persia et al. Just look at Syria and Yemen for crying out loud, they’ve essentially been bombed back into the stone age.

And what is the long view on this – so the U.S. and it’s pal the UK can send our corporations in there to run roughshod over what remains to extract the last bits of oil. That’s what is pushing sectarian violence ahead.

And if I can to my Muslim brothers and sisters – hash out the difference and learn to live with it. Because if you don’t you’re going to find yourselves pounding sand.

The Roosevelts on PBS – and what’s wrong with politics today

So I’ve been watching the PBS Series on the Roosevelt family. And one part of it struck me.

Both Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt came from old money  and understood the concept of noblesse oblige. In fact the last time we saw similar in the United States was John F. Kennedy. Everything after that not so much.

So the problem – is the Nouveau Riche – or more to the point their descendants today. I’m speaking of course of the Koch brothers and others like them in congress. They come from their parents money and so have no sense of noblesse oblige. Instead it’s that 80’s mindset of greed is good, of the Paris Hiltons, and the brats of the rich. It’s all about them and fuck everyone else. That is exactly what’s wrong with the United States. And of course the corporate interference in government vis a vis money is speech is a big problem too.

But the thing to keep in mind about the rich brats – there are a whole lot more of us than there are of them. It’s just how do we motivate the rest of the population of the U.S. to rise up against them? At this point they’ve no captured both houses of the legislature at both the federal and local levels.

And of course the Tea Bagger/Tea Party is being lead along by corporate interests – and will in fact vote against their own self interest.

Why is that the case? I’ll explain – we don’t really educate kids in the U.S. One thing we leave out is the critical thinking skills. Fortunately for me – I received a pretty good education in Catholic schools for the first twelve years. And it included what I would call back then subversive critical thinking skills.

But I am aware that public schools in the United States are controlled by political whim. And it is in the interest of the Plutocracy to keep the kids just smart enough to do the job, but not smart enough to wonder why. So I think at the foundation if we want to get the country back, we have to start with education. Give kids the ability to see through political double speak and the corporate plutocracy will end.

Support tax dollars to PBS

I’m a long time PBS supporter but I have no problem with taxes being used to support programming on PBS. Even programming that might challenge my closely held beliefs.

We’ve already seen how a one sided world can screw things up. But PBS deserves that money.

Right now the vote is in favor of not using tax dollars for PBS. Here’s my thing, we can spend tax money on senseless wars but put money into something like public television, or public transit for that matter and people get all bent out of shape.

So go here and vote it in our favor.