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A thought about veganism

So it hit me the other day.  If you’re vegan for the respect of life then I would assume that include plant and microbiotic life.

Take bread – or at least bread anyone would want to eat. A lot of breads use yeast which  boys and girls is a microbiotic.

And then plants. Plants are alive too. Just on a time scale we have a hard time seeing. And recent research has identified the pathways plants use to communicate stress. So when you eat that broccoli, just think of the distress caused when it was cut from the root.

And need I mention monocultures like bananas. Or how much genetic engineering we’ve done on corn. For example here’s what corn looked like before man tampered with it, it’s called Teosinte.

And here’s the evolution of corn we eat today:

Yep – we tampered with it a lot.

So if you can’t eat any animal product, and I would posit you cannot eat microbiotics like yeast and or even pickled products. And now we know beyond a shadow of doubt that plants are in fact alive and can communicate then it means you have nothing left to eat and your veganism is idiotic.

So just eat air. You’re welcome. Or eat whatever the hell you want and stop buying so smarmy and self righteous about being a vegan.