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My recommendations for reforming police

This was just posted by a friend on facebook. It’s a link that contains an hour long video of the Congressional Black Caucus saying that the violence by police on unarmed black men is appalling. Of course it’s appalling – same as how I’m appalled.

So with that in mind I have a few things to recommend. But before I do I must commend President Obama for the body camera initiative. All police should be required to have the body camera and to wear them and record all official police business.

I’d be happier if say the video from said body cameras went immediately to a cloud based storage but that’s beside the point.

Part I – Change the police

As above the body cameras will go a long way. But another change. Let’s finally dispel the notion that someone who’s too intelligent would get bored with police work and leave after all that training. Stop with turning away high scores on the Wonderlich test.

Then another thing – annual recertification on civil rights for all police. That would help.

Part II – a federal solution

Form a division within the Department of Justice that is several teams that include coroners, ballistics experts, and investigators. ¬†Anytime there’s a shooting of an unarmed person – a team would be sent to investigate. The team would have the final word whether or not to charge the police officer, above and beyond what and state or local law provides. That way the onus is taken off the local level and onto the federal level.