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USPS is getting somewhat better

So two 3 Day Priority package  that left Providence, RI on Friday July 3, destined for two different cities in North Carolina took only 4 days to deliver.

Perhaps it’s because I count the day I dropped it at the post office as a shipment day. I certainly should as the local Post Office did its job.

Here’s the proof – it’s identical for both packages:

July 3, 2015 , 9:59 pm

Departed USPS Facility

July 3, 2015 , 8:47 pm

Arrived at USPS Origin Facility

July 3, 2015 , 7:32 pm

Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility

July 3, 2015

Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS

And wonder of wonders on the 4th of July the Greensboro, NC post office – the one I said shut down for Mother’s Day, it processed receipt of the package at 11:52PM. Which of course meant they won’t process shit on Sunday and it went out to the local post offices today.

USPS needs to get on the ball.

So the USPS 3 day priority mail is a BEST EFFORT ESTIMATE?

What the ever loving hell? Shipped a package down to North Carolina last Wednesday. Package cleared RI postal within 3 hours of acceptance and went into Raleigh. Raleigh tossed it to Greensboro, NC at 10:13AM on Friday. And then the package SAT in Greensboro until this morning.

The postal service in the south ain’t shit. Up here as I said – From acceptance to outbound was 3 hours. Down there it sits for 3 days. This jibes with a study I participated in several years ago. It was a mail accuracy study and at the end the results were shared with all participants. The northeast and west coast handled mail like nobodies business. The south sucked even then and it hasn’t gotten any better.

So I call USPS about this 5 to 6 day 3 day package. That’s when I found out it’s a best effort to meet three days. But it’s pretty clear the package sat in Greensboro, NC from Friday morning until this morning. What the fuck?

For packages, you can’t beat the United States Postal Service

So every month or so we send a care package down to the Mother In Law. Usually it’s coffee beans and a personal care product.

Two Christmases ago we got her a nice new stainless steel coffee pot and a coffee grinder. We have now created a monster.

Now we had been scaring up boxes, going to the post office, paying $16 to ship, etc. But I realized, you can order shipping supplies like boxes from USPS and they deliver them to you.

Great – now I head over to the USPS web site, click on Ship a Package and from there it’s simply pack the box, tape it up and affix the label your print on your own printer. Then you just bring it to the post office and drop it off. Pretty simple.

But even better – you can schedule a pickup. So this time out I did so. The post man just picked it up about fifteen minutes ago. And there’s no fee for the pickup.

So the boxes are free, the pickup is free, but the best part? Because I used a Medium shipping box and 3 day service what normally goes for $16+ was $11.30 and that also includes free tracking.

A lot of people don’t know about the extent of USPS services. I watched a neighbor one time loading a bunch of Priority Mail packages in his car. I mentioned that USPS does pickup. Needless to say now they pick his up all the time too.

USPS needs to do a better job promoting the service because it’s a very convenient and valuable service that they provide, particularly for parcel post.

A USPS Gripe

So every time we ship a package to Keyron’s mom in North Carolina it’s always hit or miss. For example – the most recent package was shipped on the 17th with an expected date of the 19th. Ok, two days on Priority Mail is not a problem.

And the package flowed just fine through the local post offices. We dropped it at Weybosset Hill Station (02903) at 3:56PM, it processed out through the main Turnkey Station (02904) on the 17th and transited toward Raleigh, NC. But it took 2 days to get to Raleigh? Really?

I don’t think the delay was here in Providence, but I think Raleigh must have delayed processing it. So what should have taken two days took FOUR days. I know the postal service in the south is slow ass anyhow. I recall participating in mail studies. They’d share the results with participants and the southern U.S. always came in DEAD LAST!

But one oddity – it took TWO whole days to get from Providence, RI to Raleigh, NC. Now I know you can drive it in 12 hours. And if it flies there is an airport near Raleigh, RDU. That’s only a couple hours flight time.

So the only theory that springs to mind is that there wasn’t enough mail volume to go from Providence, RI to Columbia, NC (via Raleigh, NC).

And then I pondered more and realized – when we’d shipped before and it got there in 2 or 3 days it was always around major holidays like Christmas, or Mothers Day, etc. So the mail volume to points far had to be up there. But ship in a seasonal lull and be prepared to wait.