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As if I needed yet another reason to hate UPS

So on I’m scrolling through facebook and came across this article on how UPS did nothing to stop general misogyny being directed at a female aircraft mechanic, and more the the point told outright lies against her. Well – Shit Wrapped in Chiffon fits more and more every day. You can read the article here.

UPS of course started as a small regional package delivery company. They should have stayed in that state.

But it gets MUCH worse – if on that linked page you click the Holy S–t tab – the storeis there also show racial and misogynist treatment of workers at UPS. One of the articles even relates how UPS management retaliates. That’s some seriously fucked up shit.

This only cements my preference that things be shipped to me by USPS. But every once in a while you have Shit Wrapped in Chiffon UPS deliver – you cannot avoid it. But UPS needs to be taken down.

Uncovering racism in the oddest of places

Perhaps not so odd in that it was a Facebook discussion thread that got it started. It all started over favorite New York System locations. I had only been aware of the two here in Providence, the one on Smith Hill, the other in Olneyville which is actually closer to me.

Well this friend said yes there are now NYS’s in North Providence and in Cranston, RI. But then he went on to say he doesn’t like either the Smith St. or Olneyville locations. He said, and I quote “…it reminded him of Compton in Los Angeles”.

So I prodded and he spouted all the shit I’ve heard from people about my home city being dangerous. It isn’t by any stretch of the imagination or I should say, the areas of concern in this fairly small city are misplaced. He replied it was because of the gang activity, etc. Now I can tell you I’ve been ALL OVER the city of Providence and I’ve never had ANY trouble. None whatsoever. This friend then went on to say his favorite areas are Blackstone and Thayer St.

So I had to break his mistaken notion. But knowing that gang activity is code word for brown people, well, that just took the cake. I posted the breakdown of the police districts within the city and then the statistics from those districts. Every week each district is REQUIRED to publish it’s stats. It only took a REALLY simple Google search to find the data.

And I told him traditionally the east side of the city which includes Blackstone and Thayer Street has the worst property crime rates (vandalism, stolen property) as well as assaults, robbery, etc.

So my message is this – you can try to hide it but your racism, no matter how deep gets exposed when you make idiotic statements about the alleged criminal activity in the city.

Maddow: Tea Party group will use whites to question black voters | The Raw Story

Maddow: Tea Party group will use whites to question black voters | The Raw Story.

Ok, I’ve always been aware that there was a subtle undercurrent of racism in the United States. But this just takes the cake! It’s moved from being subtle to screaming so loudly that it is now blatant.

I have to wonder – the district I live in is abotu 60% minority. I wonder if they’ll be pulling that shit even here in RI? If they are I will be the one asking exactly what they are doing in the poll on election day.

I’ve long understood that the core motivation of the Tea Baggers (Don’t get your underwear in a bunch, they called themselves that at the beginning and so I am just honoring their founding by using the name they called themselves!), anyhow the core motivation is racism, plain and simple.

That the TrueTheVote pukes get their sponsorship from the Tea Baggers is no surprise. And we have to continue to ask where the Tea Baggers get their money. It’s corporate interests. That corporations are supporting racism is no surprise either.

What is the Federal Government going to do to make sure these practices are discouraged? Sending observers is one thing, but perhaps troops with weapons may be needed too.

And with regard to Voter ID – it has the EXPRESS purpose of vote suppression. In fact here in RI our Voter ID law actually opens avenues of fraud that our ‘genius’ legislators never thought about. Anyone with an ounce of technical savvy can now commit election fraud.

And thinking back on this, when President Obama was elected I had said that it would drive the racists out of the woodwork. Sure enough – they think just because a black man is President they can say and do such horribly racists things. I hate it when I’m right with things like that. It means I understand the population of the U.S. a bit better than the next guy.

When people don’t know they are racist

So this morning I saw a post by my aunt that piqued my interest. I’m paraphrasing here but she essentially said “How dare Obama expose a donor to the Republican campaign.”

I pointed out that records of donations, voter rolls etc. are in fact PUBLIC record meaning that ANYONE can obtain the data. So I see nothing wrong with what was done. If you remember history, Presidents from FDR on down have had enemy lists that they shared with various parties. Most recently we saw the outing of a CIA officer under President Bush’s terms, so I don’t find the release of this information by a sitting President to be all that much worth arguing about.

That is, I don’t feel like arguing that point. What I do wish to do is argue about the inherent racism in all the false accusations leveled at President Obama.

One habit I have when people make irritating claims is that I ask for verification, usually in the form of citation but with the caveat that they cannot use Fox News. Fairly simple thing to do, a google search will net your ‘facts’ and I know enough about sites out there that I can tell you who owns the site, and what their motivation might be in that case.

That’s when they start resorting to ad hominem attack against me. They call me a liberal, Obama supporter which I won’t deny it, I’m both. But they try to use it as a weapon.

The fact that they cannot produce ANY credible and verifiable information leads me to a sad fact. It is more likely than not their biggest problem with President Obama is that he’s a black, well, only half black if you want to be technical. But it’s back to that old one drop rule, but if people knew our ancestry, all of us, traces back to Africa.

So the sad fact that racism is alive and well in the United States. It may not be blatant, but it certainly comes out into the light of day when an anti-Obama idiot is trying to make a ‘point’.

One more interesting bit. When confronted with requests for citation and data, the racist pricks will first resort to calling you names. Then they’ll block you on Facebook because the truth is just too uncomfortable for them.

Hopefully I rocked a certain guys world with my persistent demands for, to quote Johnny 5, ‘More data!’ but I suspect I just hurt his little feelings by asking him to support his position. Awww – see that’s proper ad hominem.

And the undercurrent of racism raises it’s ugly head

So today I went and voted in the Presidential Preference primary. This is where you select the delegates to the convention.

So I mistakenly went over to Federal Hill House. While I was there, another gentleman was looking for the polling location too. We both got the information and as we’re heading over the older gentleman, probably in his early 60’s, made a comment.

I’m paraphrasing but the gist of the comment was he hoped Obama doesn’t get a second term.

Among his other comments are that the President has done nothing for this country, which is PATENTLY false and propagated by Fox News.

He also said Obama shouldn’t even have been President. I stopped, looked at him and said “So tell me, you actually prefer the alternative candidate?”

The older guy didn’t utter a word – because I know the REAL motivation underneath all of it. It is racism. As I’ve called it before the thought pattern of people like the older gentleman and other Fox News viewers: They’re not mad at him because of any policy decisions, or any other characteristics. They’re mad because of his skin color, there is no other real basis that they can use to defend themselves.

I said this when President Obama was elected. I said that the election of a mixed man (The President’s mother is a white woman!) would bring all the closet racists out. And sure as hell, it has.

Trigger happy policing

Marvin Gaye sang about this in the 60’s and it’s gotten no better in the 40 years since.

In the past week we’ve now seen two instances where young men were shot by police, the man in the BART incident having died and the one in the Texas incident suffering grievous injury.

The common factors between the two of the men who were gunned down by police? They were black and unarmed.

Being the long term partner of a black man let me just tell you, if anything like that were ever to happen to him I’m the cold calculating type.

I know the police, their methodologies, and their operational capabilities as well as their infrastructure. That leaves me well equipped to deal with them should the need ever come. Imagine what happens when the police communication infrastructure suddenly goes dark. That’s just one possibility.

Police departments across the nation are teetering on the edge of starting racial riots because of their actions. And they’re rapidly losing the respect of the citizenry they’re supposedly sworn to protect. I wouldn’t be surprised if people start taking pot shots at cops. Over the past few years my respect for police has diminished significantly after incidents I’ve seen.

You know the old saying, you live by the gun and you die by the gun.

I happen to know that the U.S. is one of the most well armed countries in the world. There are more guns in the hands of private citizens than there are in the hands of the police.

So I’d say that police departments around the country need to step back and re-think their general mode of operation because the current one sucks.

A couple years back the RI legislature determined that the police departments in the state had to record demographic data on all stops. It was called the Traffic Stop Statistics Act or TSSA for short.

In essence for the 4+ years the reporting was going on, it showed that black and latino drivers were several times more likely to have their vehicle searched during a stop.

And to this day that’s still the case even though every police chief swears up and down that his/hers is an enlightened department.

You may be blind but you shall still see

The letter in the block quote appeared in the Providence Journal today, Tuesday the 27th of May, 2008.

Mr. Dorian has written a very interesting letter in which he discovers his own latent racism. That’s the thing about we humans. For some reason we automatically fear those whom we don’t know, or at least some do.

I’ve re-edited this because I had such an incident today. I was carrying groceries home from the supermarket (It’s less than a mile away) but a young Latino guy asked if I needed any help. I thanked him and told him I only had a short way to go. He was very polite too. It restores my faith in humanity when things like this happen.

But the message that one should never judge a book simply by it’s cover sunk in fairly early with me. It honestly doesn’t phase me what color your skin is, what really matters to me is that you’re a decent person. Luckily Mr. Dorian has found this out. I really don’t have much else to say because Dorian has written an account that should re-affirm ones faith in humanity.

Edward Oscar Dorian: Losing my blindness

01:00 AM EDT on Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The other week I had an accident that caused me to discover something about “those people” in Kennedy Plaza and, more significantly, to learn a great deal about myself.

After many years away, I’ve recently returned to my native Rhode Island, where in the 1930s and ’40s, when I was a boy, the small, formal, park-like area then in front of City Hall in downtown Providence was seldom used.

Wow, what a change! I, now forced — because of diminished eyesight— to use bus transportation, found the crowded Kennedy Plaza area alien, bewildering and, to be honest, frightening. That is, until the other week when, while hurrying across the plaza, scrupulously avoiding contact with those “threatening” groups of fellows in weird clothes, loud language and of different skin color, I fell!

Instantly I was surrounded, and dark arms reached down offering help. I instinctively refused, but age and pain made rising difficult. Ignoring my repeated, rude refusals, the fellows gently lifted me, all the while expressing genuine concern. One fellow retrieved my glasses and, instead of handing them to me, carefully fitted them to my head. Another attentively recovered and returned my briefcase and its spilled contents. Expressing inadequate gratitude, I hobbled away; they called after me several times, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Only later did I realize that I had not been okay for a long time. Based on little more than clothing and color, I had been stupidly judgmental. Obviously, more than my eyesight had been faulty. My ugly stereotypes had blinded me to the inherent caring, generosity and courtesy in others.

The fall I took in Kennedy Plaza the other week was a valuable learning experience I shall never forget, and for which I’m grateful.



Racism still in RI

So last night Keyron was supposed to meet a friend at a local bar called Artini’s. He gets there and gets turned away at the door because of what he was wearing.

He was dressed very nicely, dress slacks, a sweater, etc. There were people in the bar in jeans and t-shirt.

So I asked him if there were any other black people in the bar. And of course I didn’t need to ask because I knew that there weren’t.

So racism rears its ugly head here in Rhode Island once again. I’m not sure what the response to this should be. I did write them up on a few web reviews.

I’m just so upset about this. I want to go back to the bar with him and have them refuse him entry while I’m standing there. Because unlike him, I’ll make a huge fucking stink about it.