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Getting another bigot to turn off comments on YouTube

So I get sent all sorts of YouTube videos. The latest was this one:

Granted I think fundamentalist Islam is as ridiculous as fundamentalist Christians.

Anyhow there was a bit of a comment war going on. I love comment wars.

Go look at the comments here. I note he’s now disabled all comments. I suppose it was getting to the point where he was approaching psychosis because he felt responsible to respond to every comment. If you’re interested, in that above link, just search on kd1s. That’s me. I like to think I had this religious bigot foaming at the mouth.

By the way, when I look at warningsinners profile I see SoutherPreachers is one of his ‘friends’. I should have known.

So this is standard tactic of religious bigots. Refute them with hard data, ridicule them and their god, and they shut off comments instead of engaging in debate.

Such fun!

My descent into Madness

So over the past few days I’ve been having an increasingly strident discussion with a character on YouTube that goes by the moniker “SoutherPreachers“. This is one of the guys who got in bed with George W. Bush and watched in horror as he didn’t deliver on their agenda. He couldn’t see that he’d been hoodwinked.

And it gets better. In one of his videos he excoriates homosexuals. The video had many gay supportive comments. So what did Preacher Boy do? Instead of moderating comments in order to make it look fair he disabled comments on the video.

We then took the exchange to email. I’m hoping enough people engage Preacher Boy to make the fuckers head explode.

So I present the first of the increasingly psychotic email exchanges I’ve had with this guy.

I’ll post his first since it is quite an amusing read. In it he claims to have a direct line to the big guy (GOD) and he’s already passed judgment upon my soul so strongly that he felt it necessary to both rebuke AND reprove me.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t judgment reserved for God himself? Or do people like Preacher Boy think that they’re God’s Generals? I suppose that’s what you get when your entire worldview is based upon a sloppily written book that is not the divine word of a deity but the common everyday word of man himself.

Here’s a bit more on that sloppy book and a strong screed against the religious homophobes “Not Another Word on Gay Marriage Until They Execute an Adulterer”

I’d like to see that rule enforced because I’m pretty certain there are a number of former ‘sinners’ in the street preacher movement who are divorced, or who maybe did drugs, did time in jail for larceny, etc.

In fact I’d expand on it. Let us not just be cafeteria Christians, let us obey the entire contents of the Old Testament.

Setup roving squads to go and enforce the rule of your God and then prosecute those performing all the abominations like eating shellfish or pork, or perhaps having sex with their menstruating wife. Let us also enforce the rule about a woman being unclean during menses. That will go over well I’m sure.

I am not intimidated by your Neoevangelicalism, Oprahism or Darwinianism.

What it boils down to is your CUPIDITY.

It is not as if I have never been involved in tireless online debates with your kind…on the college campus, on the street corner, at gay shame parades and on the job. You are LOST, a lost soul wandering in the wilderness of sin and convinced, like the Pharisees of old, of your own self righteousness even as you occupy the seat of the scornful and prove that you are the offspring of your father the Devil. You are indeed, Hell bound; a cursed brood of vipers, the poison of asps is under your lips. Your future is one of unending horrors, decay, depravity and eternal destruction. Your decent into the eternal abyss will be one of great sorrow. Loneliness and regret as the weight of your sin accelerates your decent into the lower parts of Hell itself. You have at your disposal, while time remains, a brief window of opportunity to repent of your wickedness but the probability of your eternal damnation is exceedingly high, This is why we PREACH…preaching the WORD of God to you, warning you, rebuking you, reproving you…adding to your condemnation on the Great Day of your personal judgment. Your hardness of heart is proof that you, like the wicked homosexuals of Sodom and Gomorrah, deserve nothing less than the wrath of God. His patience with you is drawing thin and He will not contend with your spirit forever.

I may yet set up a blog where you can continue to demonstrate your qualifications as a child of the Devil and if so then we shall continue to PREACH to you and your kind, knowing that time itself is your enemy and that the retributive justice of God is working on His behalf to bring you to the ultimate end of yourself. The retributive justice of Almighty God is at work, grinding away at your empty and meaningless life in this world. It will seem as if you were caught in some kind of giant invisible box crusher, compressing your life on all sides, bringing great stress and uncontrollable anxiety by way of unseen forces, even demonic forces into your life…but you will, in all probability, miss seeing the hand of God in this and in so doing, miss your opportunity, once again, to repent.

It is a known FACT that homosexuals are suicidal. You have embraced the spirit of suicide, you are in bed with the demon spirit of suicide and you are a text book example of the self destructive spirit of suicide. Your own CUPIDITY is, even now, being revealed and manifested to all around you as your undoing. God is watching you, He is taking note of your obstinacy and He is hardening your heart even as He did to Pharaoh so that He may be glorified in His justice in condemning you to Hell at the final Judgment. I pity you; you are your own worst enemy.

And now my response though I am surprised he commented on my neoevangelicalism. How can an atheist be evangelical though I am in agreement with the precepts in the gospels of the New Testament. I figure it’s not a bad way to live ones life. I just don’t agree with the god part of all of it.

You are using typically old testament arguments in all that you do. I ask you, read the New Testament and love thy brother.

Your last paragraph is a red herring. We are not suicidal, in fact I might be driven to be homicidal if I encounter more “Christians” like yourself. And if the rates of suicide are in fact higher, maybe it’s because “Christian” bigots like yourself have forgotten the message of Jesus Christ.

As I’ve said before and it bears repeating, you’re stuck on a worldview that existed in the mid-east deserts some 6 millenia ago.

Let me address this: “Your future is one of unending horrors, decay, depravity and eternal destruction…” parargraph.

Your future is what you make of it. Claiming to have inside knowledge of the end times and what may await me smacks of judgment and as I’ve said, judge not lest ye be judged.

As far as preaching the WORD of your God, that WORD is the word of men very much like you, men with an agenda. If you read the Bible with a critical eye you’d be able to see that, but you’re an ignorant and apathetic person who thinks pushing your religious view upon those of us who want nothing to do with it is your mission. It’s proselytizing plain and simple, you’re no better than the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons in that respect and equally deserving of my utter disrespect, contempt and scorn.

I’d like citation of this if you could, but I reserve the right to exclude certain citations such as those from the Bible or other books and papers by those with the same bigoted views as you. I urge you read some science and social policy blogs other than those written by religious fundamentalists.

And as for allegedly being the child of the demon, don’t you think I have endless time to pick apart your bigotry, if only because you can’t stand the thought of a man loving another man, slipping his cock into another mans mouth or anus. I hope to make you apoplectic.

You PREACH a perverted version of religion. And I’m curious why you felt it necessary to use both rebuke and reprove, they’re almost synonymous. In essence, you feel it’s your mission to punish but it’s funny, I always thought that particular vocation was left to God himself.

I’m curious, do you have a direct line to this God ? How do you know HIS patience is growing thin? You’re the worst kind really, you claim to have spoken with God but the reality of it is that you probably suffer a form of mental illness and the entity with which you’re in commune with isn’t God but your own deluded mind.

And what I have with my partner is equal parts love, respect and yes, to use your $50 word, cupidity!

If there’s one thing I’m not it is repentant. Why repent for that which is not from my viewpoint a sin?

Go right ahead and setup a blog, I have one too:


And I’ve been posting all your responses there too.

Kiss my ass preacher boy.

This is great fun. I love goading the fundies.

I’ve been discussing this with my friend Nick. He seems to think that this is all the dying gasps of the religious movement. I certainly see signs of it, particularly here in the northeast which is predominantly Catholic and they’re losing membership like crazy. It could be their crackpot views on IVF, contraception, abortion, gay rights, or it could be that people are just finally sick of the crap that we’ve had to go through because of religion.